The Day I Realized My Friends Were Retarded

In the 1990s there was an amusing TV comedy in Australia called Frontline. It was a satirical look at tabloid current affairs shows and most story lines were based on real events leaked by insiders: trumped-up hosts talking to gunmen in hostage situations thus blocking police calls, entirely faked stories, dodgy charity drives and the like. There was even an episode inspired by the character assassination of Charles Murray – astonishingly enough for the leftie D-Gen team that produced the show.

I recommended it to my mates at school and looked forward to their accolades the next day.

Didn’t happen.

One fellow complained that there was no laugh track. ‘How are you supposed to know where the funny bits are?’ he complained. Mostly they just didn’t get it at all.

I noticed this phenomenon again later in life. Out of curiosity, I read the Bible and everyone thought I was a lunatic. Even my megachurch-attending friends. A guy called Travis caught me reading a book about the Soviet Union and called me a Communist.

I find conversation with most people terribly dull unless they’ve had interesting life experiences, because they mostly talk about computer games, celebrity scandals, superhero movies or gossip from work. Or sport. This is even of true of acquaintances who are smarter than me, which is most of them.  And that is my main point.

Added to this is the general disapproval of crimethought. I have to constantly watch what I say and never have more than two beers socially because I have to work in this town.

Anyone else ever feel like this?


  1. dickycone · January 13, 2018

    Yes, I feel pretty mucH the same way and have most of my life.

    The scary thing about the crimethink aspect is that I find my filter malfunctioning more and more the older I get. It could be a problem when I eventually return to the US.


  2. Pete Vidins · January 13, 2018

    The moment I realised the world was run by nincompoops and no one really cared about me was the most liberating moment of my life.
    Unless my job depends on it, I’ll say it, just not online cause that shit can come back to haunt you.


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