The fascists are winning

The FAG (Facebook Amazon Google) bans are starting to bite.

At first it seemed like nothing.  YouTube demonetized some MGTOW videos?  Whatever.  Twitter was trying to bury reactionary commentators?  Who cares.

But then they started to go hard.  This can best be seen in the case of Roosh and Return of Kings.  First there were the insane, violent protests and official bans on some fairly tame seminars.  Then Disqus stopped hosting the comments.  Then Roosh’s books got banned from Amazon.  PayPal prevented payments.  One by one, these companies squeezed his whole empire until it almost suffocated.

Having been a public figure for so long, does Roosh have any future aside from that of professional monster under the bed?  Or in the bed?  It remains to be seen.

Back in the day, ROK was one of the biggest sites around.  Not up there with Buzzfeed, but certainly rivalling Better Men Project, Jezebel, ManBoobz, and a host of others.

The recent banning of Alan Jones from three platforms simultaneously was nothing more or less than a display of power.

‘Look what we can do.’
Okay.  We saw it.  Slow clap.

This is not a Cold Civil War, as suggested by John Derbyshire.  That would indicate that it is restricted to the United States.  No, this is a Cold World War.  It is a battle being fought throughout the West.

The sides are not Left and Right.  They are Left and The Rest.

When I say ‘Left’, I mean the new, Cult Marx left of Intersectional Whining, with a focus more on trannie issues than on unionism or the environment.  Even Germaine Greer is not allowed in because one of her views (just one) is not quite right.  Believe it or not, she’s been thrown out with us here in The Rest.

The Rest is just that: anyone who dares to question, however politely, any of shibboleths of the New Left.  Here we find the TradCons, PaleoCons, Libertarians, Old Left, Reactionaries, Centrists, Imperfect Left (like old Germaine there), and probably a bunch of others.

Perhaps the only other political movement allied with the New Left is the NeoCons, as witnessed in the persons of Obama (who blissfully continued the Stupid Wars) and Hillary, who wanted to expand them.  It seems the New Left has simply turned its attention away from the bombing of coloured people in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and the other places that will soon be regime-changed into chaos, focusing instead on transsexual toilets and open borders.

And here I’ll just neatly tiptoe around a delicate ethnic issue and move right on to . . .

Oh yes!  The institutional power of this unholy alliance.  Even with Trump as President (not really a reactionary, but as close as the US is going to get, just as Obama was as left-wing as any US President will get), anyway, even with him in power, very little on the ground is changing.  The FAG bans have increased in fervor.  The Stupid Wars look like continuing for the next century or so and no one even thinks much about them anymore.  The indoctrination, irrational protests, pozzed media stories, college rape hysteria, Gender Awareness seminars and all the rest continue apace.

The Cold World War is hotter now than ever before, but . . . when did it start?

I think I’ve pinpointed the moment.

It was the early 1960s, just after the Cuban Missile Crisis, when the main part of the old Cold War ended.  Things settled down on that front, and perhaps because of that the West set about tearing itself apart.  JFK started it.  He and his pozzed family started pressuring NASA to find a negro astronaut.  Right there is where it started – a turning away from the technical, confident, meritocratic, can-do attitude of the 1940s-50s into a gradual slide towards the obsessing over who/whom of the 1960s onwards.  Until today, when no one cares about getting to Mars quite so much as they care about what colour those astronauts would be or the nature of their rude bits.

I don’t know how to fight it.  Perhaps we should just accept the decline, document it for future generations, and make the most of a disappointing situation.

The fascists are winning.  They’re tearing down our institutions and the ancient freedoms of civilization.  I sense that the Cold World War is almost over, because one side has almost won.  Our liberal and rational society is on life support, and a blue haired trannie of colour is about to pull the plug.


[Postscript: I wrote this a long time ago and no longer completely agree with it.  I’ve since read more about previous restrictions on freedom of speech, enforced by social ostracism, such as during WWI the Prohibition era.  The fascists have been winning for ages.]

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