Word from the Dark Side – OK Chinese Boomers, obscene modern architecture, and the omnipotent German army.

1960s: Mao gives women more political rights during this period. Leah dresses as a comrade, rocking an army green cap, braids, and no make-up

You know how you hate modern architecture?  This lengthy article explains why.  Related: how architecture became a left/right issue.


Inventor of Cancel Culture gets Cancelled.

You can’t be right about everything.  This is the path to wisdom.  Socrates will be – what’s the opposite to turning in his grave?  Lying peacefully in his grave?  Grinning in his grave?  Getting quietly eaten by worms in his grave?  Whatever, this was his main and most forgotten point.

Some are mourning of Australia’s very own car company, Holden, but others are glad to see it die.  For posterity, this is a Holden Camira.  Nifty little car, so long as your destination is downhill.  Most commonly seen with the bonnet up:


What is the future of Western cities – Dubai or Detroit?  Choose one.

Everyone’s sharing Paul Joseph Watson’s latest video.  I will share Moonbattery’s sharing of it.

Want to make some easy cash?  Help Indonesian authorities by pulling the tire off this crocodile’s neck.  Conditions apply.


I’ve been working on the assumption that one might retire on 4% of one’s wealth annually, but this article suggests that 5% might also be possible.  As in, there’s an 80% chance of success.

It’s the end of the world again!  Save the page and post it in 30 years just for fun, like people have been doing with those articles from 1970 that said we’ll all be rooned by 2000.

Are you a black person who’s sick of looking at too many white people reading the news?  I get it.  I’m sick of all the bloody Filipinos reading the news on the telly here in the Philippines.  How about a bit of diversity?  But never fear, now there’s an all-black news service just for you!  So much more convenient than watching African news, and way more convenient than actually moving to Africa.  It will be called the Black News Channel, or BN Channel for short.


Hitler must be turning in his grave.  The German Army was humiliated in recent exercises.  Only a fifth of the Puma infantry fighting vehicles were operational at the time, so soldiers had to use . . . their own vehicles.  I’m imagining Nazi forces pouring into the Soviet Union in their Volkswagens.  This follows on from earlier incidents where the German army dealt with a shortage of machine guns by painting broomsticks black.


Tremble before our Teutonic might, you Communist bastards!

I’ve previously identified four balls in China.  That is, the big, hairy ones that enable bravery.  I found another two: a Chinese academic openly published this article criticizing the Communist Party’s handling of coronavirus, and everything else.  Pretty soon those balls and all his other organs will no doubt find new owners.

Speaking of China, which I’m a bit obsessed with at the moment, I found two more videos with strong explanatory power for those odd behaviours we see in tourists visiting from the Middle Kingdom.  The first deals with Chinese Boomers, and how their quirks, now infamous in the rest of the world, tend to manifest at home:

Having watched that, please also watch this.  It’s another video that explains how the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s and 70s led to this situation.  It is a sad story of a culture eating itself, and we should all learn the lessons:

Homeless people in Portland complain about the attitude of those cleaning up their shit.  Via Captain Capitalism.

The big issues US presidential candidates are ignoring.  I agree with some of them.

Meanwhile in Japan, man received suspended sentence for putting knives on the junior high school desk of the prince.


That’s it.


  1. Himself · February 19

    Senor Laowhy isn’t totally correct about American boomers. Yes, they were born into a country at the beginning of the boom. That was luck. The later ones, the hippie generation, were the ones that screwed things up. But his math is wrong about being able to buy a house. First, dollars were worth more back then. Second, the ratio of what the house cost to income (at least for my Gen-X self) was about the same. Still is in some areas. So sure, my dad (who wasn’t a boomer) paid $20k for his house. But he didn’t make anywhere near that a year. They scrimped and saved to do it, and were frugal.

    The problem is the newer generation doesn’t save. So while they can afford rent, they can’t come up with the down-payment nut, which is less now than when I bought my first house. I myself used 401K money for the down-payment. They don’t save. They have college loans, car notes, Mobile bills. I will agree that at least back then, one could pay for a pretty good education without loans. Even that said, two of my millennial kids have the savings and income to buy houses around here. Laowhy’s issue is he moved to California, if memory serves. If he moved to upstate NY from whence he came, he’d probably do OK.

    And nearly everything that the democrat candidates see as a problem is not on my radar (other than to be wary), nor anyone I know. Climate change is a scam to generate cash without generating wealth. I care little of LGBT issues, to a person they are oblivious to how money works. They have zero clue, or won’t admit the real cause of gun violence. And for whatever reason, they all are in favor of bringing in low skill foreigners, who absolutely depress or deny wages to the very people they claim to be fighting for. Then, won’t hold them, nor the any other vibrant criminal accountable.

    Good times. Good. Times.


    • Nikolai Vladivostok · February 19

      American Millennials can thank the property crash for that. In Australia, housing has gone from about 3.2x average household disposable income in 1981 to 6.5x in 2010.
      I’m not complaining, I don’t want to buy a house in Australia anyway, but this is probably one factor among many in our declining birth rates.


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