What I did last night – #MeTooOOOoooo

It’s time I had good hard look at myself and tried to figure out how I get into these situations.  Does this happen to anyone else there in the peanut gallery, or is it just me?

There’s a lady I once hooked up with.  She happened to be staying in a nearby city for an event.   I had to fly there anyway for my connection so I came here a few days earlier than planned to hang out.  She booked hotel rooms in both our names, so I thought, looks like she’s good to go then.  But I also thought, she’s a bit nuts (just my feeling, no major incidents to report), so I decided if she suddenly reckoned she wasn’t up for it the first night I’d just take myself somewhere else the second.

And how’s that working for you, Nikki?

We had a nice time, had lunch, caught up, went for a walk.  Came back.  Both had a shower.  She put on a little nightie, we snuggled, and adult things began to happen.  As usual she was coquettish, then finally announced that she just wanted to fool around.  I disengaged.  She said she was Christian (she’d said before but we’d brushed past it), had repented to a friend about our last sin and been admonished, and also she resented the fact that last time I’d gone home immediately in the morning without hanging around for breakfast.

The conversation then consisted of her offering arguments against sex, and me saying, no, you’re trying to make me convince and seduce you so that it will be all my fault, and I’m not going to argue with you.  If you don’t want anything, fine, we’ll just be friends.

This drove her mad, but not nearly as much as when I started to read a book about economics.  If there’s one thing girls, especially drama queens, really hate, it’s being starved of attention.

She went out and got food and drinks, offered me a beer.  I said no and she drank them both, which is far, far more than she can handle over a whole evening, let alone all at once.  By this time I was trying to sleep and she was drinking and sobbing.  Then she came to bed and was sobbing next to me.

It was a rather pathetic show of manipulation.  I managed to ignore it for about half an hour, then finally said, “What’s wrong?  It’s not the end of the world.  We’re still friends.  Just focus on your event, this isn’t important, go to sleep.”

Then she kept sobbing even more and finally she grabbed hold of me, rubbing against me and demanding sex immediately, telling me to just do whatever I wanted with her.  Slurring and everything.  I said, “No, I can’t now, you’re too drunk.  You got drunk deliberately to make it all my fault and then you’ll say I raped you in the morning.  Can’t do it.  Against the rules.  Hashtag MeToo!”

She said, “I’m not drunk!”  I asked he to recite the alphabet to prove it. and she could not.  This went on for quite a while until she realized I was searching alternative hotels and finally relented and collapsed unconscious.

This morning I woke her up because I was worried she’d miss her event.  It’s a jobs fair and she’s been unemployed for six months.  I shouldn’t have done anything at all for her but I thought, I’ll do this one last thing.  Also, I wanted her out of there.

She asked if I was coming to the next hotel near her event and I said, I suppose so.  She left, I slept in, found alternative accommodation and that’s where I am now.  Emailed her later and, to her credit, she didn’t seem all that shocked and surprised, nor did she pretend to be.

It’s a pity.  I’d been looking forward to seeing her as a nice ending to my holiday but then she went and ruined it.  We could have just hung out as friends but now I can’t see her at all because it would reward her crazy, selfish behaviour.

Writing it down, it doesn’t seem that bizarre.  Just banal.  It’s happened before, with other girls.  That’s why I’m never without a book.

Anyway, do I bring this on myself?  Should I one day just get a nice girlfriend and never go near another girl that seems slightly odd ever again?  Realistically, I can’t see it happening.  It seems like every girl I’ve ever met has been at least a bit nuts.  I’m starting to form the dim view that women in intimate relationships instinctively become so.

If you’re going to scold me you’d best do it quick; comments close tomorrow and I’ll be back in the jungle for a bloody long time.

Update: she just messaged wanting to meet tonight.  I declined.  I’m not as stupid as I look, you know.



  1. seriouslypleasedropit · January 5

    Oh, sure, if scolding is what you want, scolding is what you get: women are not equipped to navigate casual sex, and the ones that become so pay a heavy price for it. This, or stuff like this, is just bound to happen in that pool. *shrug*

    You should make some money and take a vacation, visit a blog friend.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Adam · January 5

    I always used to wonder if all women were crazy but knew how to hide it for a while, or if they just became crazy after meeting me.
    Bit of both perhaps 😃


  3. luisman · January 5

    Maybe she decided that you’re husband material now, and since she hasn’t had a job for months, you seemed like a good provider. Can’t imagine being drunk after 2 beers, since that’s the number I need to eventually get in the mood of drinking 😉
    It seems, the more financially desperate the girls are, the more they put pressure onto their prospects, to get married. Doesn’t work for Sigmas like me. Tried it and failed horribly. I just get bored too easily.


    • Nikolai Vladivostok · January 5

      Could be. As for the two beers, that’s legit. Some Asians just can’t process alcohol. I’ve known a few like that.


  4. collegereactionary · January 6

    “That’s against the rules”
    Come on, you should know better. There are no rules, there’s only a sexual power struggle.
    If she wants you bad enough, you can get away with anything. And if she doesn’t want you, no precautions will protect you from her wrath.


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