Walking away


The Zman has an excellent post that summarizes what many of us are thinking: the West needs a peaceful separation.

He reminds us that many people moved to America, or moved further west, to get away from those they didn’t like and to live their own way.

The Constitution recognized this by giving a lot of autonomy to the States. This diminished over time, meaning Americans are being pushed together by central authority today more than before:

What they are is a lid on a boiling pot of water. The more the water boils, the more the lid is pressed down. America is a pressure cooker right now because the ruling class keeps the lid firmly on, while cranking up the heat. They are under the delusion that if they can just keep it all locked inside, that lid firmly on the top, the whole will suddenly become one. They have been convinced that “E pluribus unum” is their calling, rather than a cheap slogan on our money.

Conservatives get grief for always saying that the solution for our troubles is to get back to our constitutional principles. They should get grief as what we need is to get back to the reason America exists at all. It is a land of people, lots of different people, not a people with a land. There can be local community and regional unity, but this is not a nation and it can never be a unified country. What will bring peace, is what always kept the peace. That is peaceful separation.

A good example of this is Supreme Court rulings on abortion and gay marriage. Under the original Constitution, each state would have made its own laws about these matters. Now they must all be the same. To reverse the findings would not ease the pressure – it would only move it to the other states being forced to to what they do not want to do.

Commenters mention that in the old days, curmudgeons and malcontents could walk off into the wild and start a homestead. It’s harder to do that nowadays and you won’t entirely escape the reach of the State if you do.

Further, society is even more diverse these days. Both heritage populations and immigrants are likely chafing at being forced to live in ways contrary to their preferences and values. However, the deepest cleavage remains that between Red and Blue.

We can’t vote our way out of this. We no longer even share the same reality.

Further argumentation is useless. It brings to mind White Saviours trying to teach Indians not to litter, or to convince the Japanese to include some actual communication practice in their English lessons. It will never happen, and the sooner you give up the happier you will be.

There’s no point in fighting. If you live in Portland, Oregon, you are outnumbered. The people and the authorities they elected are determined to burn their city to the ground, and a jury of these ‘peers’ will lock you away for life if you try to stop them. See: recent events.

Given our extreme ructions and inability to compromise or live and let live, we need more than ever to be able to walk away. Reds retreat to Red areas. Blue go to Blue. If necessary, either may escape to a suitable locale abroad.

But can we? BLM and Antifa are now moving into the suburbs and towns, hence the increase in conflict. It is not good enough for them to neuter their own, urban police forces – they want to defund all of them, even in neighbourhoods where they are still supported by the populace.

The suburbs and satellite towns are not distant enough.

Similarly, it is difficult to flee overseas at the moment. I can’t get back to Australia to do the paperwork to get permission to move to Japan because of the very corona hysteria I’m trying to get away from.

People on the other side sure hate us but not enough to let us go, whether it be overseas or to the bush.

Right now in America, if the Left Coast states secede the right will be cool with that. If parts of flyover secede there will be uproar.

Unusual groups like the Amish have survived for a very long time in America’s uniquely tolerant (because spacious) continent, but they may not survive the meddling army of Woke.

I’ve watched 2020 unfold and realized I need to make some hard decisions. It’s time to stop drifting far and wide. I need to choose a country and stick with it, get permanent residency and be safely out of the mess.

I’ll be sure to move somewhere that did not go to pieces mentally when corona hit. I will not live in a nation of bedwetters.

(I have a post about the best places to move in Asia going up a few days before the US election.)

As for me, my best choices are to (a) spend 10 years in Japan for a shot at general permanent residency, (b) work in Taiwan for 5 years for possible citizenship (might be out of the frying pan and into the fire, hey) or (c) move to the Philippines. For now that’s possible by constantly renewing a tourist visa but one day I will likely have to either shell out for an ‘investor’ visa or, gulp, walk down the aisle.

Right now I’m leaning towards Japan.

