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Yesterday at work I lost my USB.  It had a bunch of my blog post drafts on it.  Why did I have that at work, you wonder?  Well my normal work USB got a virus so I had to use my home one.

I had it at the printer, left it there, then realized and went back and it was gone.

Finally, a colleague who I will call Bitchface Fascist Cunt announced that she had it, that she’d found some of my less than complimentary posts about her country (I think I may have referred to the administration as a ‘special needs government’ at one point), and declared that she’s going to denounce me to security services.  Bloody termagant, I had the blog posts hidden in a file called ‘HTML backup’ so she was really snooping hard.  Shes an ex-fighter and one of the about 10% of the population that still supports the president.

Stop panicing.  All that’s going to happen is, they’ll give me 24 or 48 hours to leave the country.  That’s it.  All precedents except one that’s what happened, even the crazy Italian girl who set fire to a national flag on Independence Day.  The exception involved a large amount of USD and my case does not, so I guess I’m just going home a few weeks early and will miss out on my $2,000 completion-of-contract bonus.  Oh well.

But ever nimble Nikolai is going to very quickly get a few things done before he goes.  First, the fighter thought she got my files but actually I had most of them backed up on a third USB at home, so now I’m at work, no one else is here because it’s a national holiday so I have 100% of the bandwidth to myself and it’s just enough to log on to WordPress with VPN, if one is patient.  I’ll post this as soon as I’m done in a sec, then I going to put up my other posts to publish immediately, about 50 of them if I have time, because the bastards will try to take all flash drives etc. off me at the airport when I leave.  I’ve got posts with a lot of dirt on some important people here and I shall publishe and be damned.

Once that’s done I’ll leave work with all my stuff, get exit permit from Immigration office, get plane ticket, get cash out of bank, go home and pack, and tomorrow with a bit of luck I’ll be outta here.  Oh and buy gold with leftover currency, got to remember that.

Now there’s a tiny chance something might go wrong.  There was that one guy who got detained.  If so, don’t panic and start calling embassies or whatever.  The best thing to do is to keep it low-key because they are stubborn bastards once it turns into a battle of wills.

These articles are drafts and I don’t have time to properly edit them before I post, so get used to a bit of imperfection and donnt wh


  1. Prepper Gains · June 24, 2019

    “and donnt wh”
    Nice ending. You drunk bro?


  2. Your Mom's Current Partner · June 24, 2019

    What, your going to post it now? Whoa boy. Mail it to someone and post it when you’re safely out. ‘A lot of dirt some important people here’, are you crazy? And what’s with that last sentence. FFS post again to tell us your ok


  3. TechieDude · June 25, 2019

    I have one word: Encryption.

    What were you thinking? Get an ironkey

    And FFS, a dropbox or some other storage.

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  4. luisman · June 25, 2019

    Reblogged this on Nicht-Linke Blogs.


  5. Warpig · June 25, 2019

    What happened to those 50 posts we were supposed to get? If you got arrested I guess that’s ok. But probably just lame.
    Don’t promise what you can’t deliver.


  6. Vincent · June 25, 2019

    Good Luck!


  7. dickycone · June 25, 2019

    Holy shit, man. God willing you’ll get out of there OK. As someone said above, why in the hell didn’t you have that flash drive encrypted or at least have the dangerous stuff in, you know, password protected Word docs?! I’ve greatly enjoyed your takes on the horrors of life in “Sierra Leone” but never thought it was a great idea to take the risk. If your next stop is Thailand and you’re planning on devoting the blog to mocking the king, at least take advantage of that newfangled password protection technology the kids are using nowadays.

    Anyway, you’ll be in my prayers.


  8. Adam · June 29, 2019

    You’re trolling. No African woman would have the initiative, patience, and intelligence to do what you’re claiming.


    • Nikolai Vladivostok · June 29, 2019

      I’m afraid I can give you no points for your perspicacity as you comment came several hours after I spilled the beans in my most recent post.
      Please try to convince Luisman I’m okay – I feel really bad about that because he’s the only one who seemed to give a fuck about me.
      As to your argument: Habesha most certainly would. They are not the Bantu you are accustomed to.


  9. Adam · June 30, 2019

    I didn’t read your most recent post. I read this and figured out that you must be very bored to have us believe that African women understand code.


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