Mr Grimes

This is a pointless anecdote.  Don’t read it.  Instead, work with a single-minded focus toward furthering your goals.  You should check out Mike Cernovich’s page if you’d like to read something useful – apparently it’s really good.

You’ll think this story is made-up, anyway.  I can’t be bothered arguing about it.  If you do feel the need to read it, don’t kick up a fuss in the comments.  I don’t want to hear it.

It was Sports Day in about Year 9.  We were supposed to be either participating in track and field events or cheering on our schoolmates from the stands.  Instead, a couple of my mates snuck out under a battered 1980s cyclone fence into the neighbouring park for a cheeky smoke.

Mr Grimes the woodwork teacher was on supervision duty and happened upon them there.  It was too late in the day to do anything with them so he told them to report to him tomorrow morning recess for their punishment.  They’d been in trouble before so several days detention and a parental meeting was on the cards.

The next day recess came but they couldn’t meet Mr. Grimes because the whole school was called to a hastily arranged special assembly.  We trudged in and the guilty pair glanced around the already crowded hall.  They couldn’t immediately spot him.

We all sat down and chattered in dread excitement – what was going on?  These assemblies were usually called because of an armed gang fight in the shopping centre carpark or someone had keyed a teacher’s Tarago or someone had shat somewhere they weren’t supposed to or something.

The principal, Mrs Grumblebum, took the microphone once four hundred unruly teenagers had been somewhat settled.  She cleared her throat and said she has some bad news.  She regretted to inform us that during the night Mr Grimes had died at home of natural causes.

Two boys each other a high five.

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  1. bucky · October 31, 2017

    I chuckled.


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