While we are looking around for a New West to go to, we need to lay down the same proposition to those who hate us. If we can walk away, so can they.

White people systematically oppress you? Then walk away. Avoid white neighbourhoods or go to a non-white country, which is most of them. If you’re okay with white people, by all means hang around.

Americans are evil and need to change their whole system? Then go back.

7/10 WB

Men are horrible? Then start a lesbian retreat outside Byron Bay.

Christians are oppressing you? Then move to Saudi Arabia.

Just as any gaijin who hates Japan should leave.

I do not mean any of this facetiously. It’s time for each man to make a decision about what kind of world he wants to live in and either move there or create it.

I’m happy to live alongside anyone so long as he is happy to live alongside me. If he’s going to constantly accuse me of being evil and ruining his life, one of us has to go.

Don’t make any more excuses for yourself and don’t accept any from your adversaries. It’s a big world out there; entire continents are without whites, trans proselytizers, corona totalitarians, BLM and Antifa members, Proud Boys, welfare queens, Fox viewers or whatever it is you’re trying to get away from.

If another country is too far away, perhaps a location six hours’ drive from the nearest Woke city will do. SJWs mostly stick to day trips and if they venture too far, local law enforcement can intercept them and arrest the wanted felons etc.

There will be some Blue refugees to Red areas once their cities have burnt. Be sure they understand that further shenanigans are not welcome in your town. This is the place to make your stand, not Seattle.

It feels a bit mean for us WEIRD folk to openly admit we just don’t like such-and-such people and to deliberately move away from them.

However, it’s better than fighting endless, hopeless campaigns against the growing madness.

This is what our ancestors did when they fled to the colonies. We’ve done it before. We can do it again.

Also available on many other platforms.

Also available on many other platforms.


  1. Kentucky Headhunter · October 14

    “Right now in America, if the Left Coast states secede the right will be cool with that. If parts of flyover secede there will be uproar.”

    Because the Right just wants to be left alone, while the Left wants to exert complete control over everything and everyone, including whether you live or die.

    Federal overreach makes “the Benedict option” put forth by some people a laughable proposition.

    Leaving is only an option for a few individuals. The rich can go anywhere, and funnily enough, so can the poor. It doesn’t take much money to poor almost anywhere you choose to go, and some places can make it pretty comfy., at least for a while.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Gunner Q · October 14

      “Federal overreach makes “the Benedict option” put forth by some people a laughable proposition.”

      THIS. Our enemies are not trying to reclaim their ancestral homelands or something with a defined endgame. They want to steal, kill and destroy for the fun of it, and like locusts they won’t stop until they are forced to stop.

      Escape is not an option.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Nikolai Vladivostok · October 15

        What are the options? (If you can keep it wordpress-friendly)


        • Gunner Q · October 15

          Antifragility is the winning option. People who look for exits, for Benedict Options, etc. are looking for certainty. Safety. That’s natural but it isn’t available today. Instead, make friends, learn skills and keep your options open to see what comes along. Invest in yourself more than your circumstances.

          While you’re about it, enjoy your life. The motivation of the Elites is to make you miserable until they finally off you. Living well is the best revenge.

          Lastly, Christ teaches that our worldly accomplishments are less important than who we choose to be, and that is something one can achieve even (or especially) in hard times.

          Liked by 2 people

          • luisman · October 15

            Right, anti-fragility is it. What applies to the bat-virus, applies to society in general. If you’re not confronted with different/bad ideas, you unlearn how to argue against them. Like, if your body doesn’t fight viruses and other intruders regularly, the immune system is going retired. There have never been “safe spaces” in this world. What happens to the white South-African farmers when the black mob shows up?

            I wrote a bit about it a few days ago (in German):

            You depend on yourself, on your family, your direct neighbors, etc. The founders of the USA wanted a militia, not a state owned army, for good reasons.

