Word from the dark side, 2nd January 2019

vintage cambodian

My kingdom for a time machine.

Remember these?  In six months or so they may become regular again.

Bloody interesting article on Slate Star Codex about former environmental scares and whether they were alarmist, solved, or ongoing.  Turns out to a bit of each.

Delicious Tacos likes white socks and his ex’s cuntflaps.

Aaron Clarey says there are only NPCs to date.

Didact reports on an amusing case of revenging nerds.

Jim says ComicsGate is dead, received 610 comments.

But that’s nothing compared to the 1597 comments Unz got for writing about how the Mexicans are alright.

Zman writes about the economics of the world’s first democratic empire.

The Empty Subject writes about the Syrian withdrawal.

This came up on my suggested reading list.  I’ll send you a cheque for fifty dollars* if you can read the whole thing.

US government is using taxpayer dollars to forgive some debts for useless degrees.

Changing car insurance in the People’s Democratic Republic of France.  Time to dust off those guillotines.

The Chateau proves mathematically that the left really is getting crazier.

This is really sad.  There was a lovely town in Cambodia – though rough as guts – that was taken over and destroyed by the Chinese.  Then the alco sexpats moved to Kampot – which is also now being destroyed by the Chinese.  The latter treat the locals like rubbish and frequently get into drunken brawls.  Insider tip: there will be a pogrom within the next 15 years.

Even for Nigeria, this is dark.  By the way, plenty of them live in Cambodia – one guess as to what their main occupation is.  I also met a guy from [hated neighbouring country] here.  Was interested to see if he had that same, stubborn, I-know-everything highland attitude and, yep.

Further on the topic of Cambodia, this was hilarious.  Make sure you read the irony-proof comments.


* I won’t actually.

One comment

  1. Vincent · January 2, 2019

    I specially liked the one with the 50-dollar prize. Glad you are joking too because a) did skim bits and b) didn’t read it for prize-money, simply love all feisty black mothers being married to one from Jamaica who may soon be a great-grandmother. Ripeness is all, as Edgar truly said to Gloucester.


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