What country is doing well?

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As our eyes roam for greener pastures, we may notice something odd.

We know the West is doing poorly right now, but what countries are doing well?

Some people point to Eastern Europe which has avoided mass migration and where national cultures are still strong, the streets are safe and Antifa don’t dare.

However, FSU countries will not be able to rise to the heights the West so recently enjoyed for the very same reason that enables all the positives listed above: they are not WEIRD.

Living there means accepting the corruption and nepotism that goes with low social trust and high consanguinity.


In addition, these are hardly family-friendly nations of the future. Here are some fertility rates:

Romania: 1.8Russia: 1.6
Hungary: 1.6Albania: 1.6
Croatia: 1.5Poland: 1.5
Slovakia: 1.5Serbia: 1.5
Bosnia: 1.3Ukraine: 1.3

Further, these countries are somewhat of a battleground for influence between Russia and the West, meaning that there will be ongoing support for both dodgy strongmen and astroturfed colour revolutions.

Further east?

Some, like me, admire the sensible approach to Covid and lack of self-destructive urges present in the Tigers: South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore.

Source: jpninfo.com

We can omit Hong Kong from now on.

Like the FSU countries, the Tigers are fading from the Earth. Here are their fertility rates:

Japan: 1.4

Singapore: 1.1

South Korea: 1.0

Taiwan: cowardly Wikipedia left it out. Heaps low, anyway.

Japan’s public debt is now almost 250% of GDP. South Korea and Taiwan each live in fear of their respective shit siblings. Singapore is an expensive little island these days but I guess things there are going okay.

Some say China is the rising power. In some ways it undoubtedly is. In other ways it has problems more significant than those of the West.

China is still a poor country once you factor in the vast countryside.

Its lost generation of the Cultural Revolution, the uneducated barbarians so often maligned when travelling abroad, are an undertow on the rest of the nation.

Unlike the other North Asian nations, China has low social trust, little volunteer engagement or charity, high levels of corruption and terrible manners. This will hold the nation back for a long time.

China’s fertility rate is 1.7 and presumably falling, with an aging population and huge demographic sex gap.

The current extremes of nationalism paper over weakness: the people may only hold together for as long as the going is good. If there were a major economic shock, a political wavering or a lost war over Taiwan, anything might happen.

Best I could do

Periods between dynasties are what was referred to in the Chinese curse as ‘interesting times’.

So what countries are doing well? South East Asian nations have been growing rapidly. However, none except Singapore have managed to escape the middle income trap. They will continue to develop but like the FSU, there is a ceiling beyond which they will not soar anytime soon.

In addition, the region is under pressure from China. It will continue to be difficult for ASEAN states to both retain their independence and avoid conflict in the the future. Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia have already fallen under the sway of the Middle Kingdom with devastating results.

That just about sums up the countries that are often held up as having a brighter future than the West. Are there others hidden around?

If we ever find a good replacement for oil, the Arabs will have to learn to do things for themselves.

Latin America? I know nothing about it and my only impression is that it always seems the same as it ever was.

South Asia? Central Asia? The Pacific islands? Where else is there?

Certainly there are places that are favourable destinations for Western refugees, but what about their own progress? Are there countries charging ahead even while the West is tearing itself apart? Maybe they lie among those I have ignorantly dismissed.

Let us know in the comments.


  1. Gunner Q · December 2, 2020

    Chile is going full full Socialist. They just deleted their constitution and are in process of letting Communists rewrite it.

    Peru went full Lockdown. Their economy isn’t going to do well in the near future. The lockdown didn’t help.

    Panama is a Chinese vassal state since President Clinton gave PRC the Canal.

    Venezuela, yep.

    While I haven’t heard anything from other Central/South American countries, I suspect that migration to USA is going to preserve their status quo for the foreseeable future. Also, the loss of tourism is hurting them to various degrees.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Wolf · December 2, 2020

      Lol, was just in Panama. Ugliest most soulless place.
      Uruguay and Argentina also going left. Argentina more economic socialism while Uruguay and Chile are buying the full globohomo platform.

