Word from the Dark Side – waskally Ukrainian brides, mind viruses and the cost of virginity (updated)


In our Brave Woke World, what happens when gays go head to head with Muslims?  What happens is, the ultra-woke chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission twists and turns in hilarious ways as he tries to square the circle.  And then he does this:

Some people gasp at my adage, ‘Never do anything good.’  But it has served me well so far.  Here is an example of a good Samaritan in Australia who’s probably now saying the same thing.

Stop press!  I just found a similar story so thought I might as well post it.

Update: Stop press a second time!  The good Samaritan link should point here.  Never mind, that other article was interesting too.

Like him or back away slowly from him into the bushes, billionaire free-thinker Ron Unz is bloody interesting.  Here’s a typical article where he goes from whether boys are really better at maths, to whether there really was a Jewish Communist plot against America (he’s Jewish so he’s allowed to ponder it), to further evidence that Roosevelt tried to goad Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor.  Among other things.  I’m glad that there’s one place on the internet where controversial, unpopular ideas can still be intelligently discussed.  Some have suggested that Chateau Heartiste might eventually end up over there like Steve Sailer, The Audacious Epigone and others did.

I’m never sure, when compiling the Dark Side, what I should assume of my reader.  I feel embarrassed linking Heartiste or Unz because I assume everyone’s already read it, but when I look at my clicks, it’s those big sites that get the lion’s share of them.

I write a bit here about the FIRE movement – Financial Independence, Retire Early – and there will be much more in the future.  As you might guess, it’s very much a white male thing.  But then a black lady got involved and discovered that actually it’s all about black ladies and, especially, her hair.

What happened to those Africans who were trying to get into the US via Mexico?  This happened.

There’s nothing much original in this article about the operation of the modern sexual marketplace, but it is an excellent summary of much red pill wisdom from the last decade.  I highly recommend it to my older readers who reckon I should marry any old girl and be glad I did.  Be sitting down when you read it as I think you’ll find the content, and by extension the new reality, shocking.

Further to that, men are starting to receive the market signals.

Suddenly I have the weird feeling that I have posted some of these links previously.  Oh well.  If I have, click on this link to get your full, cash refund.

It might seem like the West is falling apart, but no doubt those based, arrogant French are keeping it together for the rest of us.  Er, France?  France??  Mon Dieu . . .

Podcast: the female Ango-Saxon mind virus.

Africans escape national service slavery in Africa, obtain refuge in Norway, then celebrate said national service slavery once in Norway.  Puzzle that one out.

In dollar terms, how much is virginity worth?

A Sydney university will let girls into engineering with significantly lower entrance scores because they’re only girls, after all.  Like how they can’t go out first ball in backyard cricket, and have to get a male relative’s permission before they travel abroad.

Americans get scammed by Ukrainian brides, want the government to make it better.  Reminds me of those dating threads in the Philippines – the third time the same guy says, ‘So I send her the bus money but guess what?  This one didn’t turn up either!’, my eyes glaze over.  ‘Some of them want to be abused . . .

People prefer lies.

Meanwhile in Japan, man arrested for memorizing 1,300 customers’ credit card details and using them online.

Wow, that was a bumper issue.

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