Word from the Dark Side – lockdown blues, links between China and Imperial College London, lopping off heads and lawless yakuza brawls

Yuria Satomi. Source as per watermark.

You know that lockdown going on everywhere, like the one in dreary Melbourne that restricted inmates to an hour’s exercise per day?

In sunny Spain, 80% of hospitalized Covid patients were deficient in vitamin D.

Back in Melbourne, young people’s mental health was disproportionately affected:

Professor Hickie said the response to the pandemic had tended to focus on older people – who were more vulnerable to catching the virus – with young people often blamed for spreading it.

“However young people’s lives are really disrupted much more.”

Professor Hickie said older people already had established professions and assets, whereas younger people were building their careers and social identities.

“Forty-five per cent of jobs lost were among young people – a lot in industries that are not coming back in a hurry such as tourism, hospitality and performing arts,” Professor Hickie said.

“The effects on young people’s lives will run over five to 10 years – it won’t end when the lockdown ends or when we appear to have the physical health threat under some control.”

Older people can forget the verve and intensity of youth. Missing out on a friend’s birthday party can be devastating for a little kid, as can losing a chance at a date for a teenager or not being able to go on a surfing trip with the boys for a young man.

We don’t know what we have wreaked.

Source unknown.

Victorian psychologists are overwhelmed with demand.

There was a big Danish study on face mask efficacy but major journals are for some reason refusing to publish it.

Very interestink: Did you know that in 2015, Chinese President Pooh Bear personally visited Imperial College London? You know, the college with the wild lockdown advocate who broke his own daft rules. I wonder how long this article will remain up on Imperial’s website:

The President and First Lady Madame Peng Liyuan were joined by the Duke of York Prince Andrew . . . and several senior Chinese ministers.

Professor Gast explained how Imperial experts and their Chinese partners are working together on cutting-edge research in fields including . . . public health.

“Chancellor, you have said that you aim to make the UK ‘China’s best partner in the west’. Imperial College London strives to be just that, China’s best academic partner in the west.” 

Mission accomplished I guess.

Imperial has intensified its research collaborations with China significantly over the last decade. In 2005, 3% of Science and Nature papers authored by Imperial academics had a co-author from a Chinese institution. In 2015, that figure stands at 22%.

Things that make you go hmm.

President Xi touring Imperial College London in 2015. Source as per link.

An interview with a registered nurse in the UK who tells of empty hospitals.

An article from July this year you may have missed: A UK government report suggested that 200,000 may die from lockdown, especially from missed treatments and diagnoses for non-Covid ailments.

UK facing a flood of bankruptcies. Two-thirds of all businesses may be insolvent.

The already tired and Orwellian phrase ‘build back better’ is like something Nero would have said, except that he really did build a beautiful new Rome, not the shitty China Lite we’re going to get.

I’m stoked Z-Man is writing for Taki now. He deserves a wider audience.

Meanwhile, Muslims in France have been chopping off heads then loudly protesting on the streets at government measures against Islamic extremism, and the recalcitrant former PM of Malaysia says the frogs had it coming:


Now the leaders of Turkey and Pakistan are attacking the French response and are supporting a boycott of French goods. There was a large protest in Pakistan against ‘rising Islamophobia’ because cutting off three heads this week was not enough.

WEIRD people like the French need to understand a cultural difference: while we may accept outsiders as our countrymen, they often don’t see themselves that way.

Normal people nurse ancient grudges.

The New York Times article expresses Blue concerns about a Red Islamophobic reaction.

It is erroneous see this as a clash of races, religions or civilizations. That’s like saying the Americans fought their Revolutionary War against the Hessians and the Wabanaki Confederacy.

Moving on: what a 21st century civil war would look like. I find this version more plausible than fat Boomercons shooting at unmarked helicopters with their AR-15s.

Handcuffs are blurred on Japanese TV for legal reasons

Meanwhile in Japan, a huge brawl breaks out in Kabukicho (Tokyo’s red light district and designated battleground) between rival yakuza gangs.

Low-level yaks hang out around busy stations and night-life areas to approach and recruit attractive young women to work in various adult-focused service industries. Apparently the yaks were seeking out rival yak gangs doing the same thing on the same turf and fisticuffs ensued.

I was aware of a few yaks in Japan, didn’t bother me. Avoid their murky world and you’ll be okay – they don’t engage in, or allow, random street crime.

This stoush was a bit of a throwback. The ranks of the yakuza have thinned considerably since the 80s because of poor economic growth.


Over in Tokoy’s flashy Meguro Ward, an AV actress is robbed by teenage thieves who steal 6 million yen:

“This was the money I am supposed to use for beauty-related expenses next month,” she added.

Crikey – that’s more than I made in a year back in Tokes. Guess she’s done the hard yards, plus she’s 38.

That’s it.

Also available on many other platforms.

Also available on many other platforms.

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