The Truth About Conspiracies

Like most normal people, I get so excited by tenuously plausible conspiracy theories that when talking about them, I get tingly and feel the need to poo. Also like other normies, I despise adamant conspiracy theorists, and never more than when the bastards get one right. Smarmy incel dorks.

There’s been some good research on conspiracies and those who follow them. Those whose personalities err towards the skeptical (most of us) tend not to believe in any conspiracy theories, while our more credulous brothers tend to believe the lot of them. Rare is the chap who is a 9-11 truther that nevertheless thinks the official story on JFK is about right. These beliefs very much go together as a set.

Cleverly, some researchers tested subjects by asking them how plausible several conspiracy theories were, including a minority that had turned out to be true (MK-Ultra, the Tuskegee syphilis experiment, etc.). The skeptical majority didn’t believe any of them, including the true ones. The conspiracy theorists believed all of them, including the rather far-fetched ones.

My kind reader now anticipates that I shall provide him with a neat little aphorism that will solve this problem for him in an efficient and minimally annoying manner. He is correct. You should start out assuming that around ten percent of conspiracy theories are correct. When weighing up the evidence, keep that in mind. Beware of believing all or none of them, because both approaches are unlikely to be correct. Accepting as credible around ten percent of them seems in line with perceived reality.

Of course, you might end up believing in the wrong ten percent. Not every problem has a solution.



  1. Someone · December 12, 2017

    Yeah, those lone gunman are alway accurate marksman. And jet fuel burns still beams of building that pancake collapse upon themselves from a plane crash.


    • Nikolai Vladivostok · December 22, 2017

      What percentage of conspiracy theories do you estimate are correct?


  2. luisman · December 12, 2017

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