Bro-scientists required: how’s my routine?

While I’m in civilization and comments are open, I need to crowd-source some help with my gym routine.

Notes before we start: I do cardio elsewhere.  I lift either 1 set of 10 reps, 2 sets of 6 reps, 3 x 5 or 4 x 4 pretty much randomly.  I up the weight as soon as I have achieved any of these.

Warm-up: 5 minutes skipping or bike.

Monday and Thursday: upper body.

Push: any three of overhead press, bench press, pushups and dips; a couple of isolation lifts.

Pull: rows, pull ups; some isolation work like curls and chinups.

Any more ideas for variations, keeping in mind I already mix up barbell and dumbbell lifts?  I really need more varied compound pull lifts but I can’t find any.

Tuesday and Friday: lower body and core.

Squats, lunges, sometimes calves.  Two or three ab exercises.  Bridge.

Any other compound lifts for legs?  My lower back can’t handle dead lifts.


I tend to spend only 30 mins in the gym at a time as I run out of exercises and the targeted muscle group is too tired to do much more anyway.

Any suggestions or links appreciated.  And what about those cord pulling things?  Are they any good?


  1. Daniel · July 23, 2018

    A few comments – first of all, if you’re all natural (that is, no steroids) – you gotta stop with the upper/lower body splits.
    Every workout needs to be a full-body workout.

    That means means squats (front and back) and good-mornings every session.
    Good-morning are best programmed as the first exercise in the session, squats as the last.

    The exercise between them (given your age, I suggest you limit yourself to 3 exercises per session, 3 times a week) should be an explosive power exercise – power clean/snatches, high pulls (clean/snatch grip), push press.

    Lift heavy (if you can do more than 6 reps, the weight is too light), recover adequately (48 hours) between sessions.
    And cut the bullshit – isolation/cables/curls/etc.

    Source – Eastern European amateur MMA fighter.


  2. dickycone · July 25, 2018

    If you’ve read up on health and fitness, you may have noticed that for all knowledgeable, competent-sounding advice, you can find someone equally knowledgeable and competent-sounding to contradict it.

    To whit, the previous poster. Especially his first two paragraphs. Good mornings? Great way to wreck your back. As for the rest of his advice, I’ve seen guys who lift that way and get good results, but I consistently hurt myself sooner or later when I lift heavy like that. I lift much lighter, usually in super sets and giant sets, typically first set of each exercise is a light set of 15, next a medium set of 12, then a heavy set of 8. No more than a minute rest between sets, keep moving, keep your heart rate up. Most workouts are between 25 and 35 minutes, including a few minute’s warm-up. There’s nothing wrong with doing total body workouts sometimes, but I absolutely split up different parts of the body. Right now I’m doing a four day rotation of legs and back (i.e. pull-ups), chest and tris, yoga, shoulders, rest day, repeat.

    After I get bored with this in four or five weeks, I’ll probably do P90X2 again (great, underrated program) since I haven’t found a gym I like in my new area. You might want to at least look at the Body Beast program from Beachbody, that’s what my style of lifting is mostly based on. After going through that program twice, I started making up my own, just swapping in other exercises and mixing the workouts up.

    I’m in my late 40s and I’d say I look about 85% as good as Brad Pitt in Fight Club. That is, not big, but lean and athletic. Intermittent fasting is a big part of that, but still, what I’m saying is you don’t have to lift heavy to get results. Try different things, see what works for you.


    • Daniel · July 26, 2018

      “Good mornings? Great way to wreck your back”

      You are a fucking moron. Literally.
      Good mornings are supposed to be done with something like 4X10 reps with 20-40% of your back squat 1-rep max.
      Anyone whose back gets wrecked with that little weight must have some serious medical issues and should not be doing any lifting at all.

      And I specifically recommended them because he said his back cannot withstand deadlifts.
      We’re talking about a man who absolutely needs a loaded hip hinge movement to restore some sort of function to his posterior chain.

      Also, let me repeat myself – split work-outs are meant for steroid users. Those guys have all the testosterone their system can handle – and that means they don’t need as much of a stimulus to trigger an adaptive response.
      An all-natural lifter in his late 30s needs a heavy stimulus to raise his T-levels. That means heavy full-body workouts.

      And you may have failed to notice I clearly stated the need for adequate rest.
      Eating right, sleeping well and performing the exercises with proper form does not result in injuries. Period.

      Tl;dr – shut your ignorant yap.


      • dickycone · July 26, 2018

        Never claimed to be the smartest tool in shed, I just know what has gotten results for me. I have another friend my age and one who is in his 30s who’s have had great results lifting in the style of the Bodybeast program from Beachbody. The guy in his 30s just does Body Beast over and over and looks pretty much like the guy who plays Captain America in the movies. Tell us, since you’re such a smart guy, is it just a coincidence that we’re all got great gains from that program? Or perhaps we’re sleepwalking and doing sets of six with heavy weights in our sleep since in your world that’s the only way to get results.

        Nik, go to 6:30 in this video to see the opinion of another moron (fucking or celibate, who knows) on good mornings and why you shouldn’t be doing them:


        • Daniel · July 26, 2018

          So you’re saying that you shouldn’t be doing exercises with improper form.
          Very genius, much smart.

          Second of all, the way to get strong is to lift heavy (4-6 reps). Period.
          Any form of exercise will get you something, but we’re talking about STRENGTH here.

          If you enjoy being weak, it’s your problem.


          • dickycone · July 26, 2018

            Heh. I didn’t see where Nik said in his post that strength was his primary focus, not that my style of lifting won’t get you gains in strength too. My focus is 1) health 2) aesthetics and 3) strength. I find it hard to get gains in one of these without getting gains in the other as long as I keep my diet on track. Granted, you can eat thousands of calories of garbage, lift your style, and get a lot stronger while not looking very good and not being very healthy, but I don’t think that’s what Nik wants.

            Nik, take note that Daniel said “period” and that he says “fuck” a lot when questioned. I suppose that means he’s right, and it’s a coincidence that I’ve been getting consistent gains over the years in strength and aesthetics with my style of lifting, while avoiding the injuries and pretty much eliminating the back and joint pain that used to plague me when I was lifting heavier. Probably just luck or I’ve been lifting his style in my sleep without realizing it, and what would Beach Body and Sagi Kalev know about training anyway. Still, it’s almost as if there’s more than one way to get gains.

            If you try his style and find yourself getting hurt, having joint and back pain, not cutting enough fat, or just find it hard to lift extremely heavy without a spotter or with the equipment you have available, consider my advice. Check out Body Beast or if you can email my privately (I think you get my email address from my posting here) and I’ll send you the workouts I’ve developed, which you can do at home with a little basic equipment like a few dumbbells and plates, an EZ bar, and a stability ball.


            • Daniel · July 27, 2018

              guess you must be ok with knowing there are women who can lift more than you


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