Word from the Dark Side – Swedish mean girls, t-shirts on credit and Yanks not shagging

Vinyl News: 3D Printed Record, Turnplay Vinyl iPad App ...

A Swedish schoolgirl who chose not to join a climate protest is bullied by teacher and classmates.  I keep telling you, and nobody listens: these are a group-centric people who at any moment may turn back into Vikings.

Other benefits of early retirement: if you retire at 55 you are likely to live until 80, but retire at 65 and you might only make it to 67.  Obviously there are confounding variables, but clearly this indicates that those forced to work for longer than they want to suffer a toll upon their health.

OK millennial: young people are now getting everyday items like sneakers and t-shirts on payment plans.  Notable quote: “I’m not making a whole lot of money, so this is really helpful.”  If you don’t know what’s wrong with that statement then you need to buy my book, Poor Man’s Guide to Financial Freedom (coming soon!)

I always think a story is not worth linking because everyone must have already heard it by now, and then it goes and gets heaps of clicks.  So just in case you missed it: white males not allowed to speak during debate about local government’s new diversity statement.  They still voted for the statement though, so at least we’ve solved Fermi’s Paradox.

Similar thing at Sheffield Student Union.

This whole story is very sad and strange.  A girl was rejected by her mother because she wanted a son.  The girl was obviously messed up, later in life got a sex change operation.  The operation went badly, then she committed suicide with medical assistance, which is legal in Belgium.

Americans are not shagging.  The biggest change is in those aged 18-29, with 23% reporting no sex in the last year.  There will be some late bloomers in that demographic, but surely the others ought to be making up for them.  Even OK boomers are rooting more, with only 13% reporting no recent nookie.  While the rate for young women has risen somewhat to 18%, the rate for young men has skyrocketed to 28%.  If you find that surprising, you have not been paying any attention at all.  Read the comments to see just how ignorant everyone who isn’t me is.

This story is crazy, but I’m afraid you might not grasp how crazy it is.  The Bank of Japan has been buying up local stocks via ETFs, supposedly to spark inflation but actually to pump up shares.  Now they own 80% of the ETFs and are going to start lending them to others to prevent freezing the whole market.  I don’t know how this ongoing zombie economy is finally going to end, but whatever happens, that is what will eventually happen to the West.

Rob says, don’t worry about your issues and they’ll go away.  I used to be extremely thin and assumed that women would hate it if I had a pot belly.  Now I have a little belly and they like to play with it.

American cities are slipping into Third World conditions.

Ok Gen X’er: Adam Piggot exclusively plays records, all his books are on paper, and he has a big beard with no mustache.  What happened to Gen Y, by the way?  That was what I was always called, now suddenly we’ve disappeared with no nomenclature to call our own, yet no other generation consented to have us lumped in with them.

Well eat angst, other generations:

In defense of attacking brutalist architecture.

“I sold the rocket launchers to my mate and he sold it to those fucking dickhead terrorists. Now it’s a fucking drama.”  I think you’ve already guessed what country this story comes from.

Didact compiles some other suggested headlines for when bad guys get topped.

A Filipina working for a legal firm in Japan is stuck because the firm refuses to return her passport nor recognize that she has quit.  Knowing how Japanese court cases tend to go, I hope Duterte threatens to shoot someone.



  1. freemattpodcast · November 7, 2019

    Only if we could make condoms a tax write off…then people still wouldn’t screw.


  2. Gunner Q · November 9, 2019

    “my book, Poor Man’s Guide to Financial Freedom (coming soon!)”

    1. Debt is slavery.

    2. Work before pleasure.

    3. Avoid women.

    Did I miss anything?


  3. dickycone · November 9, 2019

    Aren’t you just a millennial if you’re a generation younger than gen X?

    Great links by the way, as always. The rocket launcher one made me literally lol, and the Belgium one made me think that maybe the Catholics are on to something.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nikolai Vladivostok · November 10, 2019

      I’d much rather be X than millenial. I didn’t use the internet until I was 16. But would they have me?


      • dickycone · November 10, 2019

        I can put in a good word for you. Although I should probably warn you first that the younger generations are starting to lump us in with the boomers more and more frequently.


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