Yes, you all saw the story.  The UK’s Mr Lockdown, Neil Ferguson, resigned from his role as health tyrant after being caught breaking his own rules – by banging a married woman on the sly.

Ho hum, you thought.  Just another one of our hypocritical overlords making a fool of himself.  But digging deeper, we can learn a lot from this case.

Charles Murray was wrong.  Our overlords are not a cognitive elite.  They are a Twitocracy – ‘rule by twits’, and they are appointed by strange means we shall investigate.

For a while, higher education and the professions really did reflect IQ, and selective breeding among the elite genetically reinforced it.  However, universities now select for many traits other than IQ, and many courses do not require a brain.  Nor do some professions.

No doubt our engineers and astrophysicists are still pretty bright.  The ruling elite, however – politicians, party operatives, bureaucrats, think tank and NGO rats, the upper echelons of the military and police – are as dumb as dog shit.

Perhaps they were smart once, but like the old European aristocracy, they expect their kids to join their ranks.  All of them, not just the smart ones.  Youngsters with the right pedigree and connections can overcome the disadvantage of stupidity.

In addition, some of the genuinely high-IQ elite are dumb nevertheless.  See here and here.  Furthermore, a class answerable to no one soon loses its ability to use its brains, even among those members blessed with one.

Look at these twits and see the ways.

Neil Ferguson

Neil Ferguson is a verifiable twit.  He’s been wrong about everything in the past, so it is no surprise that he was wrong again.

How is it that this twit was still being treated as an infection guru when Corona-chan came to town?  Because the Twitocracy is a tiny world where everyone knows everyone, and he has fought for the role.

There was never a neutral assessment of every epidemiologist’s work in the UK to find the best one.  Rather, there is an ongoing, snarky, highly personal catfight between the twits at Ferguson’s Imperial College and the twits at Oxford, and the former currently hold the upper hand.  The full story is almost unbelievable, and I highly recommend reading that link so you can see how Neil ended up with the gig and what a bunch of petty twits the whole lot of them are.

Antonia Staats

You can take a step in any direction from a twit to find another twit, such is the tight and incestuous nature of Twitland.  Take a very short step from Prof. Lockdown and you get to his married lover, Antonia Staats.  She is fair game because she’s a public figure, and a twit.  First, here she is:

Quite a progression.  Antonia was born in Germany and has a masters in Asian politics from the School of Oriental and African Studies, where her cuck now works.  They live in a USD $2.3 million home.  She is a senior campaigner at Avaaz, no doubt being attracted by the Aryan ‘aa’ in its name.


Avaaz is allegedly one of the Soros family of all-purpose, progressive organizations like, BLM, and MoveOn allegedly are.  Avaaz’s website reckons they are now fully member-funded.

Wikipedia says:

Avaaz, a U.S.-based nonprofit organization launched in January 2007, promotes global activism on issues such as climate change, human rights, animal rights, corruption, poverty, and conflict. The UK-based newspaper The Guardian considers it “the globe’s largest and most powerful online activist network”.[1]

So their mission is to ‘do good’, as though ‘good’ were the simplest concept in the world.  Avaaz supported a no fly zone over Syria, which could only be enforced by the US preventing Russian flights.  ‘Doing good’ in the Soros hivemind apparently includes risking nuclear war.  Allegedly.  They’ve also helped fund the White Helmets, provided free immigrant legal services in the US, and organized a climate march.  Avaaz campaigned against Trump in 2016.

Wikichan goes on:

The name chosen for the community is a Romanization of a word meaning “voice” in various languages, such as Hindi आवाज़ and Urdu آواز.[2][3]

Ricken Patel

One more twit-step takes us to Avaaz’s founding president and CEO, Ricken Patel:

Patel was born in Edmonton, Alberta, to a Kenyan-born Indian father of Gujarati origin and an English mother with Jewish heritage.[2][7]

As a boy, Patel studied on a First Nations reserve where he was bullied[citation needed]. He told The Times: “I’ve always felt solidarity with people suffering injustice. My theory is that my Mum gave me so much love I’ve always had extra to give.”[citation needed]

An Indian bullied by Indians for being the wrong kind of Indian?

Ricken Patel (born January 8, 1977) is the Canadian–British[1] founding President and Executive Director of Avaaz, a major global civic organization with the world’s largest online activist community, including over 43 million subscribers.[2]

Patel was voted “Ultimate Gamechanger in Politics” by the Huffington Post,[3] and listed in the world’s top 100 thinkers by Foreign Policy magazine.[4] He was also named a Young Global Leader[5] by the World Economic Forum, referred to as “the global leader of online protest” by The Guardian[2] and listed as one of People Magazine’s most eligible bachelors.[6]

: |

He studied PPE (politics, philosophy, economics) at Balliol College, Oxford University. He received a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard University. He worked for the International Crisis Group around the world, including in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Sudan and Afghanistan, where he says “he learnt how to bring rebel forces to the negotiation table, to monitor elections (covertly), to restore public faith in once corrupt political systems and to spot when foreign forces were being manipulated.

