Word from the Dark Side – moar trees, dangerous eye reflections, and divorce parties.


You know how we’re cutting down all the trees and soon there won’t be any left?  Forested areas have actually increased since 1990.

We all know that the New Woke Times lies and lies and lies, usually by omission, but it is really galling to look at one such egregious case really closely and smell that shit close up.  Yup, it’s another unarmed teen shot by police in the US.  Are we splitting off into two parallel universes, but really slowly?  It’s like the world is one big Rorschach test, but with only two interpretations.

I can’t get enough of these: more predictions of global ecological catastrophe that did not come to fruition.  Actual newspaper articles.

You need to know about this.  Long, long ago, when I was an earnest young lad with long, long hair, I saw a doco on the telly about a transgender issue.  There was a baby boy whose circumcision went horribly wrong.  A psychologist named John Money from New Zealand, of all places, was of the opinion that gender is just a social construct and that if the boy was made into a girl, and raised as such, he’d never know the difference and everything would be just fine.  Rah rah rah, you say, we know the spiel.  But wait: this was in 1966, and Money was the first to propound such theories.

He went around telling everyone how right he was and how well it had worked out, even while the boy’s life was falling apart.  You can read more about it here.  In the 1990s it was accepted that Money was way off, but somehow – I know not how – his philosophy has crept back into the mainstream, and is now dogma.

Insane policies do not emerge from nowhere, like ghosts.  They come from academic theories developed by individuals, some mad, some mistaken, some with ulterior motives – conscious or otherwise.  And the fact that almost all experts agree on something should not deter skeptics from asking the right questions and delving deeper.

Next: we teach boys that marriage doesn’t work.  I also recommend the articles linked at the end.

Related: people are having divorce parties now.  All the positive examples of such are when ladies throw them; the one bad example was hosted by an ‘abusive’ man.  See if you can gueeeeessss which newspaper this is gunna be in before you hover or click.

They’re being too open about it now, hence thirty-something women are finding it harder and harder to find a good man to settle for then divorce.

A book defending free speech has been pulled by the publisher.  No doubt it will be published elsewhere – and then banned by Amazon.  Mah right of association, and PS, no Visigoths are allowed in my cafe.

Lifting weights is fun.  I agree.  Cardio is hard, and the last five minutes of a half-hour run are not fun.  But weights are fun.  Upper-body day is a piece of piss.

Serious question: do you find Adam’s hawt chicks in Hawt Chicks and Links hot or not?  Am I secretly gay?  I like nekkid pics with pimples, moles, visible ribs/folds, and the odd stray pube.  Just me?

I think this is connected to how I can’t fantasize about rooting celebrities.  After a while I think, I’m not buying it, and move on to the ugly girl with big tits I saw that day in the mall instead.

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister got the Nobel Peace Prize for finally ending hostilities with Eritrea – yet the Eritrean President who also signed got jack shit.  Hope he’s spitting blood.

Speaking of that country I have a weird obsession with, this will get anyone with rudimentary economics knowledge banging their head on something hard.  Five millennia from now, future governments will still be putting price controls on teleporters then wondering why there’s suddenly a shortage of them, and then they’ll blame greedy capitalists and shoot them with lasers.

Australian Prime Minister savaged by dead sheep.

Renegade7X’s review of Joker.

Japanese schools love getting their kids to make human pyramids (in PE, not those Abu Ghraib ones), but the injuries are piling up.

Who said Japan is weird?  Certainly not the 22-year-old student allegedly meeting suicidal women online in order to kill them.

Speaking of not-weird Japan, don’t post photos of yourself if you have an autistic stalker because he might zoom in on your eyes, use Google Earth to locate the train station he sees there, and then wait in the station and attack you.

And then there was the Japanese man who stepped outside for a smoke in Paris – and someone swiped his $840,00 watch.  Yes, the number of zeroes is correct.



  1. Klaus · October 13

    Same here. I’ve often wondered if I’m not, secretly, a poof. I like slim (rather than shapely) women with not too big busts and bums…think Olivia Williams when she was younger. Olivia Williams…be still my heart!
    Keep up the good work.


    • Nikolai Vladivostok · October 14

      I have a theory about it. Perhaps I’m so naturally low on testosterone that if I had a very feminine partner, our sons would turn out unfeasibly girly. Perhaps I instinctively seek out a more masculine (but female) partner to make up the gap. Same for my penchant for dark skin – I burn in the sun so easily, if I reproduced with a very light woman our kids would come out transparent and have to live underground.


  2. L. Beau Macaroni · October 14

    Serous answers Re: Adam’s chicks:

    bikini one: I suspect silicone in her chest, but I cannot say that I was unattracted to her.

    sitting one: I cannot see her torso or her face all that well (d@mn over-sized sunglasses.) But her hips/bottom look about right… to hold my interest, anyway.


    • Nikolai Vladivostok · October 14

      Actually, that’s about what I think. The bikini one also had an unrealistic waist that looked airbrushed. Attractive, but like the way sex dolls or anime girls are attractive.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. ricodellucci · October 14

    Agree on Adam’s hot chicks.
    Pics with ass pimples, some fat, hairy pussy etc. turn me on more than those fake-looking pics. I do like beautiful girls, I’m just turned on more by one who looks real.


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