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Hello everyone,

I’m back from the jungle.

I restricted comments while I was away but now they’re gaping wide open on all posts and are dripping in eagerness for your commenting love.

I know a lot of you have been wanting to call me a whining wanker for the last six months – go nuts!

Comments will close again in five weeks.

Those of you who managed to respond despite my Western Front defenses, I appreciate it.  I will respond on those threads and will PM some of you.

Also, how come I got no reaction to my Satanism post?  Do you even troll?


Nietzsche is not for the common man

Book review of Thus Spake Zarathustra by Nietzche, Part II

If Nietzsche represents all the happened in the Twentieth Century, and that continues into this one, he also represents all that went wrong.

Nietzsche rejects traditions. He mocks the idea of morals and religions. He cautions against marriage. Nietzsche teaches that only one thing makes sense: to further oneself, to extend oneself according to one’s self-chosen virtues in order that mankind may create or become something greater than itself – the Superman. Man is not a goal but a bridge to something higher.

But this philosophy, now a reflexive part of western cultural DNA, has been a disaster. It is causing the erosion of Western civilization as we turn away from our own hard-won achievements – great art, freedom, scientific progress – and instead sink into the base superstitions of Read More

The Retard Cafe

Recently the ingenious government of this nation that will soon be Africa’s Singapore except better decided to shut down about a fifth of all businesses.

Those with connections or who managed to fly under the radar are still open.

So you are thinking, what a profiteering opportunity! They can grab all the customers off the other businesses in the meantime. It will take three to eight months for them to reopen – what could possibly go wrong? Read More

Women Lack Curiosity

As my regulars know, I live in a place with very limited internet access. The useless government here doesn’t want to improve the connection as the influx of outside information and ability to organize would threaten their power. I can only update this blog when I’m out of the country, at which time I transfer articles over from Word files and schedule several months’ worth of posts all at once.  That’s why I rarely respond to comments.  And there you were thinking I was just an arrogant bastard.

On my most recent trip out I got back online and found a message from this ex. Here is our exchange:

Hi, Nicky

I think of you a lot recently. Sometimes, I can’t fall asleep like now because I can’t forget our past…I was too eager for the relationship before. But now, I changed my mind, I don’t need relationship but just want to meet you again…

I promise I won’t be like crazy as before. If so, can we still meet? Read More


Today I’m chucking a sickie for the first time in my life.

For those of you not familiar with Australian English, a sickie is when you call in sick but you are not actually sick. The classic venue of choice for one chucking a sickie is the beach but more frequently the faux-ill are caring for genuinely sick children or are suffering from stress.

My case the last of these. I never thought I would succumb, but this year Read More

Why did so many Hispanics vote for Trump?

Wages and conditions for foreign English teachers in Japan are much worse in cities than they are in the countryside, and this is most apparent in the Kanto region (Tokyo and surroundings) where a single job may not be enough to live on. Why is it so?

It’s because of supply and demand. Simply, there are too many gaijin (foreigners) in the cities. With so many unqualified, fly-by-night, alcoholic gaijin to choose from, schools can set whatever terms they like. There are fewer gaijin willing to live in the countryside so schools need to offer them a better deal.

Gaijin used to find themselves very popular with the Japanese ladies but not so much any more. Why is it so? Well, they used to Read More