No whining

I hate whingeing.  People who can’t drop a spoon, miss a green light or endure a bit of rain without furiously shaking their fist at the very heavens and making a big song and dance about it.  Boo hoo!  Life is so unfair.  No one else ever, EVER misses a green light.  Woe is me.

If you were born in a civilized country you’ve already won the lottery of life and have no legitimate grounds to complain about much at all, unless you’ve been locked up for a murder you didn’t commit or something like that, and I very much doubt you have.

So just pick up the fucking spoon and wash it.  Wait for the next green and remember to get up earlier in future.  You useless snot.  And take an umbrella while you’re at it.

Having now whined about whining, it would make sense for me to whine a little less here myself.  While writing of my African travails for this site is cathartic, it is probably tedious for my readers and not really that helpful to anyone.

And anyway, I freely chose to come here, and I’ve decided to turn down an opportunity to leave early.

Henceforth I will no longer whinge about life in this country or about anything else, God help me.  I will only point out difficulties such as may educate or entertain my audience.

If you catch me breaking my new rule, be sure to whine about it in the comments.


One comment

  1. dickycone · November 29

    Telling it like it is about life in the third world is a useful service and noble undertaking. Third world people make third world places and you’re doing your part to warn the fortunate peoples of the developed world. Of course they won’t listen to you and will think you’re an awful racist for pointing out that the dirt is not magic, but we have to try something. At least for the sake of an “I told you so” when we’re old men and dealing with early morning fireworks, ridiculous crime rates and corruption, intermittent power, etc.


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