Evil, Meanness and Stupidity

These three sins are often grouped together. They are different.

Evil is the most respectable of the set. It means pursing one’s goals without regard for the interests of others. Evil can be broken down into three main categories: (a) ideologues trying to save the world from Capitalism or Tutsis or whatever, (b) psychopaths who lack the necessary intellectual structures to feel empathy, and (c) ordinarily selfish people. (a) is obviously the most dangerous, though it is often led by people who are (b). As for (c), it is sensible and I encourage my readers to go down that path.

Meanness is not admirable. It is Read More

The Serene Bigotry of Low Expectations

There was a fuss at work this week because the front office had been requested to do various things and had not done them. Fairly straightforward things – getting chairs put out for a function, printing some documents, organizing replacements while people were away etc. While neglecting to do these things, it is unclear what they were doing as this is the main part of their job.

Some of my colleagues got quite irate about this. Me, not so much.

‘TIA’: This Is Africa. A similar phrase is, ‘Africa wins again’.

Here, many people don’t do their jobs properly. They either Read More

Philosophy as Proto-Study

There used to just be Philosophy, which was inquiry and thinking, trying to figure things out. From it sprang the family of learning:

From Natural Philosophy was born Science and Physics.

From Logic was born first Mathematics, and later Computer Science.

From Ethics, Politics and perhaps Economics.

But Philosophy itself remains, its current areas of study not yet broken off under a new label. What makes these fields different?

Philosophy continues to hold under its umbrella fields such as Read More

The Contempt of Wives

There are few things more toe curling and grimace-educing than a contemptuous wife.

You’ve been there before. You have dinner with a couple and every time the husband does something – carves meat or passes a spoon or fiddles with the light switch – his wife will roll her eyes at the utterly stupid and useless way he’s doing it. The husband, trying to be nice for company, is successfully put on edge. He knows if he drops a knife with a clatter, his wife’s eyes will spin with washing machine rapidity in contemptuous delight.

Whenever he says something she will Read More

The Other End of the Exodus

You’ve seen the footage of those foreign hordes charging across Europe to Merkelistan? Many of them come from here.

This country is positively hollowed out. There are a disproportionate number of children and elderly, with an oddly high percentage of the remaining working age population seeming to suffer from disability or lunacy. Pretty much anyone who can get out, has.

Much has been written about the effects on Europe.  This article focuses instead on the push factors that made them go and the effect the exodus has had on the country left behind.

There is almost no economic activity here and the only money around is Read More