Word from the Dark Side – teensy tiny terrorist, torturesome tennis player, trumpeting treason and a touching rescue at sea.

Source: Daily Mail

Here’s a story for you. A female, 4’9” lady from Bangladesh got a scholarship to study a Masters in Linguistics in Australia, but her sole purpose was to carry out a terror attack.

She practiced by stabbing her mattress, which alarmed her host family and got her shifted to another that was not warned about her stabby nature. Then she stabbed her landlord, apparently an Indian migrant. He survived.

Bloody roundabout way for a Bangladeshi to go about stabbing an Indian but there have it.

Now behind bars, the tiny tot terrorist is accused of stabbing a fellow prisoner in another terror-motivated attack. This victim also survived.

Perhaps it’s time for young Momena to accept she’s not cut out to be a stabber and find another hobby.

Here are some more details about the case.

Z Man explains that the oppressed sometimes fail to rise up because there’s no great alternative waiting in the wings. This is what the Trump movement failed to do: offer a plausible alternative rather than just attacking the status quo.

An interesting look at the alphatude of Jimmy Conner. Sounds like more of a lesson in what to beware than what to emulate. The average man can’t up and decide to become a psychopath, however advantageous it may be.

Is it worth having a working wang?

A lesson in aging. Work and save while you can because you never know what may be around the corner. I knew from early on I would not be doing my job into my 50s and 60s, and so it has come to pass.


PA looks at who Europeans would support in a war between the US and Russia. Most prefer to remain neutral. It’s not a scientific study and doesn’t mention who’s to blame in the hypothetical conflict, but still demonstrates that Europeans are not madly pro-US despite its security guarantee.

It’s okay to objectify women if doing so gives them an ego boost but if not then it’s chauvinism.

Thick people out of Harvard. This is a pattern Thomas Sowell also noticed. The scary combination of intellectual arrogance and life in a bubble.

Two cases of treason against the president, or near to it: Fauci shared vaccine results with Biden before Trump and top officials misled the president about how many US soldiers were in Syria.

On the other hand, Trump had four years to fire all these nincompoops or bring them to heel.

CDC admits that lockdowns have led to an increase in mental health problems among children.

After lockdown, Ontario hospitals are seeing many more patients with advanced cancer.

Cute Asian Desktop Photos.
For comparison, a pre-lockdown woman enjoying good physical and mental health.

Prior to the election, about 40% of Democrats and Republicans agreed with the statements ‘We will never know the true result of this election’.

After it, only 13% of Democrats still believed that while for Republicans the number shot up to 70%.

Another sign of the Great Bifurcation: 63% of Democrats and 15% of Republicans agree that it will be at least another year before business can open normally and we can end social distancing. Check out the sex and race differences, too.

Hmm, could this be the real reason government projects always run late and over budget?

Article about the interesting life of the father of Dennis Rodman. Some of the details can be found in the comments. Did you know him, Luisman?

Meanwhile in Japan, a facemask distributer is kidnapped and held for 11 hours in a sex shop by Yakuza demanding a refund after their effort to monopolize the market failed.

A ship carrying a bunch of Grade 6 kids on a school trip sinks, most passengers end up in the sea, all 62 safely rescued.

That’s it.

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  1. luisman · November 23

    I’ve seen him here and there. But I’ve learned to stay away from professional leeches, especially in A.C.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nikolai Vladivostok · November 23

      What was his income?
      The article and comments mention his Rainbow Obamaburger joint, a bar called Full House and perhaps a military pension.
      That’s not much to support four wives and thirty kids, though I am open to the suggestion that he did not support them.
      PS does Angeles have a particularly stong basketball team?


      • luisman · November 23

        There are plenty of joints here that don’t have any profit before taxes. Some are just “money laundry machines”. Most workers here live on 100USD/month.

        Don’t know of any professional basketball team in AC, they are all in Manila afaik.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. overgrownhobbit · November 23

    The so-called Trump movement offered Christian nationalism.

    The problem is that while this IS a known, viable, successful alternative; embracing it is, as the young folks say, problematic. This blog author loses the first third of his book. The various fraudsters have to eschew grift and deal fairly. Everyone has to work hard, serve others, pray for their enemies, and abandon old grudges and slights. Cleanliness, sobriety, self control….

    Yeah… No.

    Let’s go with the Bidenreach. The Uniparty always guarantees a top-down solution that obviates your ability to cut out that part of you that is self- and other-destructive.


  3. overgrownhobbit · November 23

    N.B. “On the other hand, Trump had four years to fire all these nincompoops or bring them to heel.”

    How would he have done this*?

    Bonus points if you know how the U.S..executive branch acquires staff ( I suspect Mr. Trump did not know either, and has been playing catchup while managing the rest of his responsibilities).

    *I do know one answer but it requires 20/20 hindsight.


  4. overgrownhobbit · November 23


    An possible informal poll: How many people do you personally know who died of the CCPox vs. killed by the lockdown. I’m at 0/2.


    • PrinzEugen · November 25

      I know 3 people who have died of the CCP (Chinese Coronavirus Pathogen) in my small town in Romania, as well as a few people who had go to the hospital and be put on oxygen. Had the virus myself (I have IgG antibodies), it presented itself as a pretty nasty cold; the only things that pointed to something other than a cold were a strange attenuation of my smell and taste and the feeling that something drilled into my nose, which resolved on their own in a few days. Also a general feeling of not having the energy to do anything other than watching Youtube videos. Thankfully I knew what supplements to take in order to get rid of the virus quickly, even though it took me a while to confirm my suspicions that it was more than a simple cold.

      I know of 0 people who died because of the lockdown, which BTW here in rural Romania was pretty much non-existent this time around (unlike late April). Some people are really stupid here and won’t respect social distancing and proper mask wearing.

      Liked by 1 person

      • overgrownhobbit · November 25

        Thanks. We’re doing the half-baked quarantine dance in my small town as well.


    • dickycone · November 25

      I don’t anyone who’s been killed by either. One coworker’s father-in-law died from it, but the coworker is in his 60s. Another coworker got the virus, younger guy, normal weight. He said it was like a few weeks of having a bad case of flu. He’s fine now. I’ve heard of other people family members and friends know getting it, but they all recovered. None of the “permanent lung damage” they were trying to scare us with for a while after people started noticing you never really see anyone die from it.

      About the lockdowns, what I do notice is that begging is up in my area by about 1000%. Most of them look like people who were probably working before this all started. They have signs saying please, I have small children, can’t feed them, etc. and they don’t look unkempt like the panhandlers did before.

      Liked by 1 person

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