Word from the Dark Side – lawless California, lockdown origin story, and laying into the Wayback Machine.


Hi, kids.

I’m not in general a fan of David Cole, but this piece is great for clearly outlining where California is on its path to anarcho-tyranny.  Despite all the evidence in the world, authorities refuse to arrest a thief caught on camera.  But if a normally law-abiding person goes to the beach, watch out!

Over in Eritrea, just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, guess what?  Jack Ma was flying out medical supplies to African nations, but the Presidente refused to let the plane land in Asmara.  In the interests of self-sufficiency, he instead asked penniless slaves on national service to ‘donate’ some of their ‘salary’ to buy equipment instead.  If this were a serious disease, they’d be doomed.


I previously asked:

Was the lockdown policy currently being instituted all over the world actually developed and game-planned anywhere before being implemented, or was it just thunk up on the spot by panicked governments that copied China?

I found the answer.  It seems the strategy dates back to around 2006, and partly emerged from a high school science fair project.  It will not surprise you to know that George W. Bush played his part.

Here’s a cool new hospital bed that Grandma will love: it can conveniently convert into a coffin.  I’m getting one for home.  I vaguely remember it being cool for 90s goths to sleep in coffins but I think it was more of a meme than something anyone did.


Themed investment funds often don’t do very well.  That’s too bad.  I was thinking of starting a family of Evil Funds – one would invest only in companies with no female representation on the board, one would seek out the biggest polluters, one would invest in pron, prostitution and sex dolls.  Oh well.

I stopped following Spandrell because he was putting out too much pro-CCP propaganda.  Having lived in Japan for so long, I have assimilated their justified prejudice and will never take the Chinese side in anything.  However, this is a good piece which demonstrates how Neocon twits are taking advantage of current turbulence to further their own careers and agenda.

A thread of professors caught spying for China.  Oddly enough, they have nothing at all in common.  Nothing a good person like me would notice, anyway.

Don’t you love Wayback Machine?  It’s a great way of poking fun at twit hypocrisy and pulling out archived examples of their comments from outdated versions of political corrrectness, i.e. Obama speaking against gay marriage.  We can also catch a glimpse of memoryholed truth.  So of course, TPTB are pushing to ban it.

Also from iSteve, a 2000 doctor’s strike in Israel lowered the death rate.


Excellent article about Australia’s new relationship with China, which has been getting rocky lately.  Rather than accept our differences and trade nevertheless, China is now demanding utter obedience from every small nation, and punishes them economically if they do not comply.  I will write more about this development in the future, but for now, this piece outlines the situation and the best path forward in a succinct and logical manner.

You know those marriage horror stories you used to read about on Athol Kay?  This is a separate site, and it is the single most toe-curling, spine-chilling, vomit-inducing account I have ever heard.  According to intermediaries, it is true.  If you must leave a comment, be gentle.  He’s not in a good place at the moment, and it is not my intention for readers to pile on.


Third world doctors in the UK.  Related: subsidized prescription meds are mysteriously leaving the UK.

A chivalrous pervert hunter in Japan is not all he seems.

That’s it.


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  1. SnapperTrx · May 28, 2020

    Yeah, CA is definitely turning into tyranny. I would say its already there, but is nowhere near rock bottom. I plan on getting out of here soon. The writing is on the wall, and it would be foolish to stick around.


  2. dickycone · May 28, 2020

    But Nick, all those professors have papers that show they’re US citizens. Anyone with US citizenship is 100% loyal to the USA and just as American as people like me who have roots here going back before 1776. How dare you think otherwise, if that’s what you were suggesting. It would be racist to deny them access to sensitive state secrets. I’m sure the Chinese frequently grant Chinese citizenship to former Americans who are now 100% Chinese and work with the same type of classified information over in China. Well, probably.

    On a serious note, I’m almost annoyed at you for doing another dark side on a day when I’m working from home and really need to get some things done. All these links look fascinating. That pic at the top is amazing too.


  3. Kentucky Headhunter · May 29, 2020

    You are dangerously close to noticing something about the those professors, Nikita.

    Those cardboard beds sure do look comfy, I mean for a dead person of course.

    I blame Superman for stopping coastal CA from sliding into the Pacific.

    Liked by 2 people

    • dickycone · May 30, 2020

      Possibly related: Superman is 100% a creation of a certain tribe. You could look it up.


      • Kentucky Headhunter · May 30, 2020

        Well, not just Superman, but I get your point.

        I don’t get why a Kansas farm boy would want to go to a shit-hole like Metropolis. Seems like there’s plenty of tornadoes, granary fires, floods, and other mishaps in the Midwest to keep him busy. WTF did Metropolis ever do for Smallville, anyway?


        • L. Beau Macaroni · June 1, 2020

          Well, KY Headhunter, the past is like another country, they do things differently there. In 1938, it was still a rather mainstream aspiration for a country boy to go to the big city to seek his fortune. Mid-twentieth century big city political machines were certainly corrupt, God knows, but they were not as actively hostile to the interests of its mainstream working-class and middle-class citizens as they are in the 21st century.

          Oh, and I think that Metropolis still occasionally elected Republican mayors in those days.


  4. ray · June 1, 2020

    The virus has a manufactured component. The lockdown was carefully planned and implemented; evidence is plentiful. The most recent version of Helter Skelter also is an operation, and the whole killer cop drama that began it smells strongly of artifice. The dood did everything but pose for the cameras, which he certainly knew were there.

    Meanwhile, the pressure on the Deep State criminals in D.C. is o-f-f.

    It all went down too pat and I do not believe in coincidence.


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