Word from the Dark Side – sugar daddies, the military industrial complex and sex addicts in Asia


I sit on the fence regarding global warming, especially its most pernicious claimed effects.  I used to be a believer, but when I was a kid, by 2019 we were supposed to be under water or in some sort of post-apocalyptic nightmarescape.  All that’s happened is everyone got fat and there’s a brain-sucking virus stealing our young women called Instagram.  In any case, I found this article about research from Finland and Japan interesting.  It suggests that a lot of it might be galactic cosmic rays.

There’s a big boom in sugar daddy sites.  And why not?  Women used to have to be careful who they slept with because of pregnancy, disease, social condemnation and related diminution of marital prospects.  These days we have contraception, abortion, expanded education and careers for women, single carer payments, antibiotics, slut shaming shaming, and any old skank can find some retarded beta to put a ring on it once she’s had her fun.  So if she’s running around anyway, why not make a bit of cash at the same time?  No wonder Luis Vuitton shares are going gangbusters.

In surprising news out of Japan, hundred of undocumented white migrants from Western countries violently stormed the revered Meiji Jingu shrine in Tokyo, one of the most sacred Shinto sites in the nation, demanding the right to remain in Japan.  Tourists were evacuated from the area.  The group, calling themselves the ‘white vests’, demanded to hold talks with the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, to discuss their immigration status.  They also demanded housing.  Thirty-seven arrests were made.  The protesters remained inside the shrine for several hours before being removed by police.

Criminal genius in Australia crashes his drug van into a police car parked outside a police station in Sydney.  The van contained USD$140 million worth of meth.

Mainstream media furious that the US will stop aiding Al Qaeda-linked Syrian rebels.  A time traveller from late 2001 would be confused.  I am, even though I came to 2019 the long way around.  Here’s more about how the US armed terrorists in Syria.  I just hope to God they didn’t give them any box cutters.  Highly recommended long read.

Oh and by the way, increased US involvement in combating terrorism in Africa appears to be positively correlated with an increase in terrorism in Africa.

I’m not trying to pick on the Yanks today, this is just what’s coming up at the moment – US forces kill more Afghan civilians than ISIS and the Taliban combined.

Pewdiepie did an oopsie!  Or did he . . .

That Sam I are, that Sam I are (about gendered pronouns, anyone else sick of talking about the blessed things?)

What happens when a sex addict goes on holiday to South East Asia.

The effect of mass migrant workers on small-town wages in the US.

Speaking of podcasts, Aaron Clarey’s was good this week.

It is my policy to link every sex doll related article.

Didact on the solution to the Forever Wars.  A reminder that I do not endorse all that I link.

Adam Piggot’s going to be put on an FBI watch list for inventing a new conspiracy theory: woke organizations hire white guys just to fire them, thereby gaining attention and wokeness points.

In the UK, the Royal National Lifeboat Institute is buying burkinis for girls in Africa.  But of course.  Now drowning Brits are going to blame that on blacks, too.

Fiery SJW earth mother is unjustly banned from Twitter.

Make some extra cash by becoming a bounty hunter who catches train gropers in Japan.


  1. Jack · September 20, 2019

    Word! Check the Meiji Jingu shrine link.


  2. philebersole · September 20, 2019

    The reason the U.S. government supports jihadist terrorists in Syria traces back to an unwritten agreement with the Saudi Arabian government negotiated by Henry Kissinger after the oil crisis of 1973.

    The Saudi royal family agreed to (1) control oil production in such a pay as to prevent wild swings on oil prices and (2) pay for oil in dollars which would be (3) deposited in U.S. and other Western banks and (4) used to buy high-tech U.S.-made military equipment. In return, the U.S. government agreed to protect Saudi Arabia and protect it from its enemies.

    Right now Saudi Arabis’a enemies include Iran and Iran’s ally Syria. One reason for wanting to overthrow the Syrian government is to prevent an Iranian oil and gas pipeline from being built through Iraq (whose rulers are, like the Iranians, Shiite Muslims) and Syria to the Mediterranean,

    A writer named Greg Grandin reported all this in a book called Kissinger’s Shadow, which is about the long-range consequences of Kissinger’s foreign-policy decisions.

    You might also find the following article of interest.


    I’m glad you made it clear that you don’t necessarily agree with the article advocating genocide of the Muslims.


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