He returned to the US and volunteered for, where he learned how to use online tools for activism.[8]

Fresh out of uni, you’d think Mr Patel would be starting off in the ICG mail room or fetching coffee at meetings, sometimes being allowed to ride-along in war zones and generally learning the ropes.

Nope, he was already ‘consulting for’ the ICG, which has received funding from the Soros family.  Not only consulting – it sounds like he single-handedly fixed all those dreadful disasters we heard about in the news.  Quite a fellow.


Afghanistan: fixed.

This exceptional track record no doubt got him the gig at MoveOn and later gave him the rep to establish Avaaz, where he is paid about USD$250,000 to mop up any of the world’s remaining problems.  Nice work allegedly getting that Soros money to start it up.

Ricken is the grown up version of the pupal Ziad Ahmed, the most annoying kid in the world.

You’d think that with such charm and influence, Ricken could be a cult leader instead.  Funny you should mention it: Glassdoor reviews say Avaaz has become increasingly cult-like, with mandatory self-criticism and utterance of key mantras. About 80% of reviews say this.

They don’t say that the bastards pay late, or that there are safety breaches, or the IT is outdated, or that Avaaz is too fixated on reducing photocopying expenses.  None of that.  Numerous reviews from 2017 on specifically say that the organization has traits of a cult.


H/T to a commenter on I can’t find anymore.

I especially enjoyed Ricken’s rebuttal to these reviews, where he starts well by saying something like, ‘our culture doesn’t suit everyone, note more positive reviews,’ but then launches into a bizarre, narcissistic, cultish tirade (in my opinion) far longer than the review he was responding to.

Sophie Lewis

One can also work backwards – find a twit and connect them to the broader network.  For example, I stumbled upon the newest version of the old ‘let’s abolish the family‘ trope. The authoress is an ‘Anglo-German’ lesbian.

I instinctively knew that someone so twitty must be connected to this story.  But how?  Soon enough, I figured out that the editor of that magazine previously worked for Avaaz.  There are only one or two degrees of separation between any two twits.

Origin story

Where do twits come from?

I know.

They mostly come from wealthy families, private schools, top universities.  They have high verbal intelligence.  Their political correctness is updated to the very hour.  But these factors are not enough.

More than anything, twits need confidence and energy.  Chutzpah, if you will.  The self-belief to step out of an air-conditioned classroom and tell grizzled businessmen and diplomats exactly how they ought to be doing things.  The connections and audacity to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars to establish a new, woke non-profit when they are still in their twenties.

Normally, people develop confidence over time as they learn new skills, overcome challenges, and find their way in the world.  An experienced plumber who can fix just about anything strides into your house with confidence, and a mum of four happy kids gives reassuring advice to new mothers.  However, larval twits are hatched confident.  Born to rule, the silver spoon, carefully nurtured self-esteem, and the occasional dash of psychopathology.

I walked among these giants when I was young.  Their self-assurance is astonishing.  They are the ones who were the head of Young Labor at 16, made lifelong enemies in university politics, presided over the Environmental Action Group, managed campaigns for the Muslim Students’ Society, and got work experience at World Food Program through an uncle or fellow Gujarati or some other connection.

This Twitter thread gives an excellent run-down of the type of people we are talking about.  H/T Moldbugman, even though he neglected to give me one for the sexy gorilla story.

You may wonder why kids still undertake useless degrees.  I now see that it is a gamble at getting one of the Top Spots in the non-corporate world.  Bureaucrats, Avaaz ‘Senior Campaigners’, gender advisors to Google, diversity consultants to universities, UN/EU/NGO apparatchiks, diversity quotient politicians and pubic officials, Greenpeace social media managers, Your ABC/The Age commentators, that sort of thing.

It may seem that there are far too many such positions – there are – but that’s still not enough to go around.  The vast majority of Woke Studies graduates go on to become disillusioned high school English teachers, low level office staff, or literal baristas.

Other pathways

If they are not the offspring of established twits, neophytes have to burst their way in.  Often, a single job will do it, tough though that is.  I’ve noted this in UN agencies – work for them once, schmooze, and you’re in the set for good.  Also in Soros’ Evil Empire: work your way up one tree and then monkey-branch around the others.

Sometimes a breakout is necessary.  A stream of twit-identifying, anti-white male tweets might do it, as for Sarah Jeong.

Often serious effort is required to rise above the throng of over-educated nitwits.  Emma Sulkowicz is now a well known, Woke performance artist and activist.  Had she not propagandized her rape-merit-badge story by carrying her rape mattress around campus for a year, you’d never have seen her face unless she waited your table.

