Word from the Dark Side – burning flags, MGTOW videos, and why the Japanese want to avoid you


A man in Iowa was sentenced to 15 years jail for stealing a rainbow flag from a church (!) and burning it.

Now fair enough, that is theft.  Burn your own goddamned flag.  But 15 years?  Was this the original rainbow flag that flew at the Battle of Lexington?  Of course, his real crime was criticizing homosexuality.  I doubt he would have done any time for burning a Norwegian flag,

Maybe Iowa is just really tough on crime across the board?  Maybe you do hard time there for jaywalking?  Let’s see what you have to do there to get fifteen long ones in the slammer:

A dog breeder was convicted of neglecting the animals.  “Court records say 17 dogs had fur matted by feces, skin conditions leading to fur loss, painful wounds, intestinal parasites and other maladies. One dog had to be euthanized.”  15 years jail 420 days jail, fully suspended.

A man tortured his family’s dog Daisy for chewing on his sunglasses, and made his children watch a video of the attack – 15 years jail 30 days jail, all but 7 suspended.

Iowa man sentenced over child pornography to 15 years jail seven and a half years jail.

For child sex crimes15 years jail 10 years jail.

For beating a man to death15 years in jail 10 years in jail.

No doubt they would have gotten the full 15 years if the dogs, children or man were gay, and they were motivated by hate.

What do youse think of this?  Jack’s wife got drunk and smashed his phone.  I was shocked, but he and other readers seemed less so.  Normally my reaction would be ‘dump her’ but they are married, perhaps you need to put up with more shit in that situation.  Is this normal?  Am I mad?  Let me know.


Anyway, I have renewed my vow to never marry.

I don’t describe myself as MGTOW because I value relationships with women.  I have a girlfriend right now.  However, I do watch MGTOW videos from time to time.  Here are a few recent ones for the curious.

Thinking Ape, formerly Stardusk, these days writes on a variety of non-MGTOW issues, which is the main reason I like his work, but in this one he goes back to his roots and discusses how a reduction in alimony is causing a spike in female-filed divorces in the Netherlands before the new laws can take effect:

Coltaine doesn’t make many videos, but when he does they are worth the wait.  They tend to be more thoughtful and scripted than most seat-of-your-pants YouTubers.  In this one he discusses how gynocentrism is natural to humans, and therefore impossible to fight.  Sample quote:

Blue pill people . . . are willfully ignorant. They have actively chosen to swallow the blue pill. They have chosen to reject reality. They have chosen to believe whatever they want to believe. And they are the overwhelming majority.”

Turd Flinging Monkey produced this response video (BitChute doesn’t embed):


And then Coltaine did a response to the response, also interesting:

Guess I have to say something about all those tinned peaches Trump is getting for Christmas.  I like this take by Z-Man:

Much of what we see in our modern democracies is false drama, designed to gain attention. This is why women have proven to be so successful as politicians. Women are naturally gifted with the ability to get attention, especially through false drama. It turns out that democracy is a form of governance modeled on the beauty pageant.

This is the point of the impeachment fiasco. The Democrats are the party of girls and gay men, so they naturally seek drama. Trump’s great sin is that he is a great showman, so he gets all the attention. Impeachment allows the vagina party to one-up him and force him to pay attention to them. If you look at the people celebrating in the streets, it’s lesbians and middle-aged woman. They are not celebrating because they hate Trump. They are happy someone is noticing them.

Speaking of takes I like, here’s one from Adam who wonders why the anti-porn crusaders are suddenly so worried about white men.  If we really were confined to our mum’s basement looking at hentai videos, unemployed and unable to breed with a real woman, wouldn’t that be a good thing?  Not as good as being extinct, but pretty close.

An interesting investigation of the travails of male vs female fictional heroes.  The latter must not struggle or suffer too much.


How to defeat flaking girls.  This was like a superpower back when I learned it, and I’ve regretted it whenever I’ve forgotten it.

Have you been whinging about immigrants?  Spare a thought for the Japanese.  About a third of Japanese managers suffer from ‘intense stress’ when they have to manage foreigners.  The reasons given are interesting.

That’s it.

Also available on many other platforms.

Also available on many other platforms.


  1. luisman · December 21, 2019

    Reblogged this on Nicht-Linke Blogs.


  2. luisman · December 21, 2019

    Jack’s wife hehehe.
    How stupid do you have to be to marry and hold on to a girl who regularly gets drunk and violent? Does she look like Miss Universe? And this from a guy who’s blog is named “sigmaframe”? Me thinks there a quite a lot of delusions at work at the same time…


    • Nikolai Vladivostok · December 21, 2019

      I’ve enjoyed Jack’s blog for some time, which is why I was surprised by his revelation. I’m trying to be supportive and to encourage reflection rather than be judgemental. Some of the other commenters are not helping though, especially the women who think men need to put up with this kind of behaviour.
      Anyway, we all must walk our own road. I’ve only ever once unleashed a tirade on another man criticizing his choices, but that was a very close friend who needed a rocket up his arse. Unless I know a fellow well, I try to keep my own counsel. The only reason I said anything at all about Jack’s situation is because he posted it, which invites feedback.


  3. dickycone · December 21, 2019

    Lots of interesting stuff here. About the Japanese disliking foreigners’ “lack of loyalty” to their employers, are layoffs and job hopping not common in Japan? I don’t know how it is in Australia, but in the US you’d be stupid to be loyal to your company because it’s understood that they can and will get rid of you the second they consider it to be in their best interest, just as you’ll put in your two weeks notice the second a better offer comes along. I don’t think it was always like this because my boomer parents have trouble understanding my 100% mercenary attitude towards work. Maybe work in Japan is still similar to how it was in the 1960s in the US in this sense and that’s why the Japanese perceive foreigners as lacking loyalty.


    • Nikolai Vladivostok · December 21, 2019

      Yep, something like that. And the Japanese are generally meeker and less questioning. Locals who have spent a ling time abroad, including for relevant study or work, are similarly viewed with suspicion and can have trouble finding a job with a conservative company.
      Incidentally, the top 3 countries for foreigners working in Japan are China, Vietnam and the Philippines, in that order.
      Some of the complaints seemed to be about these, while others seemed to be about Westerners. Maybe that’s what they thought when the interviewers said foreigners (外国人) because that’s what the term often is used to mean


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