Word from the Dark Side – dodgy Congolese oil, divorcee prizes, and dunny paper panic


Did the Republic of Congo pretend to discover oil just to steal money from a European environmental fund?  It looks like they did!  Perhaps I was right to worry about Congolese stealing my gold in Addis airport.  If you follow that link you’ve got a long read before you get to the relevant part.

The image is from the same area but is about a related story.

While on Africa, a lot of Africans are marrying Chinese girls in ‘Chocolate Town’, which is the area of Guangzhao where heaps of African traders live.  Fascinating article about cultural differences and how there’s no such thing as the spouse visa.  And hey, did you know about this?

African states – home to millions of Chinese, also often undocumented – are watching closely to see how their citizens are treated on mainland soil. After a 2012 crackdown in Beijing on African migrants, Nigerian immigration authorities immediately retaliated, arresting 45 Chinese traders in the northern city of Kano.

With so much at stake for Sino-African relations, Beijing is playing a cautious game.

Lan Shanshan, a research assistant professor at Baptist University, claims there is a media edict on the mainland to report favourably on Africans in China, hence the state-owned newspaper Guangming Daily’s three-part special titled “Friends From Africa, How are You Doing in Guangzhou?”, in 2012.

But a WikiLeaks cable from 2008 revealed that the central government is troubled by the phenomenon, and quietly funded covert research into Africans in Guangzhou, specifically their impact on crime, underground religion and missed tax revenue.

But you can read about how things have changed since then.

In Old Blighty, divorcing woman compensated for the income she would have earned had she not married.  An interesting discussion follows.

Help a bloke out: this truckie needs workout advice.  The parameters are tricky: he’s 59, not in great shape, needs exercises he can do in the small, grotty space of a truck stop, not willing to get down on the piss-smelling ground, unable to haul much extra weight.  I was thinking a HIIT video like this might help, minus the burpees, but he probably needs to build up his baseline fitness first.  Do you know a more moderate, 30 minute video?  Please pop over and offer your suggestions if you have any.  Don’t go all bro-science on him, he’s not going to do your MMA workout.


This would not be suitable; remember what he said about the ground.

While you’re giving advice, tell DT how to get a girlfriend.  Not sex.  A girlfriend.

I’m not an expert on this, but I found this summary of the weird points surrounding the Salisbury poisonings pretty convincing.  Something weird is going on there.  So far this is not really a conspiracy, because there’s yet to be a better explanation for the events that unfolded.  It’s more of a, ‘this story does not seem right’.


Why negative rates are almost guaranteed now in the US.  Compelling article.

The persecution of Julian Assange.

Finland’s found a solution to rape.

Is there any solution to the alpha widow phenomenon?

A registered nurse comments on the observed local reaction to Corona-chan in the US: sub-awesome.

It’s not just Australia: Philippines risks becoming a province of China.

Australians are funny.  Coronavirus is now leading to panic-buying of toilet paper.  A fight over the precious paper broke out in a Tamworth supermarket, leading police to taser a man.  Also see at that link the toilet paper truck that caught fire.

I urge my compatriots to calm down and learn to use a tabo like any civilized person.



  1. Aristonicus · March 7, 2020

    RE: Skripals
    Something is definitely off there. When the first responder on the scene, initially described as an “off-duty nurse” -turned out to be Colonel Alison McCourt, promoted last year to Chief Nursing Officer of the British Army, and having just taken part in a 2 week chemical weapons exercise based out of Porton Down called ‘Toxic Dagger’ – is literally the best person in the UK to attend to chemical attack victims you have to wonder. Sort of like the convenient coincidence of your vacuum cleaner breaking down and 5 minutes later Professor Dyson knocks on your door looking for directions.
    As for an alternative explanation, how about this? Poor old Sergei was getting worried about his contributions to the Steele Dossier that his handler Pablo Miller (an old mate of Christopher Steele) had got him involved with for payola. He put out feelers through his daughter about returning to the Rodina with some juicy gossip regarding the same. MI5 got wind of it and when Yulia returned and they went to meet the GRU contacts, MI5 got DS Bailey to spray them with fentanyl or BZ nerve gas at the back of The Mill pub. Father and daughter collapse on the bench in distress,. Bailey managed to spray himself but didn’t get symptomatic until the next day when he went to hospital.


  2. Wolf · March 8, 2020

    It’s no longer good enough to just be a prudent saver to get an advantage. You have to be constantly looking for an edge. Either that, or spend it. Saving, prudence, forbearance, are out of fashion.


  3. dickycone · March 9, 2020

    I’d assumed you were in Ethiopia when those guys took a razor to your jeans because IIRC the capital is called Addis Abba. You were in Congo?

    I think DT either enjoys romantic angst or uses it as a literary device, or maybe both. He does vastly better with women than most American guys, he just doesn’t want to commit to any women who want to be with him. As a side note, I’ve always wondered what happened to the girl he met online whose body was as advertised, the one who when she took her clothes off it was like seeing the face of God. You’d think he’d have followed up on that one. Maybe he’s been happily living with her for a few years and melodramatic lonely guy DT is just a character he writes.

    I skimmed the article about negative interest rates. Wouldn’t that meant that loans would grind to a halt? As is, with mortgage rates having fallen below 3%, banks seem to be competing savagely to get me to refinance with them. Google says the Fed rate is at 1% to 1.25% now. If it falls much further does it eventually get to the point where lending money isn’t worth it for financial institutions? Maybe someone who understands economics can explain.

    Anyway, thanks for the links. Fascinating stuff as always.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nikolai Vladivostok · March 10, 2020

      Yes, it was Ethiopia where I got robbed. Central banks can issue negative rates, normally us plebs don’t get them. However, negative mortgages have been available in Denmark, after fees:


      I don’t understand it at all. I feel like we are mocking the gods.

      Liked by 1 person

      • dickycone · March 10, 2020

        I read the first few paragraphs of that link, and it seems to be essentially that the bank is borrowing from the customer to invest the money. Sort of makes sense, although I didn’t understand (or maybe didn’t read far enough to understand) the part about how this has to do with money markets in Scandinavia.


    • Nikolai Vladivostok · March 11, 2020

      I just understood your comment. I got my pants slashed in Addis. Later, I was in Addis Airport with a bunch of gold and my luggage was surrounded by a milling crowd of Congolese. It’s the main hub for Africa.


      • dickycone · March 11, 2020

        Ah, OK. You might have explained that in an earlier post and I forgot.


  4. philebersole · March 9, 2020

    Was your Julian Assange link a mistake or was it meant to be ironic?


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