      Liked by 2 people

    • ray · December 3, 2020

      Central America is being infiltrated by the Red Chinese gradually, quietly, and consistently. Nicaragua of course is full Red ideo-politically, and as loco as the presidente is, his wife is way worse.

      In C.A., there’s a lot of investment by the PRC in small businesses and local real-estate blocks, as a way of legitimizing influence without drawing attention or causing media/government fuss. It all flies because the Chinese employ local people, largely, and also pay taxes and gratuities to host governments.

      In addition there are other types of influence-cells scattered around, of the type the PRC does not acknowledge officially, to say the least. But they are preparing, while the U.S. attitude towards PRC efforts in C.A. is by turns blind, uncaring, or collusive.

      Also there are significant Russian elements around C.A., in various forms official and otherwise, but right now the PRC is the big player, pretty much without opposition.

      Anyway that’s the local synopsis, if you can take the word of a Filthy Jew like me. :O)


  2. jewamongyou · December 2, 2020

    Depending on what you’re looking for, it’s possible for a country to “not do well,” but for individuals to do well within it. Sometimes, it’s even BETTER for the individual if the country, as a whole, isn’t doing well. The cost of living can be cheaper, and some business opportunities might be better.

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  3. PrinzEugen · December 2, 2020

    Estonia is doing well with COVID (relatively fewer cases than other countries and no full-scale lockdowns) and it is very much unlike your typical Eastern European nation, as it is culturally and linguistically part of the Finnic branch of Finno-Ugric languages. They also have some of the fastest internet in Europe and pretty much digitalized most public services. Very free-market friendly and little bureaucracy there (I assume not much nepotism either). The Scandinavian mental derangement syndrome doesn’t seem to have made its way across the pond – fortunately. Total Fertility Rate is 1.7 – not great, not terrible.

    But it’s damned cold most of the year. Many people would rather take their chances with the corrupt, nepotistic Philippines and Thailand than deal with the Estonian winters.

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    • Wolf · December 2, 2020

      Estonia has a nice citizenship program as well.
      Paraguay is alright: low taxes, tons of space, above replacement fertility, not too many libtards for now.
      And of course Israel.

      Liked by 1 person

      • dickycone · December 2, 2020

        Don’t you have to know Estonian to get citizenship? I thought I heard that somewhere, in the context of the Russian diaspora in Estonia not getting full citizenship because they don’t know the language. Since it’s closely related to Finnish, I’d imagine it’s one of the most difficult languages to learn, not to mention its only being useful in one tiny, relatively obscure country.

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  4. luisman · December 2, 2020

    Reblogged this on Nicht-Linke Blogs.


  5. luisman · December 2, 2020

    If you look at GDP growth this year, the official number for the PRC is up, the rest of the world is down.

    And maybe you’re missing something if you’re unfamiliar with large scale manufacturing. The PRC has a critical mass (actually a multiple of it) of domestic customers for all possible goods it can produce. Their only issue is raw materials, that’s why they try to dominate Australia, some African countries and anyone who owns raw materials. As long as they don’t start killing their own high-IQ people again, they will continue to rise. They have a huge military and a large police force which can easily contain any uprising.

    North-America, Europe, AUS, NZ, are actively trying to destroy themselves. What will arise out of the ashes is likely beyond the time-scope of my remaining lifetime.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Nikolai Vladivostok · December 2, 2020

      I was thinking China would remain in the middle-income trap because it is an extremely corrupt, low-trust society without strong civil institutions like independent religions, professional bodies, volunteer organisations etc.
      Perhaps extreme surveillance + social credit is an attempt to leapfrog this problem and maybe it will work.
      On the other hand, Chinese behave as though their society is about to collapse more than Westerers do. Most rich Chinese inc. high ranking CCP officials get Anglo country passports for their family, shift assets abroad and are ready to run. Very few in the West do this aside from the kind of people who read our blogs.
      Could be evidence or could be that Chinese nervousness and Western sanguinity are both misplaced.

