Ethnic Interhate

You know how it goes. Evil YT holds down the coloured people. All of the latter are so nice. Blacks and Jews marching arm in arm against our nastiness. What the fuck is wrong with us? Was there something in the water back in that Merry Green Land that made us so mean? Perhaps it was the cholera, which, incidentally, we eliminated from our evil and cruel societies wherever we went.

Those of you who have spent any time in the real world know that things out here are rather more complex than in that Cultural Marxist fairy tale. In reality, the Big Bad White Wolf is pretty tolerant so far as things go, and might even help Black Grandmother across the street sometimes just because he feels sorry for her. Though she always runs back over and gets hit by a car anyway.  Meanwhile, Little Red Riding Hood and the Brown Woodcutter hate each other’s guts even more than they hate the Big Bad Wolf. Whoever is stronger always bullies the weaker, and they’d genocide each other if they could.

On Manus Island the local, black Papuans don’t want those Middle Eastern migrants anywhere near them, no matter how much the Australian government bribes them to take them. The beat them up when they can and throw stones at them. The immigrant’s feelings towards the islanders are similarly negative.

You think Australians are racist against Asians? Try looking at how racist Asians are against Asians. The Japanese look down on the others as inferior versions of themselves. Everyone light skinned or from the North looks down on anyone dark skinned or from the South. The Taiwanese see the Mainlanders as dribbling, zombified savages. The greatest hatred of all in the region is that of the Koreans for Japan, which is so intense and irrational it really should be diagnosed as a mass mental illness. Compared to all these hostilities, Australians seem about the most consistently pro-Asian people in the region. Unlike many others, there’s no particular group we’d enjoy seeing wiped out by a well-placed asteroid. In fact, that would make us sad. Somewhat less sad if it were Indonesia, but still sad.

There was an hilarious incident some time ago when a Brazilian TV show made fun of slanty Korean eyes and the ever-vigilant Koreans got wind of it. Few news services reporting on the situation understood why the Koreans were so angry.  Ya see, they are among the most racist people on Earth so it drove them mad that such clearly inferior people as Brazilians dared to make fun of them. Various racist memes and rants flew back and forth across an overheated Pacific internet cable, though of course neither Brazilians nor Koreans can be racist.

When I lived in India there was a Nigerian soccer team staying at the Salvation Army Hostel for training. Why in India I don’t know. They were treated like absolute shit by the Indians. Sneering at them in the street, ignoring them in shops, showing no fellow feeling whatsoever. The whitefellas who met them were radically more friendly and polite. But probably the Indian attitude too is our fault through the legacy of racial attitudes left over from the colonial era.

Still in India, do you really think Westerners are anti-Islam? Ask any Hindu what he thinks of them. It’ll make Bendigo look like it’s run by the Muslim Brotherhood. The same could be said of the African country where I presently reside. And I need not add anything about the trouble in Burma because you know all about it already.

Ethnic hatreds are often hilarious to outsiders because it is usually most intense between neighbouring, and therefore very similar, groups. Take the Hutus and the Tutsis – what the fuck? Had either of them taken a good look at themselves they would have concluded they had few cultural or material achievements to brag about and might even have set to work fixing that instead of going all chop-chop. The Japanese have a phrase, ‘Acorns arguing about who is taller’. The joke is that, while one may indeed be larger than the other, both are tiny. But if you’ve seen Hotel Rwanda you’ll know that the genocide there, too, was all whitey’s fault.

And look at the former Yugoslavia. In Sarajevo, the Serbs, Croats and Bosnians hold each other in such contempt that they even have different mobile phone service providers. To us, they all look like a bunch of crazy wogs and we can’t tell them apart.

One laughs at those exposés on Al Jazeera of Australian racism.  It will say something like, ‘52% of Australians want less immigration from Africa.’  And you know that once you add up the approximately 100% of resident Chinese, Indians, Italians, Greeks etc. who think this, you come within spitting distance of that that 52%.  Everyone, including the Al Jazeera people, know that if you just surveyed the Anglo-Celtic heritage population you’d find the large proportion of ethno-masochists probably makes them the group most relaxed about African immigration in the world, including Africa.  But Al Jazeera and its viewers don’t want to hear complications like that.

Oh, there are so many more. The ethnic Chinese and their hosts anywhere in South East Asia. Different Aboriginal language groups. Zulus and anyone. Gangs of street dogs. We all hate and we all fight.  It’s just what we do.

The West is perhaps the only extant culture to deliberately abandon ethnic considerations and to open its borders and its hearts to foreigners. And if things don’t go swimmingly – yup, that’s our fault, too.


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