In rare cases, a single, woke post can enable a lucky twitlet to arise.  Consider the case of Alicia Garza:

Alicia Garza was born in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California on January 4, 1981. Garza grew up in Oakland in a mix-raced household with a white, Jewish father and a black mother.[8] Beginning in middle school and high school, Garza began advocating for her classmates to have access to information on reproductive health and contraceptives. Alongside her desire for reproductive equality, Garza considered herself a queer social justice activist and a Marxist.[8] [9] Garza graduated in 2002 from the University of California, San Diego with a degree in anthropology and sociology.[10] In 2008, she married Malachi Garza, a transgender male activist. [4]

For a long time she was a low-level twit organizing minor blackety-black non-profits.  In 2013, on the day of Zimmerman’s verdict, she published a Facebook post that coined the term ‘black lives matter’.  It was picked up by a big account, and her career as an activist took off.

This is an oft-forgotten aspect of the War on White Men: with such intense competition for a limited number of positions on the Commissariat, those candidates with tits, colour, mental illness, or a weird religion are going to leverage that advantage and shaft rivals with fewer Pokemon points.  Pasty, bearded Neil Fergusons are going to become increasingly rare, replaced with Ricken Patels, Ilhan Omars and Waleed Alys.

The prize

But to win the lottery – think of it!

You get a highly paid, prestigious job with lots of attention, where you are judged not on how much you add to business profits, but on how much good you do.  Like how Ricken did good in Afghanistan and they’re okay now.

Because you’re so much cleverer and moraller than ordinary people, you don’t have to follow the rules for plebs, either.  You can see your married girlfriend during lockdown, even if you imposed it.  You can go visit your other home, even if you’re the Scottish chief medical officer (she resigned, but a twit like her will land on her feet).  You can flee Sydney to the countryside if you’re a NSW minister (he got fined AUD$1,000, which is about USD$12.60).  You can take your family to the beach and go mountain biking, even if you’re the NZ health minister.  And you can fly to your summer residence even if you’re Canada’s twit-in-chief.

Other types of twits

Such is the current crop of woke, left-wing, twits.  They are not the only kind.  Britain was traditionally ruled by aristocratic twits, and they’re still around.  The conservative twits cheerfully condemn social immorality but on the weekends they pay a stout lady to spank them.

Across the pond, Neocon twits are even more inbred and insane than the British aristocrats and the New Woke Order.  In Australia, state treasurers, federal senators, and reigning business twits undermine the nation’s foreign policy with happy abandon.  Africa is ruled by klepto-twits, the Middle East by Islamo-twits, and South America by Narco-twits.

Throughout history, Senate twits blundered away the Roman republic, eunuch twits stopped China discovering the world, Aztec twits massacred innocents to the gods, Catholic twits burned heretics, brahminic twits threw widows on funeral pyres, royal twits enslaved and starved the peasants, junker and Churchillian twits destroyed Europe twice over, and of course the Commie twits were the worst of them all.


There’s something about humanity.  After several millennia of civilization, we still struggle to come up with a way of appointing leaders that keeps the twits out.  Indeed, in the twentieth century it appeared that we were getting worse.

The following is not a throw-away line to neatly conclude the piece.  It is a hard thunk conclusion of all my reading of history.  It is my strongest normie take:

Liberal democracy is the best of all possible systems because it most effectively limits the power of twits and makes them easier to remove.  It is shit.  It is the best we can do.  No one has a better idea, aside from a few proposed tweaks.

When the woke twits are finally displaced, their seats at the table of power will be filled by some other kind of twit.  An inextinguishable quirk of human nature shall make it so.





  1. jewamongyou · May 25, 2020

    Great post! So much to like here, but this one caught my attention:

    “However, larval twits are hatched confident. Born to rule, the silver spoon, carefully nurtured self-esteem, and the occasional dash of psychopathology.”

    Your writing really does remind me of the, now defunct, blog “Destructor” later known as Radishmag.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. luisman · May 25, 2020

    Reblogged this on Nicht-Linke Blogs.


  3. luisman · May 25, 2020


    Liked by 1 person

  4. Kentucky Headhunter · May 25, 2020

    “Born to rule, the silver spoon, carefully nurtured self-esteem, and the occasional dash of psychopathology.”

    Not all twits go the NGO, deep-state route.

    Looks like she might finally be facing some actual go to prison charges, but I won’t be holding my breath.

    Liked by 2 people

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  26. dickycone · December 5, 2021

    Read this in today’s post by AA, and it couldn’t help remind me of Twitocracy:

    “This system does not have any feedback mechanism, at all. It’s a black hole of privileged, powerful morons telling each other what they want to hear and making decisions based on what they’re telling each other.”

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