Word from the Dark Side – lawless LA, letting in foreigners, lesbian brains and losing your mind over a girl band Tshirt


The end of rule of law in LA. Offenses such as trespassing, burglary, threats, underage drinking, public drunkenness and others are now just about impossible to prosecute.

LAPD will tolerate this treachery and I’ll never understand why. The constant “Repeat offenses” exception is funny because you can’t have repeat offenses if you never prosecute the first offense.

So, criminals are free to do whatever they want short of arson and Knockout Game, plus the hallucinating tweaker psychotics now enjoy blanket immunities from prosecution. I have family still in L.A.. I’ll send tasers to the conservative ones and happy vibes to the liberal ones. Merry Christmas!


Instead of looking up a map, you can see data on a globe.

Immigration restrictionist sentiment by country. Some surprising results. The most anti-immigration are Malaysia and Indonesia. Japan is in the middle of the pack and South Korea is down the bottom. Good discussion of why under the line.

India and China are not included.

Also from Unz, a very long and pretty interesting piece about the dominance of fiery Zionists in representing Australian Jews and pressuring politicians. Banned Hipster will be lapping this one up.

Despite following politics pretty closely back in the day I’ve never heard of Mr. Leibler. Shows you what I know.

Australia’s attempt at producing a Covid vaccine ends in failure because people with the shot falsely test positive for HIV. Whoops. Apparently they made it using a piece of the virus.

Serves us right because coronavirus probably started in Australia, says China.

Chinese flight attendants advised to piss their pants for health reasons.

a group of people looking at the camera: China's Civil Aviation Administration recommends that flight crew wear diapers onboard to avoid using airplane bathrooms in new COVID-19 guidelines. In this photo, a flight crew from China Airlines is seen wearing protective masks at Los Angeles International Airport.
© Mario Tama/Getty

In the US, 25% of young adults considered suicide due to lockdown the pandemic.

Also in the US, minority students are falling way, way behind due to lockdowns.

Oregon grants aid to strippers doing it tough so long as they’re black, native or trans.

Are Indian strippers a big thing there? Do they perform just wearing a feather headdress and high moccasins? Asking for a friend.

Woke Capital isn’t a game:

The people who work at these companies do, in fact, hate you. Their sincerity or depth of principle is irrelevant. Those who fret about the inconsistency or inauthenticity of today’s neo-totalitarians have spiritually surrendered, saying, in effect, “that KGB agent who dragged me to the Gulag and stomped on my face was so cynical. Probably hasn’t even read Marx’s Capital.” Conservatives who unreflectively champion “pro-business” policies without reference to their holistic impact on American life and culture simply work to fund people who hate them. And so to fight the new totalitarian menace, it will be necessary to rethink the institution that historically kept business interests in check: the labor union. 

Dissident Right/Classical Left coalition? It would not be the craziest thing to happen in 2020. A thought-provoking article.

The Australian state of Victoria looks set to ban gay conversion therapy It seems that even treatments voluntarily entered in to would be prohibited.

We seem to be going all-in on the idea that no one has any control over his own sexuality. That’s a reach given that historically sexual practices have ebbed and flowed like fashions.

On the other hand, homosexuals perform like members of the opposite sex on neurocognitive tests.

Anyway, I will withhold judgement and listen to the experts once they’ve made up their minds because it is evil and wrong to do your own research or think for yourself.

The malleability of values. Yet more evidence that most people go along with the crowd and that if you capture the high ground of media and education then you control society.


Speaking of which, what’s going on over at Australia’s public broadcaster? Fair and balanced as per their charter, right?

Is fragile masculinity the biggest obstacle to climate action?


A classic post from Delicious Tacos. He’s being throttled by Google so I’m trying to bring his work to a whole new generation.

Meanwhile in Japan, a man accidentally throws out an ‘idol group’ T-shirt then calls the incineration centre asking to get it back. They told him everything from that day’s already been razed.

After stewing for a few weeks, he threatened to blow up the incineration centre and promptly got arrested.

Not sure which group it was but here’s the most popular one so you get an idea. It’s the most safe for work AKB48 clip I could find:

Some of their other stuff is probably illegal in Australia, partly for skimpy uniforms and partly because it would probably count as gay conversion therapy.

This fellow needs some sort of therapy. He allegedly pinched 900 pairs of knickers in Japan’s Kinki region.

These granny pants are all too common in Japan.

That’s it.

Also available on many other platforms.


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  2. dickycone · December 13

    ‘“that KGB agent who dragged me to the Gulag and stomped on my face was so cynical. Probably hasn’t even read Marx’s Capital.”’
    I know this isn’t yours, but what a great quote. I may start posting it in reply every time I see online complaining about leftists being inconsistent and unfair.
    “Is fragile masculinity the biggest obstacle to climate action?”
    “Some of their other stuff is probably illegal in Australia, partly for skimpy uniforms and partly because it would probably count as gay conversion therapy.”
    Aye. Is everything in this genre equally unlistenable yet highly watchable? My deep observation was that in Japan girls on this level are probably entirely out of the league of a boring middle-aged guy like me, in EE they would still be in my league until I got one back to the US, and in Central America I’d still have a shot at making one into a pretty good housewife. I know no one asked, this is just how my brain works.
    Weird, about the unsexy panties in Japan. Any idea why that is?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nikolai Vladivostok · December 14

      “Is everything in this genre equally unlistenable yet highly watchable?”
      No, the rest is even more so.
      Being middle aged is okay but boring is not. It’s a rich country so being cool is vital. I prefer the older birds anyway: Japanese 30 = Western 25 = Pinoy 20.
      As for the granny pants, I don’t know.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Kentucky Headhunter · December 14

    Is “fortune cookie in love” my favorite song of theirs? Could be, since its so damn racist. Mwa-ha-ha!!!

    Possibly the last decent piece of music to come out of Japan was the opening theme to Cowboy Bebop.

    As for the rest of it, I believe the quote is, “We are doomed.”

    Liked by 1 person

  4. freemattpodcast · December 14

    (1) “Aint enough ass to fill them pants”
    (2) 75% of people polled considered homocide as an alternative to suicide
    (3) Bring back vigilantism

    Liked by 1 person

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