Here it is!

For just $0.99, a 130,000-word collation of the best SovietMen posts from 2015-2020, with bonus notes, exclusive updates, and fewer typos:


It’s Volume I because if I survive through to 2025, I hope to put out a Volume II.

Also available on many other platforms. The paperback version is $11.99 because of printing costs, plus delivery will be like mailing a brick.

For the time being, all blog posts included are

still freely available on this site. Reading the wind, I assume they will one day disappear, which is why I decided to compile this book.

It’s arranged thematically rather than chronologically, so you can see my weird train of thought progress on different topics. Have a click on the preview to see the chapter headings.

It was fascinating to put this together. The Red Dawn of this blog was not very long ago, but a hell of a lot has happened since then. Many of my views have changed. Some posts are included because they are still funny, not because I still agree with them.

The articles are a mix of those I like, those you like, and a couple no one likes but which help to maintain the narrative flow. That’s why I payed attention to likes recently. Steve Cullen, it was sweet of you to go back and like dozens of my old posts after my gripe, but it really isn’t necessary.

To get into the celebratory spirit of publishing, my other book is on special for half price. The Poor Man’s Guide to Financial Freedom is now yours for just $4.99:

Also available on many other platforms. The book is still $12.99 as a paperback. It’s those dratted printing costs again. Still, I’ll always endeavor to put out a hard copy of my books one way or another.

I publish on all platforms and in all territories as a matter of principle. There are several advantages to keeping books exclusive to Amazon, but I’m not going to deprive a reader just because he’s got a Kobo.

Thanks for following me these five years, and let’s hope the gods grant a few more.

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