Why Don’t Clever People Agree on Much?

“Great minds think alike.”

“Two fools never differ.”

There was an argument between two clever men in Australia. One of them favoured bicycle helmets because they saved lives, while the other reckoned they didn’t.

These were two medical specialists in different fields. How could they not look at the data and come to an agreement?

There are various reasons why clever people might disagree with each other. In this case it is probably a mismatch in their expertise – one sees evidence going one way, the other sees evidence pointing in the other direction. Perhaps a clever person with a lot of time on his hands might become expert in both fields and thereby cut the Gordian knot. More likely he would just come out with some third opinion and annoy everybody, like Steve Sailer does. Those stats guys think they know everything.

A common reason clever people disagree is because they are arguing about rubbish. Consider all the brilliant Christian theology from Aquinas through Luther – all riffing off the same turd. These days clever people mostly waste their breath on politics and ethics. Should we subsidize healthcare? Do whatever you wanted to do anyway. Are embryos persons? Define the word however you like – the universe cares not a jot.

Thankfully Google has ended some of the more arcane disputes between clever people on actual facts. Which of the Wright Brothers was it who first flew a powered flight? So easily checked that I can’t be bothered doing so. They will still quarrel over whether Ghost World was a good movie or not. It’s like pineapple on pizza – just like it or don’t like it, but for Christ’s sake don’t argue about it.

Perhaps some clever people might pipe up in the comments with more informed and nuanced views on why they disagree with each other, though I don’t think any read this blog.


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  1. dickycone · December 7, 2017

    About that “turd,” I don’t find turning water into wine or rising from the dead very believable either, but on the other hand Christianity is about the only way you’re going to find a submissive virgin to marry nowadays who’s OK with changing all the poopy diapers herself, at least without having to convert to Islam. So it’s got something going for it, maybe even something divine. Mysterious ways and all that. You’ve had romantic dealings with godless white western women. Is it so hard to believe that Satan is behind their behavior?


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