Word from the Dark Side – marvelous military drones, misleading contact tracers, Multiverse America and malevolent mashing of melons

Source: goodfon.com

Cheer up about the election. Trump grew his voter support by 16%.

Understand, of course, he did this with less money. With active media hostility and lies. With a conservative intellectual class at best halfheartedly behind him. With some conservative media outlets and of course, the Never Trump movement, actively agitating against him. With the polls showing him losing by historic margins in every battleground state.

One might add, he also did this despite extreme social media censorship, especially over the Covid issue. Despite wall-to-wall opposition, whatever the true result, about half the country ignored the instructions of their overlords and voted for Trump anyway.

Guess there’s something in that. Something about how MSM and social media don’t have nearly as much clout as they think they do.

We’re all worried about other people being brainwashed by biased media but never worry about ourselves being brainwashed. Doesn’t really make sense, does it?

Moving on: this would be a good article to bookmark for future citation in your futile and time-wasting online arguments with ‘white tears’ SJWs of Indian or Arabic descent. Indians are the most racist people in the world. A number of Arab countries come in near the top. Also up there are South Korea, Malaysia and Nigeria.

Not sure why the Philippines is so high. The questions asked probably come across differently in different places. When asked if they’d be happy with a person of a different race living next door, they may be thinking of Muslims from Mindanao rather than a black American on a military pension. As for the question about whether they’ve witnessed racism, Pinoys may be thinking of times they’ve seen haughty treatment of their countrymen by Chinese tourists or by Arab employers while working abroad.

Next: an analysis of how Azerbaijan overcame its weaknesses and won the war against Armenia. A lot of it involved drones which are hard to counter with standard air defences and which can gather intelligence to direct force exactly where it needs to be. Most European countries would have lost this war, too.

The Woke movement as the latest resurgence of the Puritan Yankees against their rivals.

Highly related: The Revenge of the Yankees. This is a bit like those two asteroid films that came out at the same time.

Some recent cancellations have been a serious stretch involving several degrees of separation and also long periods of time. This one, however, must be the current record holder: a dead British poet has been added to a naughty list because one of his ancestors who died 300 years before he was born was involved in colonialism and slavery.

It would be interesting to delve into the theological roots of this activity, as well as its underlying psychological motivation.

I tried and failed to find out the name of the person spearheading that project.

The inside of the British Library looks a lot nicer than the outside.

Let’s have a glance at the British Library’s ‘what’s on’ page today:

  • Unfinished Business: The Fight for Women’s Rights
  • Advocates of Freedom: The African American activists who took London by storm

Orright move along move along.

People in Bali are starving because of the lack of tourists. The Australians who normally go there are not allowed. Actions have consequences.

An Australian man lied to contact tracers that he was a customer at a pizza place, not an employee. He was presumably working under the table. This little fib resulting in the state government imposing martial law.

I already wrote about how China stooged the world into imposing lockdowns by staging those videos of random people faceplanting in the street.

Well, it looks like they may have stooged us into going straight to ventilators rather than less harmful interventions. Probably cost us a lot of lives in the early days of the pandemic. One wonders at Chinese motivations.

American retirees are drowning in debt.

Truly there are two Americas. Look at the differences in interpretations of the most important issues facing the country by political affiliation:


What ended the Great Depression? Some argue it was not WWII, but rather the end of WWII.

The case against food banks:

There are people that have difficulty affording a decent meal on most days and Thanksgiving is one of them. But there are some terrible things that get in the way of feeding these people. Some of these terrible things are food banks.

Too bad Dalrock’s not posting anymore. I wonder what the story was there. Here’s a classic: A dangerous truth. Biased custody laws strengthen women’s hand in marriage by acting as a threat point.

The life of a struggling writer. These days it’s less Weimar flophouse, TB and absinthe and more a single carnivorous meal per day, complex split lifting regime and 8pm bedtime.

From some time ago, a ‘strong delusion‘:


Right, I’ve finally trawled through my old saved links and can move on to the segment you’ve all been waiting for:

Meanwhile in Japan, you can now get fish stock soup from a vending machine.

Owned by Coca-Cola.

A Hokkaido woman is arrested for poking holes in 13 melons with her finger. These are ridiculously expensive in Japan – all up the value is about $140.

Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 8.08.28.png

That’s it.

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  1. Wolf · November 30

    The writer could have added the HBD factor in the Armenia-Azerbaijan war. Last war Armenia’s pop was about 1: to 2 compared to Azerbaijan. This time it was 1 to 3.3. Additionally, Armenia has exported a lot of its talent to the US. Thank pozzed culture and Faustian pact.


  2. Liz · November 30

    The Serbs shot down quite a few drones in the Balkans. That was a little over 20 years ago.
    I suspect most of western Europe probably has some stuff that will reach out and touch drones.


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