Libertarianism and the Problem of Idiots

In Australia you can’t drink on the train. There’s an on-the-spot fine and I’ve seen it enforced on a couple of bogans in Melbourne.  One chortled that they can’t make you pay if you’re on the dole.  In Japan you can drink on the train. They even sell beer on the shinkansen.

This juxtaposition demonstrates where pure libertarianism falls down. The Japanese can be given the freedom to drink wherever they want because when drunk they simply fall asleep or get naked and climb a tree. Australians tend to fight, break glass and disrupt their more responsible neighbours.

Libertarianism only works for those societies worthy of it.

Another example: drugs. Most people, if given the freedom to take any substance they like, will do so in careful moderation. A minority will take far too many, give themselves mental problems that make them unemployable and annoying, and regularly get off their tits on ice and attack normal people with star pickets until they are finally locked up, and then do it all again as soon as they get out.

A further example: the regulation of doctors and medications. In a libertarian world the average, sensible person would check out a supposed doctor’s credentials and would research medications and their source before consuming. Meanwhile, some dickheads would send their kids off to witch doctors who cure chickenpox by performing female circumcision on the patient’s cousin.

Libertarians forget that half the population is of below average intelligence, and that 20% of them are in the bottom 20%. That dumb fifth would cause chaos for the rest of us if left to their own devices. Roads would be carnage due to unlicensed retards, curable diseases would reemerge and there would be dog and human shit everywhere.

A friendly hint to my libertarian readers: alongside your precious gun rights, make it legal to shoot stupid people. Alternatively, focus first on making humans cleverer through improved nutrition, selective immigration and breeding, and gene editing. After that you can have all the libertarianism you want. You can have a great big libertarianism and march it down the middle of Tiananmen Square. I don’t care.


  1. Someone · November 21, 2017

    “Libertarianism only works for those societies worthy of it.”

    The closest we ever had to libertarianism was 19th century America.

    I’m libertarian in the limited government sense, but there are too many stupid open border libertarians that can’t grasp that most cultures are too crappy to understand. Hell, even Amerika’s ghetto ‘duh-verse’ population is a problem yet we import more from other turd world countries.


  2. Eduardo the Magnificent · November 22, 2017

    Libertarianism can only work with a population who WANTS to do the necessary work to attain it: namely, become classically educated and be willing to take on full responsibility for your own life. Leftism always rises to power on the backs of those who do the exact opposite, and they outnumber you 10:1 if you’re lucky. In other words, libertarianism is just as much a utopian idea as socialism.


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