Word from the Dark Side – submarine silliness, science sins, savage Saxons and soaking students

Source: Arpeggio of Blue Steel

An article describing the dark arts of NBC’s Witchfinder General:

Not only does Zadrozny brag about doxing Trump supporters, she actually wrote the book on it. Incidentally, there is one group of people Zadrozny does not support doxing — pedophiles. Allow us to explain.

The UK is protected by four submarines carrying Trident nuclear missiles. The officer in charge of one of these vessels was relieved of his command after stumbling in drunk and carrying a bag of BBQ chicken.

This happened at a naval base in Georgia, US.

If I’m ever put in charge of nukes while drunk, make sure no one tells me where Jim Tsaldaris the annoying kid from high school lives now.

The four things wrong with modern ‘science’:

I’ve lost count of the number of scientific articles I’ve read that shouldn’t have made it through peer-reviewe.g.1-3. What’s more, I find it utterly depressing that most of these shoddy and unreliable studies remain unchallenged. Furthermore, by remaining unchallenged, such studies could potentially be used to inform policy that directly affects you and me. There are also whole fields in which replication, a crucial part of the scientific method, is low to non-existente.g.4-6. In short, this raises the possibility that academic journals are filled with false knowledge.

BRAINY BABE: Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man.

A British romance between Bengali and black. Linking here to PA for h/t and discussion but you’ll enjoy the original BBC story.

You know those riots that either didn’t happen and/or were instigated by white supremacists? Here’s a comprehensive database of footage to protect against memory-holing. Future historians will be delighted to have this trove.

I heard those riots have now been called off by the Dems and other backers due to the election. Perhaps Jewamongyou will send us word from the coalface.

Covid vaccines presently being tested only aim to reduce symptoms. They are not specifically being tested to see if they save lives and do not claim to reduce infection rates.

How the bastards will make us take the shot:

Governments will make the corporate sector do their dirty work for them. You won’t have to get a vaccine. You also won’t have to fly, drive, eat or do any other number of activities that we used to take for granted. Welcome to your brave new world and all that.

Look out for my Sunday article which will discuss in more detail how and why China tricked the world into mindless lockdowns and the reason it’s so hard to get out of the endless loop of new waves.

I previously suggested that we need our own dodgy modelling to compete with Imperial’s dodgy modelling to win the ear of decision-makers and an eternally panicked population. This might do the trick:

Attempts have been made to pull these diverse causalities [from lockdowns] into one model. A group of South African actuaries advised their government that a lockdown would cost 29 lives for every one life saved from the virus. A U.K. government study estimated more conservatively that the ratio would be four-to-one — with lockdowns causing 200,000 fatalities while saving only 50,000 people from death by COVID-19.

To get this message across, we need such a number for the United States. To penetrate the media barrier and general public miasma about this disease, we need to be able to present this formulation: For every X lives that continued lockdowns might save, X + Y lives will be lost due to those very lockdowns.


What it’s like being raised in a far-right Christian militia:

We then were shipped over in a van to the back yard of the church and taught “drill.” Each of us were given the rank of “private” with the exception of Mike, who was 16, mostly too old to be one of us, but not old enough to be in the “officer corp” with Gene, and another father, “the Major,” so Mike got to be “seargent.”

We were taught how to stand at attention, yelled at in a very bowlderized version of the famous boot camp scene from Full Metal Jacket, how to salute, and then marched around while singing songs like, “the sergeant’s hair is yellow and curls, all he thinks about is them girls.”

Guess I’ve got to write something about this whole Hunter Biden thing. This article from Bookworm is a good summary of the blatant media, Big Tech and FBI coverup.

Is Covid becoming a cult, and/or are some people simply enjoying it too much to ever let it end?

I watched a conversation last week between two coworkers talking about how COVID was resurging on the East Coast, how we’d need to close ranks and reimpose more drastic measures… how people were going to suffer, surely… and I could tell from their voices and body language, they were happy about it. Happy about the idea that a magical new wave of Coof was just happening to show for the final election cycle, happy that they’d need to follow guidelines more rigorously, happy that society would have to face this threat as a united entity… and they were excited about those ideas…

San Diego schools to change grading practices to combat racism:

Students will no longer be graded based on a yearly average, or on how late they turn in assignments.

By ethnicity, 23% [of D or F grades] went to Native Americans. Another 23% of failing grades went to Hispanics. And 20% of D or F grades went to Black students.

