The Other End of the Exodus

You’ve seen the footage of those foreign hordes charging across Europe to Merkelistan? Many of them come from here.

This country is positively hollowed out. There are a disproportionate number of children and elderly, with an oddly high percentage of the remaining working age population seeming to suffer from disability or lunacy. Pretty much anyone who can get out, has.

Much has been written about the effects on Europe.  This article focuses instead on the push factors that made them go and the effect the exodus has had on the country left behind.

There is almost no economic activity here and the only money around is remitted from overseas. There are many closed factories, shut-down restaurants and plenty of untilled land. Things used to be much better but the situation has been growing worse and worse with every successive government brainfart. Ridiculous controls on imports, labour, business licenses, construction, finance and anything else you can think of have led to the economy grinding to a halt.

It is simply impossible to get anything done here unless you have high-level connections, and most people don’t have those. Every business will be stymied or stolen. Few good jobs exist in either the private or public sectors. Side hustles are particularly frowned upon and policed out of existence. None of these policies look like changing in the next decade because of the intensely pig-headed form of stupidly demonstrated by the government. And there are other factors I won’t go into now. If I were a local I’d been looking to get out, too.

Some estimate that the population has halved as a result of the exodus.  People risk getting shot or swim across crocodile-invested rivers to escape. There are no clear figures about this, or about anything else for that matter, so we can’t be sure.

Aside from worsening to the economic standstill, the exodus has had a significant political impact here: it has acted as a pressure release valve which has enabled the government to escape civil unrest despite their determined and endless provocations. The rowdy demographic most given to street protests or even open rebellion are too busy managing groceries in Germany and Saudi Arabia.

This has given the government space to pursue ever stupider policies without the risk of an African Spring or a colour revolution. Despite things being about as bad as they could be, there is peace and resigned lethargy on the streets and in the villages. The children, the old and the mad simply get on as best they can, hoping that the next remittance from overseas will arrive on time.

Were Europe to shut the borders or to start sending people back, that might change. It might change suddenly and violently, and perhaps for the better if it could be done without undue carnage. But it looks like the increasingly elderly Europeans have also shrugged and given up.


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  1. ranncore · July 20

    I have no words for the Europeans’ evil stupidity for importing this shit.


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