Trump’s Boomer moment

Sick at home, wasting time on Twitter, I realize that a lot of people are pretty stupid.

Not low in intelligence (see Parts I and II of why clever people are stupid), but simply willing to swallow the neocon line and freely choose to believe comforting falsehoods that they know are false, this time about the assassination of General Qasem Soleimani.

“Don’t mess with the us!  We have Trump now, not Obama!  Finally, a President who supports the troops.  ‘Murika!  USA, USA, USA!  Anyone against the attack is a traitor.  Why don’t you just live in Iran?”

Such is the battle cry of the Boomer who still remembers Grenada with pride, who can no longer obtain an erection so needs to substitute bombing brown people for his satisfaction.

“They attacked our embassy!  Remember how weak we were in Tehran and Benghazi.”

No one even died in the attack.  Not even the attackers.  It was a half-hearted, symbolic attack meant only to send a message and vent anger, not to actually kidnap or harm any embassy staff – who had been evacuated anyway.

Remember when the US accidentally-on-purpose bombed the Chinese embassy in Belgrade?  Should China have responded by assassinating General Wesley Clark?

Of course, the US-Iran infatuation goes back much further than that, and neither side comes out smelling of roses.

Vox Day wisely suggests waiting 24 hours before passing judgement on any of Trump’s actions because he often reverses them, but neither he nor anyone else would suggest that there’s any reversal possible this time.  The popular general is dead and a lot of hot-headed, fanatical Persians are furious.


This Iranian woman is fuming.

Trump was no doubt poorly advised on this, deliberately.  Those around him probably downplayed the general’s importance and forgot to mention his ongoing role in fighting ISIS.  I very much doubt anyone told Trump: this guy is kind of a big deal, and killing him will provoke a serious reaction.  I assume they also exaggerated the significance of the mob breaching the outer wall of the US embassy, reminding him of Clinton’s complacency during the Libya attack in order to manipulate him into doing Israel, Saudi Arabia and General Dynamics’ bidding.

The main Boomer failing in this sort of situation is that they are so excited in their dribbling ‘Us good, them bad’ doddering that they fail to consider likely consequences.  Iran will respond, and once they’ve killed a high ranking American or bombed an embassy, the US will itself be obliged to respond.  And then the US will be stuck in yet another Stupid War in the Middle East at a time when the giant should really go back to sleep and focus on border security, crumbling infrastructure and the $22 trillion debt.

Trump is not evil.  He is not stupid.  However, he is not clever or experienced enough to be President of the United States.  His trolling of the left and the permastate has been hilarious, but even when his instincts are right he lacks the skills to put rational policies into place.

Work on the wall languishes and there is no talk of making E-Verify compulsory.  Moderate reform of immigration policy seems to have stalled.  There has been no serious drawdown of US troops from anywhere.  The budget deficits continue to stack up.  Bridges continue to fall down.  The US economy’s strength seems to require continuous injections of money, like an ailing cancer patient sprightly in his final months due to massive doses of deadly palliatives.

I have noted before, it seems that it makes no difference who the US president is.  A Clinton or Bush, Trump or Biden, Obama or McCain, few policies seem changeable.  There shall always be more war, more debt, worse roads, less control over immigration.  Would anything have been dramatically different under Hillary?  Would it be different under Warren?  It seems unlikely.

Trump is not a fool or a villain.  He’s just a Boomer who loves ‘Murika and wants to make it strong and stable, but has no idea how to do that.  The task would require a Hadrian or Diocletian, but he is more of a Claudius: pleasant, mostly harmless, opposed by the deep state, but much better than what had come before and what would come after.

Ok Boomer, you’ve had your Reagan moment.  Rah rah ‘Murika, turn them into glass etc.

Now bring your boys home.


  1. luisman · January 4

    Reblogged this on Nicht-Linke Blogs.


  2. dickycone · January 4

    Did you ever read War and Peace? The last hundred pages or so abandon the story entirely and get into Tolstoy’s ideas about the course of history. Basically, he argues that it can’t be changed even by ostensibly powerful figures like Napoleon. What you said about it not seeming to matter who’s president made me think of that.

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    • Nikolai Vladivostok · January 4

      Have read, did not agree with the thesis and was annoyed that it cluttered up the novel.
      Seems like this is just the US at the moment, not a normal situation in history. Perhaps, being the oldest liberal democracy, the deep state has had so much experience in manipulating or evading public opinion that they have perfected the art. I don’t know.


  3. Gunner Q · January 5

    “Trump is not evil. He is not stupid. However, he is not clever or experienced enough to be President of the United States. His trolling of the left and the permastate has been hilarious, but even when his instincts are right he lacks the skills to put rational policies into place.”

    Co-signed. However, Trump has also been reaching out to the Orthodox Jews recently. Their polled support for him has gone from 51% to 92% according to this poll

    I would have trouble believing that his assassinating Iranian brass in retaliation for low-grade mob violence is unconnected. Also, the guy who lead the embassy attack is known to have visited President Obama at the White House… Deep State manipulation all over this one.

    (I suspect the recent attacks against Orthodox Jews in New York, Trump’s home ground, were prompted by that same poll.)

    And that’s what will ultimately sink Trump. He acts as though the problem is certain members of the State bureaucracy when in fact, it’s the bureaucracy itself. Nobody can re-form a swamp. It’ll just go back to being a swamp. That’s why he keeps getting surprised by his advisers and Cabinet defying him. Trump would do better to appoint truck drivers from Nebraska than ANYBODY with a college degree in political science. Let alone Ivy League-trained experts.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Nikolai Vladivostok · January 5

      Orthodox Jews are a tiny proportion of the electorate, and not heavily represented in the deep state or media like secular Jews. Why would he pander to them? Family connections?
      I’ve had a suspicion for a long time, and finally I’m ready to say it: what does Israel have on him?
      Normally he calls the Deep State out but he’s been mostly quiet about Epstein’s murder. Yes he mentioned it, but normally he goes on and on for months. If he wanted to expose the swamp, establishing a special counsel team into that would be the best way to do it, but I have not heard of such a thing.
      If you imagined Israel possessing untoward material, everything else would make sense. But then, he doesn’t seem the type.


      • Gunner Q · January 5

        Trump grew up in “Jew York” so he surely has history with them and probably some allies. Atheist Jews seem hostile to Orthodox Jews as well as Trump so his appealing to the faction that doesn’t hate his guts is good sense… or would be with any other demographic.

        Also, I did a little homework this afternoon on Trump’s drone assassination. Turns out it’s been coming for a while; Iran has been playing with its rockets and rioters in nearly a dozen incidents in Iraq. The hit on their general wasn’t exclusively retaliation for the embassy incident.

        The situation in Iraq is devolving more rapidly than you’ve been reading in the mainstream media. The current prime minister of Iraq has already resigned, in fact, as an apology for his security forces killing more than 450 civilians in the various pro-Iran demonstrations.

        Iraq is a mess and nobody is innocent. As usual.

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        • Nikolai Vladivostok · January 5

          Could you chuck us a link re: the back story?
          Seems like an ongoing power struggle between the US and Iran over Iraq, and the winner will be the most persistent party. That will presumably be the one the has to live next door.


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  5. Gunner Q · January 7

    “Could you chuck us a link re: the back story?”

    Here’s a good overview of what I’m working off of. Note, the resignation has already been accepted so the Iraq government’s current status is stewardship pending replacement.


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