Word from the Dark Side – patriotic pickles, prosecuting presidents and pinching schoolgirl uniforms – 100 of them.

A Dominican. Source: YouTube

You may know that we suffer from elite overproduction. As has happened throughout history, the over-educated and underemployed are causing unrest.

This article goes into more depth and explores how the 1/3 university educated in the West have become a highly disciplined class, like the guilds of old:

Donald Trump, whatever else one may say of him, was not defeated by ideas, but by a society-spanning managerial omerta, organized by a stunningly impressive (and frankly, terrifying) class alliance working together in total discipline.

The point of this “totalitarianism” is not to force everyone to think correct thoughts at the risk of getting fired; it is to get them fired.

In an era of elite overproduction, the only realistic means of sustaining the unsustainable elite’s social status and standard of living is by increasing the exploitation of the rest of the population; demands, taxes, and tithes levied against the two-thirds of America that does not attend college by the one-third that does. And so more institutions will be built, more money will be transferred from the undeserving poor to their educated superiors. Our media personalities, academics, and experts will continue the work of inventing new crimes for their gardeners, gig workers, and unemployed countrymen to commit, so that they might maintain this process of looting and extortion.

Still, there are rifts among the elite and they are always changing.

Also related: the right understands the left’s views but the left does not understand the right:

[Inner quote] Republicans don’t believe in the imagination, partly because so few of them have one, but mostly because it gets in the way of their chosen work, which is to destroy the human race and the planet. Human beings, who have imaginations, can see a recipe for disaster in the making; Republicans, whose goal in life is to profit from disaster and who don’t give a hoot about human beings, either can’t or won’t. Which is why I personally think they should be exterminated before they causeany more harm)

Moving on: are lesbians going extinct? They’ve become thin on the ground since non-binary etc. got trendy.

A heartwarming comeback story: Adolf Hitler has won an election in Namibia. I think this outdoes Canaan Banana, the first president of Zimbabwe who banned people from mocking his name and was eventually convicted of sodomy.

Adolf Hitler

As for the Orange Hitler: removing Trump is not enough! He must be prosecuted. In true Third World style, the article is vague on what charge exactly he should be prosecuted on.

I know some of you are linkage junkies. If so, be sure to check out Adam P’s kinda weekly Friday hawt chicks & links.

Dealing with an ex (or not). Always stay for the discussion over at Spawny’s; he gets the second to best comments in the manosphere.

Operation Eagle Claw: a disaster in the desert. It’s about the failed US hostage-recovery mission in Iran, 1980.

Dominica for Dominicans.

The Dominican women’s volleyball team. Source: norceca.net

A slap-fight between South Korea and China regarding the true provenance of kimchi. Not sure what the Global Times‘ game plan is. My best summation:

1. Make everyone hate China even more.

2. ???

3. Profit!

Also, Chinese company buys Australian island then bans Australians from it. I guess they’ll eventually do that to the mainland.

Meanwhile . . .

Japanese frens, stand strong! Do not go gently into that Woke night:

It’s especially galling because the poor old Japanese are being nicer than ever to foreigners, especially Koreans.

Ring a bell?

The top rated comments in Japanese remind Nike that they’re trying to water down US legislation preventing companies from using Uighur slave labour.

Stay based, tomodachi-tachi. Do not follow us off the cliff.

It’s a tasteless segue but in Japan, more people died from suicide in November than died from Covid in 2020. Important to note again that (a) Japan is one of few countries that quickly publishes this data and (b) it has not had a strict, long-term lockdown. Taken together, this indicates that Japan is the canary in the coalmine for what is probably happening around the world.

Related, if we may leave Japan for a moment: 90-year-old Canadian woman chooses medically assisted death rather than endure another retirement home lockdown. This is one of those grim modern stories that make me wonder for a moment if we should put the Church back in control of everything.

The Eastern Orthodox Church, that is.

Also related but outside Japan: mothers of boys who think they are girls have more mental problems and symbiosis. Small sample and it’s from 1991. The latter point, I think, strengthens the claim rather than weakens it.

Back in Japan, a 43-year-old Osaka man was arrested for allegedly creeping into a high school gym’s locker room in the middle of the day and pinching a girl’s school uniform.

During that investigation, police entered Sato’s residence in Hirakata City and found more than 100 uniforms for middle and high school girls and gym clothes.

That’s it.

Also available on many other platforms.


  1. Freed · December 6

    Funny that you mentioned Eastern Orthodox Church (based) as the “true” Church. How come? (am Orthodox myself, just curious)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cheque d'Out · December 7

    “Also related but outside Japan: mothers of boys who think they are girls have more mental problems and symbiosis”

    I’m struggling to find the words strong enough to convey how SHOCKED I am by this news…LOL…Great Find.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Kentucky Gent · December 7

    “Also, Chinese company buys Australian island then bans Australians from it. I guess they’ll eventually do that to the mainland.”

    Well, I am so sorry for your predicament, Nikolai. At least you always have your Communism to cling to. I’d welcome you into the States, but that might be worse than having no state at all.

    “Are Lesbians going extinct?”

    My guess is, they aren’t reproducing at replacement rate, 2.1. Am I wrong?

    “This is one of those grim modern stories that make me wonder for a moment if we should put the Church back in control of everything. The Eastern Orthodox Church, that is.”

    You should never stop wondering. Uhm, until you hear the correct answer, which is YES! We SHOULD put the EOC in charge of everything.

    Sorry, I meant “BACK in charge of everything”

    Liked by 3 people

  4. johnc9111 · December 7

    The Japanese should ban Nike for this ad. Subversive much.

    We should make sure to hold the people in charge of the governments legally responsible for the deaths and the economy downfall. They will not ever admit fault and will continue to play up the disease. This goes for the media as well. Things will probably get worse

    Liked by 3 people

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  6. overgrownhobbit · December 8

    Perhaps I missed something. I hope I did. Because in the CTV article about the legally-murdered nonagenarian, no one offered the obvious solution: Let her go.

    Seriously. Send grandma home with a visiting nurse to lend a hand and let her take her chances with the CCPHerpes. If she gets it, and it doesn’t go full Wuhan Gurgling Death: win! She’s free an clear. If not, well, they were going to off her anyways, right?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nikolai Vladivostok · December 8

      The strange thing is, she did go home for a while instead of lockdown. I think her condition had worsened but I think I also missed something there.


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