The next logical step: virtue-signalling suicide

We can fairly easily follow the train of SJW thought over the past decades: from decriminalization of homosexuality to compulsory celebration of gay marriage; from open-minded tolerance of transsexuals to gender reassignment for children who are tomboys or sissies; and from a condemnation of racial discrimination to open, mainstream, anti-white commentary.

But can we follow this ‘logical’ (you know what I mean) train of thought in order to predict what may be coming next?

Steve Sailer did so with phenomenal prescience in his 2014 article in TakiMag, World War T.  Can we do the same?

Some point to the normalization of pedophilia as a future consequence of expecting children to make choices about their own gender and following on from a testing-the-waters articles published in Salon.  But the blowback from the latter seems to have stymied that move for now.

I say ‘move’, not ‘plans’, as I do not believe many SJWs are following a set plan.  They are like sheep, leaderless, mostly following each other who knows where, as much influenced by the wind or the lie of the land as they are by where the green grass grows.

Others have pointed to the Universal Basic Income as a possible next move, but that seems unlikely simply because Western governments have already run out of other people’s money.  The SJWs would love to implement it, but you can only do what you can do.  Plus, it would mean giving some of the money to straight white males . . . feck that fer a joke.

I had a thought the other day.  The SJW movement – a modern variant of self-flagellating Christianity – moves ever further towards self-denial.  Whites, men, the straight, those with normal sex identities, those in developed countries, blame themselves for all the travails of the others.  Sorry, I didn’t mean to say ‘others’!  I totally othered you then!  I shall whip myself.  Ka-whack!  Ahhh, that feels good.  It makes up for my parents breaking up.  I’m sure that was my fault.

You get the idea.

The next logical step has already been taken – the Human Extinction Movement.  We need to own our Homo Sapiens privilege!

Further, some women have joined the BirthStrike movement to protest climate change.

The Extinction Revolution and New Green Deal movements are also nobly self-destructive.  If they were ever implemented they would cause havoc.  Keep in mind, they may indeed be implemented.  Never forget what the Bolsheviks did, nor that some Bernie supporters still think it was a great idea and the US should do the same.

So what might be next in this modern Great Leap Forward?  Surely it must be noble suicide, either to protect the environment, or in order to punish oneself for being white, male, straight and all the rest of it.  Most probably, suggestible white women will do it first, as this extreme of attention-seeking seems like more of a female thing.

#EndWhiteness is already popular.  Wouldn’t suicide be the most direct route to achieving the goal?  More direct than giving coloured people cash and property, but I have a feeling they’d prefer the latter if really put to it.

One might argue, but don’t SJWs always act hypocritically?  They live in hu-whyte suburbs, send their kids to majority white/Asian schools, frequently stuff the atmosphere choc-full with carbon dioxide from their overseas flights to go get photos of themselves holding black babies, and all of that sort of thing.

Don’t they?

Well, yes.  Mostly.  The vast majority of SJWs, surely 99.99% plus, will talk about how they really ought to commit suicide just like they talk about how they really ought to become vegan or send their kids to black public schools, but will not actually do it.

But there are a tiny number among them who right now go the full monty.  There are some white families in the US who choose to send their kids to majority black schools though they could afford not to.  There are some who travel to dangerous areas thinking that it could not really be that dangerous, because the telly says Muslims from backward countries are actually better than us.  And there are a few who manipulate their own sons into dressing up as girls, and visa-versa, in order to parade them and show off how tolerant and goodthinking they are.

So no, most SJWs won’t kill themselves out of moral righteousness, but a few will.

Do we really need to head this one off at the pass?  Perhaps nature must take its course.  After all, the West, and parts of the East, are already committing meta-suicide by setting up a new, woke society incapable of reproducing itself.  A troubled person jumping off the Titanic the day before it hits the iceberg makes little difference in the greater scheme of things.


For those needing help:


  1. collegereactionary · January 22, 2020

    As Lu Xun wrote in ‘New Year’s Sacrifice’
    “If those with no reason to go on living could just hurry up and die, that would be the most beneficial option for everyone involved.”


  2. luisman · January 23, 2020

    Reblogged this on Nicht-Linke Blogs.


  3. Nicholas R. Jeelvy · January 23, 2020

    Kevin MacDonald talks about “altruistic punishment” in his new book “Individualism and the Western liberal tradition”. Altruistic punishment is an action, or set of action whose intent is to punish defecting members of the tribe with much worse consequences for the punisher, often catastrophic consequences. This makes sense from a group-evolutionary point of view because punishing defectors and pushing them out of the gene pool is often more important to a group’s success than preserving individual units. It is characteristic of white people, though Asians seem to be doing it even more.


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