Word from the Dark Side – villains, Chinese police cars in Australia, and dark female athletes


Rob says you have to be the villain in someone’s life.  Just accept it.

Audacious Epigone is excellent at digging out interesting conclusions from data sets.  Here, he shows that in the US, native-born whites, blacks, Hispanics and especially Amerindians, are much less enthusiastic about immigration than their same-race, foreign-born counterparts.  Obviously there are not many foreign born Native Americans so that column is excluded.  And I like the colour scheme Audacious uses for his graphs.

Fake Chinese police cars spotted in Perth and Adelaide, Australia, apparently to intimidate Hong Kong protesters.  Soon they’ll be real.

This is a bizarre story even by current year standards.  A Trump ad running on Facebook trying to get more women on his side is apparently against Facebook rules.  What rule, you ask?  I had to read the article through five or six times to understand, and I’m still not sure that I’ve got it.  It seems the ad is assuming that the women it is targeting are women, when they might not so identify.  The tone of the article makes out like it’s a huge scandal, and isn’t that Trump fellow dreadful.  And there’s a similarly outraged article about it here – Facebook Yanks Another Trump Ad for a Laughably Obvious Policy Violation.  Laughably, indeed.  Our permanent overclass are lunatics.

You know how men are horrible and awful because those gross dudebros are only interested in men’s sport and always try to crush female athletes wherever their perky bits may prance around?  That Audacious again, shows that men are somewhat more interested in women’s soccer than women are.  I bet Megan Rapinoe’s partner was secretly at home watching The Bold and the Beautiful all the way through the ladies’ World Cup.

It’s a hat trick from Audacious – Americans were surveyed on how many people they think are caught trying to sneak across the southern border each year.  Every group underestimated the true number, which is likely to come in at one million for 2019.

The Empty Subject enjoys a rare day off from his new job:

The hot reeking breath of work never leaves my neck. The rot of all those days I work with spiritless jerks and gestures, as if I were dead meat plugged in, electrified into unholy movement. Today I will write, smoke, read, eat, pet cats and take a shit with no one else around, with no one asking me about salami or sandwiches. I will not make sandwiches with my back to strangers, their white hot eyes burning into me like cigarettes.

Rumours of Naughty Nomad’s death turn out to be exaggerated.

In case you didn’t see it, check out a classic troll: Islam is right about women.

Abortion is fine, and it is all men’s fault anyway.

Delicious Tacos is home but not entirely cured of his sex addiction.

I vaguely remember the story of the McCanns from when it first happened but knew little about what came out afterwards.  One of the weirdest mysteries still unsolved.

The Z-man on that other tax that people in Chicago have to pay.

Japanese comedians apologize for saying dark-skinned Haitian Japanese American tennis player Naomi Osaka ‘needs bleach‘.  But don’t worry, they can’t be racist anyway.

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