I mentioned a while ago how I play a note to myself after meditation to remind myself of my goals and get myself through this difficult part of my life.  For the curious, this is it:

Picture very soon living far from here, financially independent. This time must come regardless of what I do or what trouble I have or what feelings i experience in the meantime. If I stick it out, I win.

The bad feelz are meaningless. Accept them and move on. There’s no point worrying about things that might not happen. Usually the worrying is worse than the thing itself. If you catch yourself overthinking or contemplating the months still to go, think instead upon what has passed and the good times to come.
This is a short time. Don’t waste the months remaining. Make them count. There’s a lot to get ready for next year. I have had in-between times like this before and either used them well, as in taiwan, or wasted them, as at uni. Remember why you are here: five years of freedom, which ought to be enough time for assets to grow to a sustainable level and to pioneer alternative income streams. I’ll be set for life. Hang in there. Make the distance. Short term issues are insignificant in comparison to this reward.

“You are no more to concern yourself how the world talks of you, but how you are to talk to yourself. Retire yourself into yourself, but first prepare yourself there to receive yourself; it were a folly to trust yourself in your own hands, if you cannot govern yourself. A man may miscarry alone as well as in company. Till you have rendered yourself one before whom you dare not trip, and till you have a bashfulness and respect for yourself, ‘let honest things be ever present to the mind’, (Cicero), present continually to your imagination [Marcus Aureleus], in whose presence the fools themselves will hide their faults, and make him controller of all your intentions; should these deviate from virtue, your respect to him will set you right.”

It is your mind, not this country, that torments you. Alone, right now, there’s only you there. So manage yourself.
Focus on own routine and goals, nothing else.
Don’t worry about minor issues like water, gas, illness, [redacted], bank transfers, broken bikes, or, most especially, whining [redacted]. Use this small amount of time wisely; don’t waste it. You have things to get done.

1. Work efficiently so I more time at home for my own projects
2. Maintain fitness, Chill
3. Complete manuscript and maintain blog
4. Save
5. Read
Use time off to practice self discipline for solitary future in both actions and thoughts. If fretting, you are not busy enough.
If struggling right now, exercise and/or yoga and meditation, and get right back into routine because it makes everything easier. There are ups and downs. If down, hang in there. Remember, the end will come and each day survived gets you a little closer to freedom.
So, stay fit, stay calm, stay productive, and ignore the feelz.


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