Word from the Dark Side – coronavirus, crims in Japan, crazy male feminists, Common Core fallacies and clever women


Hands up if you’ve already decided you’re going to die from coronavirus and are already planning who to bequeath your sexbots?  Just me?  Okay.  I tend to get everything that’s going around.  Here’s a good video with inside information:

There were rumours that it may have actually been an escaped bio-weapon, but I didn’t pay much attention because the source was unreliable.  Now even the Washington Times is going with this possibility.

I’m sure the government has it well in hand.  After all, look how they’re cracking down on public pajama-wearing.

One good thing is that the virus debacle will strengthen Xi’s opponents.  I suggest we help by calling it the Poo Bear Flu.  Together with economic trouble and Hong Kong protests, he’ll be shitting a brick by now.

In honor of Christopher Robin's release, one of the memes that got it banned in China.

Speaking of China, here’s a video from another good channel, Laowhy86:

Back in the West, rest assured that we’re doing everything right.  For example, check out this femmow who decided to fight the patriarchy by not reading male authors for a year.

Have you ever had a bullshit job, i.e. one that even you think achieves not very much for the world?  Bullshit jobs are starting to attract academic attention.  Which is ironic because . . . oh, never mind.

In the old country, non-indigenous Australians are encouraged to give cash to Aborigines in order to ‘pay the rent’ for living there.  Those poor Aborigines are going to miss whitefellahs, with all our faults, when the Chinese and Indians take over.  Won’t wring a cent from those stones.  Oh well, I guess us and the blackfellahs can drink together in dry river beds and try to remember what our cultures used to be.

Rob reminds us that most of our troubles are brought down upon our own head, and deserve little sympathy.  I’ve said before, in almost all cases, we are our own enemy.  Sometimes a random illness or injury strikes us down, but the number of people seriously harmed by another human being is far less than those who seriously harm themselves.  Speaking of which, here’s another male feminist who has brought trouble upon himself.

I’m embarrassed by a lot of Common Core coverage round these here blogs because the authors know very little about it.  They’ve read a pro or anti article or a cherry-picked worksheet that matches their political affiliation and take it as gospel.  If you’re an interested outsider (or even insider) who’d like a more informed and nuanced account of what it’s all about, check out posts like this one on Education Realist.

It wasn’t big news on mainstream media, but a million Iraqis protested for the US to pull all troops out of Iraq.  Sounds like a cue . . .

A feminist historian discovers something obvious that she insists we did not already know.

Ladies: even the Census Bureau reckons you should divorce, so go dump that man and find your handsome, secret-millionaire plumber!

Why does Clinton hate Sanders so much?

I really thought that our elite were clever, but this article has convinced me that things may be changing.

Should you avoid clever women?  When I commented I agreed, but since then my simple-hearted girlfriend has continually insisted I give up pork to cure my recurring dengue fever despite all the counter evidence I have shown her . . . nah, if I had a brainiac girlfriend she’d just be going on about intersectionality instead, or, if she were really bright, not date me at all.

Did the WTO lie about vaping risks?

Does Trump have Epstein material, and is he signalling this?

What does Bank of America have against white men?

Japan responds to foreign accusations that its justice system is unfair by publishing a response which basically says, no it’s not, so there.  Commenters are unimpressed.


Image credit: cathywathy


  1. Jack · January 29, 2020

    The Pooh and Tigger meme is hilarious! Their poses are exactly the same! I can’t stop laughing!


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