Lockdown survival guide 6: entertainment (updated)

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I can’t get to the park anymore, so pull-ups and chin-ups are out.  Handy hint: perhaps you can use your gf for resistance training.  Pull her up.

Good-natured pets might also cooperate.

It’s audience participation time.  I’m looking for films, series or whatever that are free and available on YouTube or similar – Netflix is not available everywhere.  It doesn’t matter how dorky or lame your suggestion is.  What we’re looking for is entertainment.

I’ll get the ball rolling:

Updated: The Stand

How could I forget?  Stephen King’s 1990s teleseries starts off great, gets a bit lame by the end, but is nevertheless a good watch if you’re stuck inside and need something to do.  And topical!

Shawn the Sheep.  By Aardman, this claymation series is very sweet.  None of the characters, not even the pigs, are entirely evil, and they are all capable of being very naughty when the farmer is not looking.  Child-friendly, but surprisingly engaging for adults.  We get to know the characters well even though they can only mumble and grunt.

Elfen Lied.  A mutant form of humans in the form of cute girls have invisible hands, or ‘vectors’, that can chop people up.  They have a natural instinct to kill normal humans – but can they be taught kindness?  Warnings for gratuitous violence, nudity, etc., etc.

Cowboy Bepop.  A science fiction, bounty-hunting cowboy.  I’ve only just started it, but everyone else raves about it so let’s see how it goes.  Violent and many boob-shots.

Death Note.  More gory anime.  Some bored demons decide to throw a magical notebook down to Earth.  If you write someone’s name in it while thinking of their face, they instantly die.  Hopefully this will fall into the hands of a guy who just wants to get rid of the bad guys, right?  And then everything will be okay?  You know what happens when one man has too much power.

Buster Keaton.  All his old, silent films are here on YouTube for free.  I first watched these as a young man and I couldn’t believe how well the humour still worked.  The General is his most famous film, but My Hospitality is by far my favourite.  Watch that first, and if you don’t like it, give up on Buster Keaton for a while.

If you’re getting really desperate, Scary Movie 1 and 4 are currently available.  These films are also handy if your IQ is too high for you to interact with normal people and you need to knock off a few points.

Charade (1963).  Never seen it, but it’s got an audience score of 92% on Rotten Tomatoes.  ‘The best Hitchcock film that Hitchcock didn’t direct’.

His Girl Friday.  Ibid, 90%.

The Gold Rush.  Ibid, 93%.

The Kid.  Ibid, 95%.

There’s a strong bias here towards classics and anime because that’s what’s available.

Over to you.


  1. dickycone · April 12, 2020

    If you haven’t already seen it, I think you’d like the 1976 “I, Claudius” miniseries. It’s all great, especially John Hurt’s Caligula. I’m convinced that Heath Ledger largely based his Joker on it. You get to see Patrick Stewart with hair too.

    Used to be on YouTube for free, but looks like it’s been taken down.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Klaus · April 12, 2020

    How ’bout, “The Bush Tucker Man”, on YouTube?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. freemattpodcast · April 13, 2020

    In spite of having the gym closed and pullup bar roped off, I discovered that a pavillion at a nearby park has a load baring cross beam that my hands can get a grip on. Pullups and chin ups achieved. (I do have to walk a distance to get there but I am usually there to run).


  4. collegereactionary · April 23, 2020

    My personal favorite hidden gem of a movie is “an amorous woman of tang dynasty.” It’s a little difficult to pirate, & virtually impossible to acquire legally, but it’s really worth it. Not in the least because it’s a good intro to the Tang dynasty literary scene. Not a lot of movies got made about that time period.

    I saw his girl friday last week, great movie. They sure do talk fast though.


  5. Brian Mark · May 5, 2020

    “Charade” is one of my favorite movies. It’s very Hitchcock. Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant are at their best. It deserves it’s 92% rating.

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