Africans in Italy

Italy is chock-full of Italians.

One is not surprised to find Japan full of Japanese, Russia full of Russians, or India full of Indians.  One notes with interest the small minorities that do exist there and then one moves on.

Italy, however, is a fully Western country.  Coming from Australia, I had assumed that all of those except maybe Iceland were by now full of immigrants from distant lands.  But this is not so.

In Melbourne, on the average train carriage you’ll have representatives of most continents and colours, and hear a variety of languages spoken.  In Italy, almost everyone present will be Italian.  The obvious exceptions will be the tourists and, in Rome, the disparate churchy types in the garb of their obscure orders.  But the locals are Italian.

There are a few Gypsies around whose main occupation seems to be relieving any unguarded place of its copper fittings, and some Africans.  Of the latter, these can be broken up into those visiting for some legitimate reason (study etc.), those who have been there for a long time, speak Italian and dress rather well, and those who are recently arrived illegal migrants.

I ran into a bunch of the first group upon my arrival and asked them directions because they were speaking English.  Some of my readers (oh, I know you so well!) might be surprised at this so let me add they were older guys who were clearly legit.  Sure enough, they were a bunch of Malawians studying papal law and similar pursuits.  Turns out I’d met one of their brothers in a third country.  Small world.

As for the assimilated ones, there are very few.  One can spot them a mile off.  An African dressed well, but not garishly, catches one’s eye.

The third and by far the largest group have obviously just got off the boat and have no idea what bizarre place they have landed in.  They freeze.  They see immense wealth all around them but cannot get any of it for themselves.  They do not understand the significance or history of the built environment around them.  They beg or sell knick-knacks to tourists.  Many hang out in parks.  They sometimes fight.  They are all on their way further north, to where they know the language, have relatives or (most likely) will get welfare.

Some report being ashamed that they’ve had so little success in the Promised Land.  They don’t want to go home empty handed after all they’ve been through, back to the hopeless villages they fled so long ago.  They don’t comprehend how things have turned out like this.

Emigrants from my present country of residence do much better in other parts of Africa than they do in Europe.  In a place like South Sudan they have much more education, better skills and connections than the locals, and are able to fit right in as assorted professionals or businessmen.  In Europe, speaking English and having a high school diploma won’t get you nearly so far.

I invite my reader to ask himself: how would you do in Europe?  Do you have any skills that would be easily transferable there, or would it be a stretch?  I imagine there are a few of you on both sides.  If even other Westerners cannot necessarily rock up in Rome and start raking in the cash, what chance do moderately educated Africans have?  And how about those with no relevant skills or aptitude whatsoever?

One of my first posts, White Man’s Burden, bemoaned the fact that lefties were spitting blood over refugees being sent to Cambodia instead of Australia.  They’ll be eaten by those non-white cannibals, the goodwhites screamed!  Or something like that.  But in reality, developing countries are much better destinations for most third world migrants.  Low-skill work abounds in such places.  They still have factories.  The lack of technology and regulation means that there are many shit-kicking jobs available for the self-starter like construction workers, street vendors, dishwashers and maids.  In developed countries such jobs are now rare and the newcomers are competing against low-skill locals who speak the lingo and can find their way around a toilet.

I know some very bright locals here in Wakanda who would thrive in Italy, or pretty much anywhere.  Guys with a keen business sense and an eye for an opportunity.  Most, however, would be much better off in a place like Uganda where their relative advantage would probably be enough for them to do very well indeed.  They would even be able to compete with the ubiquitous Chinese in Africa due to their rock-hard toughness, their ability to cope with the food and climate, and their stronger understanding of African ways.

This is not just advice for Africans.  Westerners, too, can often find better opportunities in the developing world.  Not this particular country of course, but there are plenty of other, up-and-coming nations where establishing the first gourmet burger joint or flashpacker hostel could be a path to riches.  It may be easier than trying to get a toehold in an already crowded, developed market – though there are obvious downsides, too.  Corruption, poor infrastructure, that sort of thing.  It would be a high risk, high reward investment.

But back to Africans: there is no shortage of them, nor will there ever be.  The problems they experience in Europe, and that the Europeans experience because of them, will not disappear.  If you look at a map of the world showing birth rates, the dark red countries are almost all in sub-Saharan Africa.  It isn’t just because of poverty – they think differently.  Or perhaps less.  They see the point of life as being to produce as many offspring as possible, but they care little about what those offspring might find to do once they get big.  And so many of them die on their way to Europe or fail to thrive once they get there.

I am reminded here of sea turtles.  The mother lays hundreds of eggs and then abandons them to their fate.  Her part is done.  Most get eaten on that mad dash down the beach and even those that make it will rarely survive the many hazards of the sea to become adult egg layers themselves.  But today, with antibiotics and fertilizers, a greater proportion of Africans survive and their number is increasing rapidly.  Many will flee the continent and there is not much that foreigners who don’t like it can do to stop it.

How will a country like Italy remain Italian in an era of such demographic differences and ease of international travel?  The future may get nasty.





  1. luisman · August 28, 2018

    Reblogged this on Nicht-Linke Blogs.


  2. Riccardo Onofri · September 3, 2018

    You should have announced you were going to Italy. I’m an Italian from Rome and we could have met.


    • Nikolai Vladivostok · October 14, 2018

      Ah, I should have. From now on I’ll put out a Shitlord Alert when I travel, like the bat signal. Look out for a big turd in the sky. Let me know if you’re ever traveling in one of the least developed countries in Africa.


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