A special license for higher men

I have written before about the problem with libertarianism – stupid people ruin it for everyone else.

Here, I offer a potential solution.

Certain people, certifiably accomplished, might be offered a special license to do things others are not allowed to do.  Yes, it’s a little like the ChiCom’s social credit system, but less fascist as it provides people with special privileges rather than disallowing rascals from buying train tickets.

To get the license, you should prove that you are over thirty years old, have committed no criminal offences, and have paid a certain amount of tax that is well above the average amount.  You should had received no form of welfare, benefit or charity over the previous decade.  You should pass a drug test.  You should provide three character references from prominent members of the community – certified Highly Accomplished People (HAPs) or Justices of the Peace, clergy of normal religions, recipients of national awards, Certified Practicing Accountants, or medical doctors.  The kind of people who can stamp certified copies, in other words.

People with HAP certificates would be allowed to do things that others are not allowed to do, because they’ve proven how responsible they are and that they can be trusted.  They are allowed to drink beer on the train.  They can smoke dope in private and grow it on their own property.  They can invest in things that are normally reserved for Sophisticated or High Net Worth Investors.  Their driver’s licenses and passports last for fifteen years rather than the usual ten.  They don’t have to wear a bicycle helmet if they don’t want to.  They are allowed into the Royal Botanical Gardens after hours.  They can withdraw cash and make internet transfers of a greater amount than other people.

The HAPs should have some special clothing in order to identify themselves.  Perhaps some sort of toga.

What other requirements should there be to become a HAP?  What other privileges should there be?  All the ones I could think of were pretty lame and hardly worth the trouble.  In fact, I’m starting to think it’s a stupid idea.  I kept trying to imagine what I’d like to do but am not allowed to do (in normal countries, not here.)  All the activities that occurred to me are things that really ought to remain illegal for everyone, like pinching other people’s money or peering in bathroom windows.  And anyway, in the real world it would just turn into a system for restricting everyone’s current rights to HAPs while increasing the oppression of everyone else.

Oh well, back to the drawing board.


  1. Vincent · March 6, 2019

    I especially like your last sentence!


  2. luisman · March 7, 2019

    […] I’m starting to think it’s a stupid idea.[…]
    […] You should pass a drug test.[…] in order to become a HAP
    […] They can smoke dope in private and grow it on their own property. [..] but after they are a HAP, they can take drugs.
    […] Oh well, back to the drawing board.[…]
    Oh well, I was just citing you… 😛


    • Nikolai Vladivostok · March 17, 2019

      It was a shit post but I reckon this bit actually makes sense. Passing a drug test means you have the self-control to go without for a few months, i.e. you are not an addict. Proving this means you should be able to use them. But yes, the whole idea is removed as being stupid.


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