            Liked by 1 person

  2. jewamongyou · October 14

    The only way to maintain areas in the Western world that are safe for traditionalists is to prevent leftists from coming in and voting. If Leftfugees want to flood into our enclaves, then they should not be allowed to vote, and their kids must attend traditionalist schools, so that their minds are decontaminated by the time they’re old enough to vote.

    Liked by 2 people

    • dickycone · October 15

      This is why I’m impervious to all the whining about the electoral college from the left. If they hadn’t flooded the country with fake Americans from the third world, Trump would have won with an overwhelming landslide. Actually, Trump probably wouldn’t have even been necessary. In theory the electoral college sounds outdated, but as it stands it’s the only way to give people who had ancestors here before 1776 some say in who gets to be president.


    • Timmy · October 20

      Sounds like facism


      • dickycone · October 20

        Deep down inside everyone’s a facist.


      • Nikolai Vladivostok · October 20

        Those who considered it fascist ought to walk away or not move there in the first place. That’s the whole point of my post.

        Liked by 1 person

        • dickycone · October 20

          Oh, he meant fascism. I just thought he was upset about people preferring pretty faces. Which would be silly, because who doesn’t.

          What you said, about fascism. Get out or stay out, whichever is applicable.


  3. luisman · October 14

    Reblogged this on Nicht-Linke Blogs.


  4. luisman · October 14

    Have a look at the SRRV for the PI, if you’re so inclined. The ‘advantage’ in the PI is, that the state is unable to really enforce all their laws. As long as you rent you can always flee the region you’re in and settle somewhere else, where the authorities are even more inept. The only way to make decent money although is, to have a good online business.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kentucky Gent · October 15

      What is the PI?


      • Nikolai Vladivostok · October 15

        Philippine Islands


      • luisman · October 15

        The holy land 😉 Otherwise known as the Philippine Islands.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Wolf · October 17

          Asia is great but a person of European ancestry will never be at home there. Eastern Europe, eg. Estonia, or South American cone.


          • luisman · October 17

            My bad. Already feeling NOT at home here for around 15 years. 😛

            Liked by 1 person

            • Wolf · October 18

              How many kids do you have?
              Btw, am in Philippines now as well. Sovietmen meetup?


  5. SFC Ton · October 14

    Yankees need to leave Dixie

    We can handle it from there

    Liked by 2 people

  6. TechieDude · October 15

    That silliness hasn’t hit my state all that much, and my city hardly at all. The BLM crowd tried something in my former town in North Texas, and it was shut down straight away. The only city that’s seeing this in earnest is Austin, and the Governor has announced plans to compel the city council to fix it. The legislature only meets every other year, and I think next year they meet. If these progs cut loose in Austin during the session, you can pretty much bet on Abbott to take care of business mercilessly.

    And the thought that these fools would take it to the suburbs here is laughable. Texas has a pretty strong castle doctrine, and I know few men that aren’t armed. The worst thing you can do here would be to menace someone on their own property.

    Sadly, we are having some californication going on. I can’t see it taking hold. Not in these times.


    • dickycone · October 15

      That’s good to hear. I’ve been expecting Texas to flip blue and the Republicans to go the way of the Federalist Party in either 2024 or 2028, but I don’t live there. Hope you’re right and I’m wrong.


  7. Timmy · October 20



    • Nikolai Vladivostok · October 20

      Okay, you made me look.
      Dissenting opinion is welcome here but that number is a slogan, not an argument, and I’m not sure what you thought to achieve by posting it here.
      I suggested that the best solution to the divisions in the West is for us each to walk away and live according to our own values.
      If you have a better solution, what is it?
      Presumably you lean towards the Democrats and live in a Blue US city. If you don’t want your political rivals to give up and leave for the countryside as proposed here, what exactly do you want? Do you want them to stay, or do you want to go chasing after them?
      I frequently accuse people on the Left of point-and-sputtering instead of arguing their view. At least you can prove me wrong on that.


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