      Liked by 2 people

      • luisman · December 2, 2020

        Everyone with large enough assets is distributing them to at least 2-3 countries. If SHTF you don’t want to be penniless. The insecurity is gone as long as current dear leader Winnie-Pooh lives. Before, every new CPC leader shifted politics quite a lot, which made investments unstable and risky.

        I think western societies are rapidly becoming low-trust as well. What happened on Nov. 3 in the US and what happened in most so called ‘democracies’ since March this year does certainly not encourage trust in their system. I mean, just look at this buffoon in Downing Street or your very own dear leader in Victoria. Jeez, I wouldn’t even borrow one of them 20 bucks and expect to get it back.

        Liked by 2 people

        • Wolf · December 3, 2020

          Yeah, won’t be long before there are *no* high trust countries. Maybe cause they were too trusting.

          Liked by 2 people

      • collegereactionary · December 3, 2020

        Chinese nervousness and western sanguinity are both misplaced.
        Well, it’s not wrong to be sanguine about america. If by sanguine you mean sanguinary, bloody-minded ect.


    • dickycone · December 3, 2020

      I didn’t realize that China is short on raw materials. I assumed they’d have plenty since it’s such a geographically large country. Then again, now that I think of it, maybe most of the interior is mountains or deserts. I guess that would explain why they’re interested in Siberia, along with the other places you mentioned.

      Liked by 2 people

      • luisman · December 3, 2020

        Well, they couldn’t grow enough food and therefore mandated the one child policy, until recently.


  6. yvonne52 · December 2, 2020

    Some parts of India (south) and Sri Lanka are quietly trying to get up the scale. Living there can be quite relaxing. People are friendly. Life is easy. But always have to watch out for erupting small riots between different political parties, races or religions. But of course, it is all about money.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wolf · December 3, 2020

      Couldnt stand india — polluted, crowded, noisy, filthy, smelly, awful bureaucracy. But a fascinating culture.
      Sri Lanka seems interesting?
      How about Iran? No leninism, bioleninism, feminism. Nice geography, culture, and climate.


      • dickycone · December 3, 2020

        Can any old western guy just pack up and move to Iran?

        Liked by 1 person

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  8. Weka · December 3, 2020

    1. As a Kiwi, don’t come here yet. We have to purge the socialist fools from our system, and that will take an another election cycle. Then don’t come either. We need to remain New Zealand, not a new branch of San Francisco Tech Hell. NZ’s indigenous population make very good soldiers. The warrior is strong in them. It also makes them prisoners: their rate of violence is very high.

    2. Consider the Christian nations remaining. That would be Samoa, Rarotonga, and Tonga. Be quite aware that they underlying Polynesian societies (like the NZ Maori) are violent and they are NZ client states.

    3. If you want a peaceful and secure place, I’d say Taiwan or Singapore.

    Me? I’ve got kids who are finding partners and a vibrant church. I’m staying well away from the capital. Do likewise: live rural where your neighbours see you in church.

    Liked by 2 people

  9. collegereactionary · December 3, 2020

    Do not go gentle into that good night.
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    Japan may be dying but at least they’re throwing a hell of a rager. Unlike america, so drowning in quiet self-righteousness that even our protests are dull, sober affairs.


    • Kentucky Gent · December 13, 2020

      Not sure that a BYOB riot will solve anything 😉


  10. Trengi · January 18, 2021

    Israel is doing good. Growing. Healthy fertility rate. Proud. Nationalistic. Pioneristic. I would move there in a heartbeat if I were Jewish.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nikolai Vladivostok · January 19, 2021

      I wish there were something like Israel but for Australians. As it is I have no right of return even though I’m already a citizen.


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