Corona could wipe out several US election contenders

Now that Corona is turning into a pandemic, it is important to nip some conspiracy theories in the bud.  Soon, ‘Trump didn’t die of corona’ or ‘Bernie didn’t die of corona’ are likely to become memes.  Get used to the idea now: one or more big names in the US gerontocracy will probably not make it to November 2020, either due to the virus or other age-related causes.

The fatality rate of the disease is yet unknown, because (a) the death rate in China is increased by an overwhelmed health system, and (b) because we cannot trust any figures coming out of there anyway.  However, it is clear that those over seventy years old are more at risk than younger people.

Here is a list of people.  If one of them dies in the next few months everyone will be exclaiming, ‘CIA!  Deep State!  Reptiles!’, but in fact, the chances of one falling from natural causes is high.

Election contenders, declared and undeclared:

Donald Trump – 73

Bernie Sanders – 78

Joe Biden – 77

Michael Bloomberg – 78

Hillary Clinton – 72

The US Supreme Court:

Clarence Thomas – 71

Stephen Breyer – 81

Ruth Bader Ginsberg – 86

Let us not forget:

Nancy Pelosi – 79

Meanwhile in the Rest Of The World:

Queen Elizabeth II – 93

Mahmoud Abbas – 84

Mahathir Mohamed – 94

Hassan Rouhani – 71

Rodrigo Duterte – 74

Aung Sang Suu Kyi – 74

Isaias Afwerki – 74

Oh no, I hope poor old Isaias stays safe.

This intention of this post is to mentally prepare you for a likely outcome that you might otherwise ascribe to enemy action.


  1. Gunner Q · February 26, 2020

    The conspiracy theory for Ginsberg is that she’s already dead and they made a robot out of her corpse, to protect her seat on the Supreme Court from Trump.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nikolai Vladivostok · February 26, 2020

      Surely they’d have made the robot a bit more lifelike.
      Or maybe all those listed are robots. If they all make it to 2021, that is proof.


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