Always the victim, hey?

The headline to this story in The Age is The women targeted by a global marriage syndicate.

Poor things!  What’s going on?

Superintendent Low said that local women in difficult positions were often approached by those coordinating the multimillion-dollar visa scams.

“They can be single mothers, women on Centrelink or women who are in other ways vulnerable”, he said. “People to whom $20,000-$25,000 is a life-changing amount of money.”

So they are Australian women accepting money from a crime syndicate to participate in fraud marriages in order to gain their pseudo-husbands visas.

Court documents show that Jordan-Lee Evans sent Ms Mousner a Facebook message assuring her that a scam marriage was just “seriously easy money” for her.

“I have been organising these weddings for years now and I can assure you that you will not get in trouble at all. I have done it and several of my friends and people I know that [have] done it or still doing it also it’s seriously just easy money, it’s a contract for 18 months and they just pay you monthly so they work here for longer,” she wrote.

They were targeted, you see.

And who are the customers?

Most of the syndicate’s customers – and most marriage scam beneficiaries more generally – are men, Superintendent Low said.

“Some of them are wealthy, certainly, but some use up their life savings on these visa scams. They are typically a last resort for people desperate to stay in Australia,” he said. “It’s attractive for people – there is Medicare, housing in some cases and a high salary.”

Others, who do not have savings or family wealth to pay for a scam visa, are forced to labor for the syndicate to repay their considerable debts.

So they are victims, too.  Probably they were ‘targeted’.  Most of them have Indian names so I guess that’s why they lack agency.

Wouldn’t it be awful if non-empathic courts imposed penalties upon these poor, poor targets whose only crime is breaking the law?

One comment

  1. dickycone · August 4, 2019

    Amazing. As bad as the US is, I have yet to see American women painted as victims for profiting from garden variety immigration fraud. It’s nice to have these occasional reminders that as gay we are, the rest of the Anglosphere will always be gayer.

    It’s pretty funny that they were arranging the whole thing in writing with unencrypted messages on a site easily accessible by law enforcement.


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