Word from the Dark Side – cat ladies, rioting lawyers and stolen onions.


Saturday posts are like hidden posts because no one sees them.  Welcome to the elect.

A Brazilian man is caught impersonating his mum in order to pass her driver’s test.

This is a doozy.  A Pakistani lawyer tried to jump the queue at a hospital but the doctors wouldn’t let him and he got beaten up.  One thing led to another, and finally a big mob of lawyers, all wearing suits, arrived at the hospital and beat up the staff.  They also smashed equipment.  The prime minister’s son was among the lawyers caught on tape assaulting doctors and setting a police van on fire.

Several people died due to lack of medical care during the riot.


Why checks and balances don’t work.

Taylor Swift turns 30 and becomes crazy cat lady.

Let’s stop repeating each other on these blogs.

This week’s Radio Derb podcast.

The perils of using your real name online, and how SJW parasites use moderation to prolong the life of the host society.

In Europe, it is considered a mental illness for a Muslim to kill a Jew.

The underlying causes of the social justice movement.

Anime bear refused permission to participate in Japan’s Olympic torch relay because he is not human.


Man arrested for stealing 3,000 onion seeds that were planted in a field.

Who would win in a fight between a bald eagle and a large octopus?  Now we know.

One of the teenage girls now running Finland gets in trouble for running an Instagram poll on what to do with ISIS returnees.  #NoFilter!


Orright that’s it, bugger off.

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