5 good books for Christmas

Source: The Telegraph

If you’ve been umming and ahhing about buying The Poor Man’s Guide to Financial Freedom, now’s the time. From today until the new year the eBook is just $2.99!

The paperback is a buck off, now just $11.99. Will never get cheaper than that.

It’s the perfect gift for a young man who needs to learn how to manage his finances and start serious investing for the future.

Also available on many other platforms.

I took care to ensure Poor Man’s Guide is normie-friendly so don’t worry about your SJW aunt clutching her pearls and reaching for her sniffing salts upon discovering the kind of content you sometimes get on this site.

Speaking of which, the following book is not normie-friendly. There’s no discount because it’s already as cheap as Amazon allows, $0.99:

Also available on many other platforms.

This is a collection of the best posts from SovietMen from 2015-2020, edited and with exclusive updates and extra content. It’s set out by category rather than chronologically.

I primarily published it as a record of this site for when it finally cops an F. If you’re new here and don’t fancy wading through posts randomly, or would just like to keep a copy of the best stuff, it’s yours for a buck.

The following are not affiliate links, just books I enjoyed from around the blogosphere:

Adam P.’s autobiographical Pushing Rubber Downhill is a funny, touching and educative account of his youthful misadventures traveling across the outback, becoming a fly-by-night river guide in the tropics of Queensland and then Uganda’s White Nile.

Perfect for a young man still mooching over girls and struggling to find direction in his life. Here’s my review.

If you’ve read it already, the sequel Run Guts Pull Cones takes us to the highlands of Italy.

Adam certainly made a few missteps on his path to wisdom, but nothing compared to the drunken and corporeal debauches of Naughty Nomad. Reading My Life as a Mexican Pirate, I still cannot believe he’s still alive. Here is my review.

If you’d prefer a novel, I recommend Finally, Some Good News by Delicious Tacos. This is the blogger who inspired me to start blogging. An unlikely couple is thrown together by a fortuitous nuclear holocaust. My review.

You can also find collections of his shorter pieces on his blog.

Update: DT has just announced that all his eBooks are 60% off for Christmas. Mogs me.

Next year Terror House will publish my novel. To my shame, I have not yet read any of their books. Here they are. Any recommendations?

I normally spruik my Amazon affiliate link this time of year but I don’t do that anymore. Instead, try to support local businesses that have been struggling under lockdown.

How about you? Got something to shill? Got a mate who’s published a book or is selling something and you think it’s pretty good?

Spruik away in the comments.

One comment

  1. ray · December 11

    I hate [people earning an honest living by marketing the wares they created by the sweat of their brows rather than constantly begging for donations in order to continue to produce the free content I’m happy to keep coming here for, unlike my own blog which has not been updated for six months. How dare you suggest I shell out three of my hard earned bucks for a product that will save me vastly more money than that if I use it correctly? Fie, I say! PS I smell terrible because I never shower. Luv, Ray.]

    [Slightly edited for clarity – Nik.]


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