Seven Years a Vego

I’ve shared a lot. I’ve already shared too much. But for some reason I’ve never shared this.

I was a lacto-ovo vegetarian for seven years. In that time I did not touch a single scrap of meat or fish. I wasn’t one of those, ‘Oh I’m vegetarian but sometimes I have, like, just a little bit of, like, chicken or whatever’ vegos (i.e. the female ones). I was dedicated and pious.

It came from philosophy. It cannot be said too often: a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. I was convinced by utilitarian arguments for the avoidance of suffering but had read nothing about non-cognitivist views of morality, anything of Nietzsche, or a lot of other things.

The holier-than-thou morality of young idiots is one of the most powerful forces in the world and cannot be circumvented through logic alone. See further ugly details here.

I was very skinny. My eyebrows thinned. I lacked energy and took a long time to recover from exercise. I was irritable and unhappy. I annoyed normal people at dinner parties and felt superior to them. I looked down on omnivores as primitive savages, due soon enough to go the way of the dinosaurs once society modernized and meat was banned like slavery and riding a bicycle without a helmet.

I knew I’d have to compromise in Japan as vegetarianism is not a big thing there, the Japanese not being that stupid. I first ate a bit of fish and my unaccustomed digestive system expelled black water for a week. Next, there were Japanese-style hamburgers on the company lunch menu. These are a mix of beef, tofu and veggies, and are actually pretty good. I nervously toyed with it for a bit then tried a small mouthful.

It was the most delicious thing I have ever tasted in my life.

I could feel the complete amino acids, iron, fats and other nutrients flooding through my depleted and demoralized system. I felt calm, content; an internal humming of warmth and energy. Excited at the prospect of living.

I felt alive.

Today, my favourite food is probably mutton curry. When I see sheep or goats I smirk at them hungrily and they are just intelligent enough to back off before I take a chunk out of their flank. My standard recipes while in normal countries are chicken stir fry and pork kimchi.

I currently live in a country where the staple food is very lean, tough beef. You could probably call it grass-fed because there’s bugger all grain feed available here for livestock. Nor humans, for that matter. I find the food pleasantly tolerable. The dearth of variety in vegetables means that I am trying to eat more offal to improve my overall nutrition.

Share some meat recipes. Remember, the cuter the animal, the more delicious it is. This is not a subtle way of encouraging the eating of babies. But if you happen to find one that’s dead anyway . . .

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