Youse back at the gym?


There’s one reason to go back.

The gyms here are starting to reopen, but I’m debating whether to go.

I’ve done a bit of experimenting and now have a pretty decent convict workout. Legs were a problem but I can squat with the gf on my shoulders. She’s sometimes asleep when I go the park for pullups etc. By the time I get back, she’s less keen on getting on my sweaty back. Holding a water bottle on my head like an African lady can substitute.

I found I was missing my

shoulders so I invented an exercise lifting a large bottle from my knees to above my head. Awkward changing hand position, but it’s something. Also figured out a poor man’s row by standing on the bed and doing one-arm lifts of my big suitcase.

I’m in okay shape. I was in terrible condition for a while there, following what I thought was a second bout of dengue fever but after reading more, might have actually been the Chan. Lost heaps of weight. I was supplementing with chocolate because my appetite was gone and I needed dense calories. Now I’ve put a bit of meat back on the bone, except the shoulders.

Returning to the gym would simplify things, but would also negate all that effort put into finding workarounds.

How about you lads? Are you rushing back to the gym, or have you taken the convict pill? Any other fitness advice or topics of discussion welcome.

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Also available on many other platforms.


  1. Kentucky Headhunter · August 25

    I was “this close” to go back on Saturday. No, really! I have made tentative plans to return tomorrow morning. Or maybe at lunch. Or possibly before dinner. Or maybe the next day…

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  2. SFC Ton · August 26

    LOL my gym is in my back yard.

    Once I retired from the military I didn’t have the time to spare for driving to the gym and back

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  3. luisman · August 26

    Gym is next door to my bedroom. And considering how much I’m farting during a workout, I’ll never get back into public gyms 😛 Only exception are hotel gyms when travelling.

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  4. dickycone · August 27

    Pike push-ups are good for the shoulders if you don’t have any weights. Also, you could do things like reverse flys, lat raises, and straight-arm front lifts with water bottles very slowly with lots of reps. Even shoulder presses and Arnold presses might work with big 2L water bottles if you do them very slowly. You can’t get a few dumbbells anywhere where you are?

    Anyway, I think as long as you’ve got somewhere to do pull-ups and push-ups you’ll be fine for upper body. Underdeveloped delts just mean you’re not on steroids. Bulgarian split squats (with arms raised and two-count holds at the bottom of the rep), wall squats, and static bent leg calf raises will do you for lower body with no weights. Some recommend pistol squats too, but I wrecked my back once doing them so I’m not a fan. You can add ball leg curls for hams if you have a stability ball and a mat.

    As for me, I’ve got a pretty good setup at home with a fair amount of weights, a pull-up bar, stability ball (instead of a bench) and a chair, so I haven’t missed the gym much.

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