Don’t join a movement

It’s been said before and it can’t be said enough: don’t join a movement.

Thirteen possibly slow-witted men were arrested by the FBI for plotting to kidnap the governor of Michigan.

Yes, one of them clearly has an anarchist flag in the background of his video and criticizes Trump and the police.

Yes, they were probably egged on by at least one FBI infiltrator. Without him they probably would have talked big and done nothing, just like those ‘Islamic terrorists’ who were similarly convinced to commit crimes by agents. I recall one was sold a shotgun half an inch too short just so they could get him on that.

I’m imagining a situation where a couple too many drinks were drunk, blokes were talking shit and the agent moved the conversation in the direction of making specific plans or buying materials. However, all the details have not yet come out. This is just my opinion.

And then there was the try-hard Nazi arrested on a gun charge due to red flag laws.

He said that he believes in a fascist ideology and that the “strong dominate the weak,” but that he discouraged members from illegal acts.

Maybe he did, but if your idea of a good time is strutting around with swastika flags, don’t expect to so much as scratch your balls and get away with it because they’ll be watching you like a hawk, waiting for you to screw up.

And if you’re the kind of person who thinks it’s a good idea to take photos of yourself doing Nazi salutes at Auschwitz, they will not have to wait very long.

A wise man learns from the mistakes of others. Don’t join a movement. Don’t join a militia, the Proud Boys, a radical society or anything like that. To do so is to paint a target on your back.

It’s not enough to stay within the law. If a couple of members do something stupid or get into a brawl, you might be tarred with the same brush. You might get caught up in gang membership or organized crime laws.

Don’t join a movement.

On the other hand, it’s okay to have an informal neighbourhood watch group where you discuss possible risks, make sure you have each other’s contact details, check that your area’s well monitored by private security cameras, and figure out how to best coordinate with emergency services if required.

Your little group will have no name, especially not a Fed-bait, juvenile name like ‘The Wolverine Watchmen’ or ‘Atomwaffen’. You’re just a bunch of neighbours who meet up to discuss stolen Amazon parcels and dogs shitting on your lawn.

Your group will have no uniform. It will have no headquarters – you can meet up anywhere. A group of friends or neighbours don’t have uniforms and headquarters. That’s weird.

Leave flags for up-and-coming sexual minorities.

Everyone in the group is someone you know or will get to know. A local. Vet newcomers carefully. Don’t allow in people with a criminal background. No hotheads.

You might get a guy who wants to have a secret cubby house with a ‘No Girls Allowed’ sign on the door; a guy who wants to go nuts with weapons training. He might want to buy firearms or explosives. He might talk big and try to edge you towards discussing stupid stuff like fighting someone or resisting lawful authorities.

No larping, not even if it’s just for fun. This fellow is a Fed. Shut him down and tell him he’s out of the group for being a lunatic. ‘That’s not what we’re about,’ you’ll tell him. ‘We’re a neighbourhood watch group. We don’t want any trouble.’

Remember, this will be on tape.

If you buy firearms through him someone might play the old half-an-inch-too-short trick on you, or the arms might not be properly registered, or whatever.

If you have your own, legal gun, that’s up to you. There’s no need for a neighbourhood watch group to be arming up in the collective.

Remember, the law is not being applied equally at the moment. Just because BLM can loot and Antifa can set fire to courthouses doesn’t mean that your dickhead club can start talking nonsense about what you’d do if such-and-such.

Charges against Antifa are mostly dropped, but overreaching charges against you will not be dropped.

Also consider where you are. Would a ‘jury of your peers’ judge you fairly? Out bush, maybe. In Portland, a few drunken idiocies caught on tape will put you away for life.

Don’t join a movement. If you’re concerned about your security situation, get to know your neighbours, exchange numbers, liaise with law enforcement as required and focus on looking after your own family.

If this seems impractical in your neighbourhood, then perhaps it’s time to move.

Also available on many other platforms.

Also available on many other platforms.


  1. dickycone · October 9

    I was kind of crushed to see that they managed to bully Trump into condemning the Proud Boys just a few days after he awesomely channeled 2016 candidate Trump and refused to do so during the debate. It was demoralizing to me and I’m sure to many like me, which I guess was the intention.

    The Proud Boys are a bunch of dumb, well-meaning civnats, equal parts stupid and brave. Sure, it’s inspiring to watch the occasional video clip of one of them out in the street decking a neo-Bolshevik, but it’s difficult to understand what they’re hoping to accomplish at this point. As you note, the powers that be have conceded places like downtown Portland to the commies at this point. It is what it is, and not something anyone can fight at this time. Best to do what you recommend in this post about informally coordinating with sane people (if you know any at this point) and kicking out feds. Also, pray if you’re the praying type.

    Liked by 1 person

    • SFC Ton · October 10

      Most of the proud boys I have seen are weak sauce so my guess is…. it’s mostly about building themselves up and being part of a crew
      Sort of like a gang but for regular dudes

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wight of Leeds · October 9

    The idea of the FBI intentionally inciting people to commit crimes is angering, even if you ignore their reputation.

    Liked by 1 person

    • SFC Ton · October 10

      LOL they have a multi decade history of it


  3. jewamongyou · October 10

    If Biden wins the election, and especially if the Antifa candidate becomes mayor in Portland, things are going to get really nasty for right-wingers – at least where I am. In the future, we won’t even have to “join a movement” to get in trouble.Merely associating with a Proud Boy, attending an Amren conference, or having a correspondence with a dissident might get us in trouble. Where do we draw the line? I agree with you that actual memberships are risky, but at some point in the future, we might have to take a more aggressive stand for our rights; we shouldn’t succumb to tyranny without so much as a fight.

    So, where do we draw the line?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. SFC Ton · October 10

    100% legit


  5. bannedhipster · October 10

    “one was sold a shotgun half an inch too short just so they could get him on that.”

    That was Randy Weaver, who refused to become an FBI informant snitching on some local ranchers.

    The worst the FBI did to Muslims was what they did to some literally retarded black guy who couldn’t even read. They got him drunk and convinced him to say some stupid shit on tape, like, “yeah fuck America bomb them!”

    Then they put a fake bomb in his trunk, arrested him, and went on TV telling people they had “stopped an Al Qaeda terrorist attack.”

    It was pretty shameful but that is what the FBI does – it’s a criminal operation, and always has been since it was basically founded by the pederast blackmailer Mafia collaborator J. Edgar Hoover.

    What was absolutely hilarious was seeing Democrats going hog-wild praising Robert Mueller as some “hero to save democracy” when he had literally spent his entire FBI covering up various crimes and terrorist actions.

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