Word from the Dark Side: lying ladies, calcified candidates, and wascally wives.


Cheers to those who joined me on my journey into Protected World on Wednesday.  There will be occasional future posts like that, but almost all will be open access as usual.

This week I was mostly sick.  In fact, I’ve been sick consistently so far this decade.  I’m starting to realize, my immune system is abysmal.  I probably spend about a third of my life at least somewhat unwell, which is why I never make much progress at the gym or on other projects.  Can’t complain – I’m now able to take very easy, low paying jobs, and my retirement fund will surely last the distance because this sickly little bastard probably won’t make it to 70.

In more important news, there is a beautiful he-said she-said dispute going on between Lizzie and Bernie.  Phil Ebersole took Bernie’s side, and it was interesting to see many of his left-wing commenters take him to task for it.  In terms of SJW Pokemon points, the two are perfectly balanced: Jewish male vs white female.  Believe women!  But lying Jew tropes!  Each only needs just one more point to win the battle, i.e. Warren actually being an Indian or Bernie putting on a frock.

I ran a Twitter poll and 100% of the mostly right-wing participants went with Bernie, on the grounds that Warren, who they actually preferred of the two, has a record of telling porkie pies.  Anyway, swoon at the enormous number of voters who participated.  My maths is not great but I think this gives the poll a 0.000017% margin of error.

The looming US election seems unreal and bizarre, unlike any that have gone before, even 2016.  To me, NO candidate on either side seems plausible.  Here they are, in order of their current betting odds:

Trump (8/11): So old he could cark it at any moment, only won last time through everything going right, this time has to deal with a disappointed base and changed demographics in swing states.  It still seems logical that the Deep State will crash the economy to ruin his chances, but on the other hand, I don’t feel in my bones that they will do this.  In fact, my instinct is that they will crash it after he wins, out of spite.

Joe Biden (5/1): So old he could cark it at any moment, getting doddery, massive corruption accusations swirling around him and his son, and reels and reels of tape of him reveling openly in his ‘Creepy Joe‘ persona.  Trump would make mincemeat out of him, and all it would take is a few short commercials that compile these recorded moments.

Bernie Sanders (also 5/1): His late charge was obviously the reason for Warren’s character assassination.  Bernie is a sincere candidate, but his policies are far too left-wing for most Americans, especially wealth taxes and strict rent controls.  He is terrified of black women, so they won’t vote for him.  Trump would also enjoy asking him about his career: he did almost nothing until he finally got a gig in politics in his mid-30s.

Michael Bloomberg (12/1): So old he could cark it at any moment.  A generally unpopular billionaire, I cannot imagine him becoming president.

Elizabeth Warren (18/1): So old she could cark it at any moment.  Serial liar who Trump would constantly taunt as Pocahontas, and he’d have Native American support for doing so.

Pete Buttigieg (25/1): Young enough to potentially see out two terms.  No one really knows him.  He is gay and has ‘butt’ in his name.  On the other hand, Americans once elected a man named ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ so anything is possible.  I think this guy might actually hold his own in a campaign against Trump because his deficiencies are not so obvious as with other candidates, but key sections of the Democrat’s Alliance of the Fringes would not support him.  I’m talking about black church ladies.

Andrew Yang (25/1): UBI has little support, and there was that whipped cream incident.

Funny how 1-3 candidates might drop dead before the poll and everyone would claim conspiracy and Epsteination, but statistically it would not be surprising at all.

Others: Hillary Clinton (50/1) is old, seems a bit late to run now.  Amy Klobuchar (66/1) appears out of contention.  Mike Pence (100/1) might have to survive a civil war first.  Skipping down the list, Michelle Obama (125/1) looks like a pipe dream, while Tulsi Gabbard (150/1), probably the strongest opposition candidate, was never going to get the nomination in today’s Democrat party, though they’d have lapped her up in the 80s or 90s.

For the record, Chelsea Clinton is on 300/1, while Mark Zuckerberg, George Clooney, Megan Markle and Oprah Winfrey are neck and neck on 500/1.  These seem almost as plausible as the declared candidates.

Fearing another Trump landslide, the good people at the Harvard Law Review have come up with a cunning plan to forever elect pliable Democrats: break Washington, DC into 127 new states, and use the this firm majority to change the Constitution, i.e. install proportional voting rules and eliminate the electoral college.  I thought this was fake news too, but see the link for yourself.  It is scary that elites are so remote from the people, they not only cannot imagine what the reaction might be – the cannot imagine a reaction at all.

Speaking of reaction, Jim reckons there will be civil war by 2026.

Sovereign Man points out how the US is overusing its sanctioning powers provided by owning the reserve currency, which is putting that reserve status in doubt.

Nourishing Obscurity mourns the ailing of the blogosphere.  From books to blogs to Twitter to TikTok, we are getting dumber and dumber.  Soon we will just hit the ‘funny and nice and I’m better than other people feeling’ button in our pods and ignore all else.

Snapper bemoans the behaviour of wives when they do not consider the long-term consequences of their actions.  I have previously pondered this phenomenon from afar.

People have been saying China would collapse for the last 20 years, but maybe this time it really will.  Hopefully this will cause a drop in Chinese tourism.

Meanwhile Germany is also in trouble, with uneducated Syrian migrants somehow unable to pay the pensions like they were supposed to.

Enough with all this bad news.  You might like this podcast about a Kiwi who thoroughly investigated the background of female con artist who ripped off his family, and what he discovered was really interesting.  On our ABC, would you believe.

A sad story, but not an unusual one: An Australian man’s wife disappeared with the kids back to her native Japan.  She refused to even tell him if the kids were okay, so after a typhoon he went into the foyer of his in-laws’ building to check on them.  He was arrested for trespass and locked up for six weeks.  That’s how they do it there: they lock you up until you admit guilt, not once you do so.

On the other hand, they have beef sushi now.

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