I am one of the ‘beautiful ones’

I will assume the reader already knows about the famous Mouse Utopia experiment. If not, get yourself caught up here.

Watching this, I realized that I am one of the ‘beautiful ones’. No, not actually beautiful. I look like ET except with a tiny head. Rather, I am one of those who Read More

Where’s the News?

I just got the telly connected. Remember TV? People still watch it here because there’s limited internet connection. I now have hundreds of channels at my fingertips. How many are good? Precisely zero.

A solid 80% of them start with ‘Al’ so can be immediately disregarded. These feature rich, self-important fellows with tea towels on their heads being interviewed by obsequious reporters who hang on their every word, together with awful Arabic contemporary music, big bearded fellows with fierce eyebrows screaming at the camera, and live footage of people walking in circles at Mecca.

The exception would be Al Jazeera English, which has as decent TV news as you will find in this ecosystem. Whhaatt?, screams my beloved reader. Well, it is a Read More

Big, Poor African Families

Someone tried to build a small dam in the hills around here – the government? A UN agency? Doesn’t matter. It was poorly constructed. A right royal balls-up, if you will. There was no water at the top and instead a trickle down the bottom where it was supposed to be blocked. The local villagers, instead of having water closer to home, now have to go even further to get it. The chances of the dam being repaired some time in the next five years? Somewhere between bugger all and none.

So there was a local lady down at the creek below the dam, filling four, twenty-litre containers of water to take back up to the village. With her were about ten cows, four donkeys and a gaggle of boys still too small to be of much use.

With a bit of help she managed to load up two of the donkeys with forty litres each and was on her way. Until tomorrow.

On one hand, I have enormous sympathy for her. What a physically demanding life, carting water much of the day, trying to grow something in rocky, dry dirt, commanding unwilling pack animals, and with the government or other idiots either failing to help or throwing every possible obstacle in the way.

On the other hand, Read More

Libertarianism and the Problem of Idiots

In Australia you can’t drink on the train. There’s an on-the-spot fine and I’ve seen it enforced on a couple of bogans in Melbourne.  One chortled that they can’t make you pay if you’re on the dole.  In Japan you can drink on the train. They even sell beer on the shinkansen.

This juxtaposition demonstrates where pure libertarianism falls down. The Japanese can be given the freedom to drink wherever they want because when drunk they simply Read More

Van Gogh vs Jackson Pollock



One of the things the left gets right is that there are no objective values. The very term ‘value’ is one without any physical validity. It cannot be scientifically tested. It is within our own heads and without the valuers, no value could exist.

But Nietzsche bewails the fact that, in the absence of objective values (and did he not himself do his part to question them out of existence?), art becomes “coarse”.

In music, if we do not value great complexity within an established, mathematical structure (which is regularly reformed or challenged), music becomes simple and without beauty. This is what has happened to popular music. As late as 2000 we had interesting, innovative creations like this: Read More

Down With Big Brother

Book review of 1984 by George Orwell


In the beginning, Winston sits in a hidden place in his home with an illegal notebook and dares himself to write something.

I am at home, staring at my screen and daring myself to do the same.

Winston looks over his shoulder to ensure that he is out of sight of the telescreen.

I check that the door is locked and that no one can see through the window.

Our thoughts, when we write them, are the identical: Read More

Timing and the Decline of Marriage

There are some people, mostly the religious or baby-rabies infected, who want to marry as young as possible.

The majority of young people in the west would prefer to wait, putting it off for ‘one day’.

Here we run into a timing problem.

A young man who is not fantastically successful in romance (i.e. most of them) will be more willing to marry young if a hot lady is on offer. This might be in his mid- to late-twenties. Such a man is also likely to be an idiot who knows little about Read More

Cat Ear Girl Pictures

Questions for Da Ladies

It shouldn’t annoy me. It isn’t like having a water outage and two litres left in bottles under my sink (my present situation). It’s not as bad as being forbidden to buy bread because I’m a foreigner (this also is true but don’t worry, I have a supplier. Shhhh.)

They don’t even have Tinder here, but I noted this a year ago as a possible blog topic adn I finally got to it so here it is.

I get really annoyed by all the Taiwanese girls who have Tinder pictures with cat ears.

A while ago it was duckface. Then it was cat ears. Now it’s already moved on to the stupid dog nose and by the time of publication it will be something else. Cutie little devil horns or an emoticon cock sticking out of your mouth or something.

Now ladies, you can post whatever stupid photos you like. I propose no laws against your stupid whims. I’ve just got some questions for you.

  1. Why do you do it? My only guess is that all your friends do it, so you feel the need to do it too. Can you explain or clarify your thought process in any greater detail?
  2. Do you think that such photos will help you to score a high quality man? If so, how? Do you think that an awesome guy like me will look at your cat ears and whiskers and think, ah! This girl knows exactly what’s popular this month. I’ll go with her. Not the seven hundred other girls who had cat ear pictures. Just her.
  3. Do ever look at these photos and think, do I look a bit silly? Or do you wonder, why do I do that? Or do you ever think, hey! Maybe I’ll stand out by being different from all the others. I’ll have a photo of me sitting on the toilet with my legs shyly crossed or something. Perfect!

For the record, this is how you should attract attention from the spunkie fellas: Have one photo of you smiling normally at the camera like you’re not a sociopath. Very few girls have one of those. Get another, more distant full-body shot. You can be in a bikini if you want but jeans and a t-shirt is also fine. We’re just checking that you’re not fat.  Any photos after that are unnecessary.  Try to avoid photos taken in public toilets.  I know the mirrors there are huge but that’s where people shit, and you don’t want to associate yourself with shit unless you’re trawling for Germans.

To chuck another shrimp on the barbie, upon a weekend a girl from another city was visiting so I suggested we meet. She was too busy or didn’t want to. No problem, forgot about her and had no more contact. Anyway, come Tuesday she unilaterally sent me a dozen photos of her hanging out my city, spending time with family etc. In case anyone wants to know, I sent a one-word response (‘narcissist’) and blocked her.

What would be the point of such an action? Oh god, I know. Lesser men give her fawning attention for doing a thing like that, just for the faint whiff of distant pussy, kind of like a bush elephant with no legs desperately sniffing at the water from a mile away. And that would explain a lot of the cat ear photos, too – they put them on Facebook and various apps and the ball-less likes come flooding in.

Never mind about the questions, I think my musing has answered them. Note to the blokes: if she has not wet your dick, you are her fluffer.

Elderly Man Behind the Bonnet in a Turning Lane

This is another of those stories which goes nowhere. You might prefer to avoid it if you are currently sober or intelligent.

I’m a nice bloke. I used to be even nicer. Once back then I was driving along a main road and there was a car broken down in a turning lane on the centre island. There was an old fella standing outside the vehicle looking rather lost. I pulled up behind him and lent him my Read More