By comparison, just 7% of failing marks went to White students.

I don’t see how a a big end-of-year test is going to help – struggling students often do better during the year when tested fresh after learning the material and can become overwhelmed and exhausted by a year-end test. Usually there’s a balance between the two.

Training coloured kids to get things in on time is racism, not a skill they’ll need for life.

A final thought – is there a major ethnic group in the region that got left out of the article? Why?


Recently I suggested a solution to our endless culture war could be to walk away. Looking over old saved articles, I see this as the most sensible option.

Here is Saira Rao complaining about how insufferable white people are. Her Twitter account, apparently down at the moment, whines endlessly about the same. And yet she chooses to live in a country that is still about 70% white.

If all these threats and our awfulness are as bad as she says . . . why not walk away?

Another one: a coloured lady won an award for her historical study of Anglo Saxons. Great, right? But she used her award ceremony to complain about how racist the field is because it’s filled with white people and is still called ‘Anglo-Saxon’. If Tom Wolfe put this in a book you’d mock it for being over the top.

If we really are so terrible, why doesn’t she . . . walk away? Perhaps she could study some less objectionable people, somewhere else.

In the Philippines, there’s a law that if foreigners speak shit about the country they get kicked out. If you admit it and say you’re very sorry it will probably be for six months.

That, to me, seems perfectly reasonable and should be applied to naturalized citizens as well. If you attack the majority population for being evil, cool your heels in the sin bin for a while to think about whether they’re all that bad, and if they are, whether you really want to go back again.

Because you don’t have to.

Next: yes, Google is putting a thumb on the scale. They do it secretly which shows they know they’re doing wrong.

events: In Israel, a scandal erupted over the "hot" women-military (jpeg) 3/12/2018Photo 5

Most Israelis don’t want non-Jewish migrants even if they are highly skilled.

Dug up an informative article from 2013: why the Saudis can do all the nasty stuff they do and never suffer any blowback.

Meanwhile in Japan, students at an elementary school were disturbed by having shoes go missing and messages such as ‘you’re gross’ or ‘die’ written on their belongings.

Was it a bully? A ghost? No.

Turns out it was a teacher. He blamed it on stress:

“I’m always the first teacher to arrive each morning. The other teachers don’t do their jobs at all,” he claimed. “Hiding the shoes was meant to be an added inconvenience for them.”

Inoue had been working at the school since April 2017, during which time over one hundred items have been reported by students as missing or vandalised. Police are currently investigating to see if there is a possible relation to Inoue’s case.

Fair enough.

Better than the teacher who pissed on his students’ futons on a school camp:

The teacher who peed on their futon apologized, and has since also apologized to the students’ parents, saying “I was still half-asleep and mistook their room for the bathroom. I am incredibly sorry.” He also paid a 7,000-yen (US$66) “cleaning fee” to the hotel, but we’re hoping the management decides to put the money towards just buying a new futon instead.

The incident was reported to the school by an anonymous phone call on July 15, and the teacher was suspended from participating in the kendo club’s activities for 15 days. He’s since returned to the club, but not without a reprimand from the school’s principal, who said “His actions were inappropriate for someone in charge of our students. I am awaiting the judgement of the prefectural board of education [regarding what to do with the teacher],” implying that the pee on the futon is not yet water under the bridge.

That’s it.

Also available on many other platforms.

Also available on many other platforms.


  1. TechieDude · October 23

    I told my daughters something similar to what the Bengali mother told her daughter in that piece. That it was a culture that was different than theirs. That having a white girl was sort of a status symbol, and that she’d better believe she wouldn’t be the only one. That I knew no single black guys that didn’t have 2-3 girls at one time, and quite frankly I was jealous of them. About 50% of the married ones I knew saw no reason they couldn’t get some strange. As long as they came back to their home girl.

    One of my sisters dated a black guy. It stopped cold when my mom asked her what the point was if she couldn’t / wouldn’t bring him to meet our dad. When my daughters started to date, that was the rule. I told them if they weren’t man enough to meet me then they had no business dating them.


  2. Marriagesexandmore · October 24

    Great Post, always love your take on these topics. The craziness never ends…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kentucky Gent · October 24

    “The officer in charge of overseeing the vessel’s nuclear warheads arrived to his shift “staggering drunk” while strangely carrying a bag of barbecue chicken.”

    See, this is what happens when we forget the scoldings of our elementary school teachers “You can have barbecue chicken only if you bring enough for everyone.”


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